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  • It is in fact hand weapon only. Nice thing you can try though is the cheap inquisitor with just the hammer and a shield. It may only be strength 4, but in a unit he may benefit from reroll a to hit, and with prelate prayers or flaming may get rerolls to wound. Anyway, at under 200pts he can be an unpleasant surprise for multi wound opponents. Blessed steel makes him hurt more, and gets a better initiative, but the price climbs quickly. Also as a fun thought, with blessed steel, put him in a smal…

  • Yes limiting gnashers numbers might be a good idea. That or pricing them better to reflect the fact that they can chew through most anything at strength 5, and the fearless means that shooting and magic can only thin them out never panic or deter them. I like the iconic look of them... I love how they are a set of teeth on legs... but a long time ago the power of the unit was offset by its unpredictability.... now it is a perfectly reliable unit, with off/def 4. Which feels kinda weird and on to…

  • What I learned... The Griffon General was not tooled up enough to live. At the start of the phase I had a general with 4 HP, at the end I did not. I learned that grotlings are like kibble for militia. The spider cowboy is scary against soft targets, and that 4 Knights of the sun griffing are not a soft target. oh and the netters are fantastic. 20 guys, dead cheap, and a pain in my butt. 410 - Marshal, General, Great Griffon, Winter Cloak (80), Shield, Lance, Pistol (2+) 590 - Prelate, Altar of B…

  • Quote from Kruber: “Quote from Gaius Marius: “Fair enough. I am experimenting with a list with the one large block of IG and flanked by two large blocks of Halberds. I like your Wizard and Prelate each mounted in a Wagon set up, and I may steal that. Where did you find the wagon for your wizard, I loved that model? Cheers ” Don't think IG deathstar needs support units for extra CR. Probably more chaff and anti chaff. ” Buy support I mean 2 blocks of 40 Halberds with musician and standards. I don…

  • Fair enough. I am experimenting with a list with the one large block of IG and flanked by two large blocks of Halberds. I like your Wizard and Prelate each mounted in a Wagon set up, and I may steal that. Where did you find the wagon for your wizard, I loved that model? Cheers

  • Now to be fair, prior to fleeing I failed a rerollable discipline 10 test.... so... that was unlikely and rather unlucky . When my 38 IG lost to Scorbol...

  • He only had 117 squigs / gnashers. The problem was he then had 17 iron orcs, 35 savage orc headbashers, 6 boar boys with a General and the mega battle axe, and his wizard and Bsb each on a Wyvern. The gnashers died... everything else kicked my butt.

  • Oh, and @Scorbol thanks for the condolences.... The last thing I did at the tournament was buy new dice. I think over all I played better than my results would indicate... but I am going to steal some list building ideas from your army, which was beautiful looking by the way. (PS Where did you find that Gypsy wagon for your wizard? It was beautiful)

  • I am shocked to see I came in 5th. Considering my battle points... I guess it pays to get every bonus point you can. Thank you for the games guys, you were all gentlemen, and good sports to play against. And not one of you laughed at me, even when my dice betrayed me over and over and I started to curse/cry/pull out what is left of my hair. Cheers ~ Michael (the Nova Scotia guy)

  • I am interested. For sure.

  • Pizza with bacon and other meats.

  • Still waiting on confirmation of mine, so for fairness; Michael Munday - Empire of Sonnstahl Prelate, [lexicon[/lexicon], Altar of Battle, Hammer of Witches (45), Crown of the Wizard King (Cannot be taken by Wizards) (50), Ghostly Guard (40), Shield of Volund (Shield enchantment) (20), Plate Armour, Shield – 710 Marshal, General, Hero's Heart (60), Imperial Seal (100), Paired Weapons, Pistol – 330 Marshal, Death Warrant (55), Blacksteel (45), Shield, Pistol, (Battle Standard Bearer) – 270 Wizard…

  • just fyi that is not the Army list I am bringing. I re submitted may 24th after I was told I could. Would you please confirm that change? I don't want to leave models at home when I fly on Friday.

  • I had 10 empire hand gunners on a hill in 7th Edition... got charged by a Greater Deamon of Tzeentch. I thought, this will be bad... stand and shoot did nothing. His attacks missed completely. I did one wound in return... and then he rolled 2 6's for his break test. He was destroyed.... good times men of the Empire in your pajama's. Good times.

  • Thank you for trying. And I have already updated my list (same army - EoS) to something a little less competitive with a better centerpiece model... Submitted to East Coast Warriors. Do I need to send it to you directly XaireTharisae ?

  • Hi, when you update the attendees roster please note Adam Osborne and Michael Munday as being from the Bluenose Beatdown club, so we don't fly over on the same flight and wind up playing each other.

  • Barbarian speak? Not the Empire’s English without the apostrophe ‘s’

  • I have sent you the Changed list. Thank you.

  • Serious Question, since so few lists are submitted, can I re-submit mine? If this is not a huge field of hard core WAAC folks, I want to bring a prettier center piece model i left out the first time.

  • I don't blame you for being worried... but you want to come and try and beat the Nova Scotia guys right? I mean we are super rusty in the tournament department... so could be easy kills? Plus I already bought my plane ticket so I am in New Jersey tournament or not.... Maybe try and find the convenience store from Clerks, and try and hang out in front of it....