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  • 1 inch rule

    Eisenheinrich - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Estebanvol: “Anyway, I just wanted to confirm that the sequence I just showed is correct ” It is. There might be a minor flaw in 3. - looks like the bruisers pivoted instead of wheeling (with a wheel they should end up a bit more towards the top).

  • Quote from vladk1976: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “That's not correct, an Aether Icon stacks with another Aether Icon and/or another instance of magic resistance. ” wait... it means that i can have paladin BSB with obsidian rock (mag res 2), 2 aether icons on his banner inside unit of knights that have aether on their unit banner and it will give magic resistance 5 in total??? ” Yeah, that's the idea .

  • Quote from da_griech: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “ich such auch, für 14 Uhr. ” hm das könnt ich schaffen :thumbup:Werd Vormittags um ca 10 aus Wien losstarten, sollte idR gut klappen wenn kein grösserer Stau dazu kommt. Bin grad noch am überlegen ob ich Ratten oder DE einpack, letztere sind lustiger aber ich bin recht schlecht damit ps wenn das in PQ nicht klappt zwecks WBS kann ich auch gern zu dir kommen. Parksituation is wohl überall schlecht in München? ” PQ passt, die ist für'n T9A Stammtis…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Hello, is there any thread such as « Requests for errata » ? Today we had a discussion on the French FB group, a new player was asking whether R&F warriors behind a War platform could do Supporting Attacks. As there is only one model in front. The rule « Front Rank » explains that the War platform / Character is considered to be as many models as it replaces for the purpose of counting ranks and columns, but it is still unclear when you read it to infer that it also coun…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Kharneth: “Quote from jimmygrill: “So Aura spells also won’t work through the familiar? ” They work.Familiar allow to measure the range of spell from it. This range is the range indicate in the spell chart under the range category, no any other measure. Aura spells have a range, so you measure it from the familiar if you want. Amplified versión of the marked for doom have a range, that you can measure from the familiar if you want AND a special rule in it descrip…

  • Quote from vladk1976: “there's a "rule trick". like "+1" is stacked. but "increase something by one" doesn't... for whatever reason. like Aether Icon doesn't stack because "it increases that model’s Magic Resistance value by 1"... ” That's not correct, an Aether Icon stacks with another Aether Icon and/or another instance of magic resistance.

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Can the set value in magic items be modified by any means? Example: Hero`s Heath w/ S (or AP) buffs Fetthis Broodmaster movement/march rate w/ Ranger`s boots ” According to the priority of modifiers (6.D, p.17), any modifier using "set" can be further modified, e.g. by multiplication/division or addition/subtraction modifiers (unless it's e.g. an "always set" modifier).

  • Quote from Black Knight: “So for example if i engage both my reliquary i got +2 armour save? ” Yes, correct.

  • ich such auch, für 14 Uhr.

  • Quote from Warchariot: “Quote from WarX: “Quote from Minidudul: “Just read the rule swift reform until the end : Quote: “21.A.a.30 Swift Reform During the Movement Phase, a unit containing one or more models with Swift Reform may execute a Swift Reform instead of a Reform . The unit makes a Reform with the following exceptions: • The unit is not prohibited from shooting in the next Shooting Phase (but will still suffer the to-hit modifier for moving and shooting). • The unit can perform an Advan…

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Quote from Ir3k: “question: Unit A charges Unit B. Unit C charges unit D. Unit C breaks unit D and purses into units B flank. Does unit C fight agian in the same phase since the A and B fight hasnt been resolved yet or does it fight in the opponents next turn. I'm alittle confused with this rule on page 74 2.2. ” Yes they fight again. This is often called «cascading combat» and is some of the coolest stuff you can pull off in this game ” Correct. Check also Q8 of the Rules E…

  • Quote from sonny1086: “is the range of a casted spell reduced by half, when the Cuatl Lord casts a none damage spell through a model with Telepathic Link with Symbiosis? ” Yes, the range of all spells is reduced by 50%, except for those that are damage but not aura.

  • 1 inch rule

    Eisenheinrich - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “So, did furion misspeak here? ” I think he did. It's alway hard to tell from a screenshot, but if the shabtis are within 1" of the sea guard after charging (and in the picture it looks like 0.5"), they are allowed to stay within 1" during/after the pursuit move.

  • 1 inch rule

    Eisenheinrich - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “pg 13. 4.C Unit Spacing "Once these units have moved within 1" of (impassable/other units) they are allowed to remain there as long as they say within 1". By "remain there", does that mean they can continue to make small moves within 1" or they are rooted in the spot until they move out of 1"? ” The former - the unit can continue moving within 1" of the other unit/impassable terrain.

  • Quote from Harakiri: “If a character with cloven hooves(d3 impact hits) sits on a throne of owerwheling power (chariot with d6 impacts) do i get both the impact hits? ” Nope, only the throne's: < 21.H.a.3 Impact Hits (X) (...) In case of Multipart Models, only model parts that also have Harnessed or Inanimate can use Impact Hits. >

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Is removing own and enemy models, changing their formation to check distances after planned set of maneuvers considered 'measuring a distance'? Or does it exceed what was intended by the rules? (I completely abstract from what your opponent agrees to, I'd like to get the designers intention) ” The RAW movement phase rules are pretty straightforward: 1. Choose one of your units that hasn't moved yet. 2. Move it. 3. Repeat 1.+2. until you no longer want to move any units. Ther…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Sodder: “The vanguard distance is used instead of the unit’s Advance Rate and March Rate. You'r normal 6'' adv will newer come into play. ” Okay, so I can also Swift Reform and move 12' as my advance rate is 12? ” Correct.

  • Quote from 20phoenix: “During pivot crusader unit boundary overlaps duke boundary who was not part of combat but the crusaders front facing is clear at all times. Can the crusaders pursue? ” Yes, only the front facing matters. Also check Q17 in the Rules Explained in Figures document (that's on random movement, but it uses the same game mechanic).

  • Quote from The Beninator: “Karadon´s Courser (50 pts) - Knight Commanders andMarshals mounted on Horse only Does the mounted on Horse requirement also apply to the Knight Commander? ” Yes (otherwise it would be "Marshals mounted on Horse and Knight Commanders only".

  • Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “Can a Highborn special unit, the Lion Chariot, (Single Model) be joined by a Character model also on a chariot, either Reaver Chariot or a Royal Huntsman also on a Lion Chariot. ” Yes, that's perfectly fine.