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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Theokrit: “for Smothering Coils: Would it break the game, if it was not for Close Combat Attacks, but for Melee Attacks? That would be a damage boost for the misers Stomp. And it would work with Hoarders Grind Attacks. Right now its kinda feel bad for both those units because it only affects half the damage output they have. ” Is it something that you’d be willing to pay extra for? It is a good suggestion and we’ve thought about it. Trying to keep costs down, but we also realize that …

  • Quote from StoffenDK: “Quote from Giladis: “A question for anyone that is willing to answer. What is in your mind upper and lower threshold for unit sizes for MSU and MMU in the context of the DE army? (please answer separately for Inf and Cav) Cheers ” Small Infantry, 10-14Medium infantry, 15-24 Small cav, 5 Medium cav, 6-10 ” I’m thinking the same way for infantry, but for a raiding society my cavalry numbers are a little different. Small Cav - 5-8 Med. Cav - 9-15 Of course this is also with t…

  • Quote from sgu97bjd: “don’t want to derail this thread but.... ” That happened 30 pages its just B-movie entertainment

  • Apologies for the delay in answering. Quote from Theokrit: “can i ask a question relating to reporting games? I have two thoughts 1. Right now im playing 'just for fun' to chill down. Im trying things, im playing more extreme lists. Im not practicing for a tournament. That results in results that are more extrem than 'normal'. 2. On the other hand, when i play to test for tournaments, i play things i already think are good, which means things, most people think are good. These two thoughts resul…

  • Thank You, @Laksen Keep them coming.

  • Quote from Giladis: “....I switch to BH later this year. ” Look here, Elf...go play in the Sylvan woods and not ours. Are you jealous of our lack of shooting and furry models??? Welcome back to the Wild Wood.

  • ETC 2019 DL lists

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Yes, no details. Only compiling the lists of things to work on, then the how and what comes later.

  • My biggest surprise for this update is the low number of results/entries for DL. I was really hoping for a bigger data pool. Looking at the topic “Report Your Games”, I see that only 9 games were reported for all of June and 0 games reported for both July and August to date. People complain about Iron Husk, yet due to the data collected, it is chosen almost 30% of the time in all lists recorded. With numbers like this it is hard to sell something for change. Opinions and Emotions tend to get pus…

  • I got a song to dance with those Ents. Haha

  • Paths they have access to now, stay. That was pretty much set from the beginning T9A World was created. I have not heard otherwise that we can swap out Paths, for any book. This has the 1% disclaimer that “you never know”, but I’d bet on the 99% that it stays as is. The task now is how to make those Paths work better towards DE guidelines. Different spells for Acolytes? Spells attached to banners as bound spells? Assassin Triumvirates that can be upgraded to Conclaves dishing out Divination snip…

  • Quote from Kazandu: “Ben Jones You have yourself a dance partner ” Ever Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  • Quote from WAARGHammer: “Quote from skipschnit: “I want Phil Karl round 1! It will serve some grudges, give me a great laugh when I table him, or help me in my efforts to submarine the event. What day you, @Kazandu. ” We need to battle for the title of Ben. No doubt I'll be at the bottom tables though haha ” If Phil plays chicken, you’re on! If not, then maybe Gene will allow second round grudges when both players have zero points?

  • I want Phil Karl round 1! It will serve some grudges, give me a great laugh when I table him, or help me in my efforts to submarine the event. What say you, @Kazandu.

  • Quote from Donotask: “Quote from AlFiKa: “Quote from ZardukZarakhil: “Not sure if this has been asked before But Deceiver is fighting an Abomination (which has 3d6 Attack Value) How many attacks would the Deceiver have? ” 1+3D6, the flip side is if it is fighting a Forsaken One it only has 1+0 ” I just have to tell a funny ETC story about this. I was playing, guess what Finland WdG and my Kuulima+Myrmidons just charged a 3 Forsworn unit. Made 8 hp they run and I get a forsaken one in the face. N…

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    skipschnit - - Supporters Corner


    Wish I had caught it sooner, but does anybody really take Strixian Spirit? LOL...anyway, in the Daemon List, if you take the Sentinel and upgrade to Strixian Spirit, it does not count points towards the Aves Category...which it should.

  • ETC Liveticker

    skipschnit - - ETC


    Quote from Jarek: “Are there any statistics about ETC results completed and published? Which army is overperforming, and which is underperforming, average results and so on? I can't find any thread with those on the forum. ” The numbers are being crunched so no complete version that I know of as an event overall. However, there is a comparison one for Daemonic Legions... ETC 2019 DL lists Post #42

  • My selection is A. The darker the plastic, the better my eyes can pick up the details of a model. It also tends to photograph better in case you do publications showcasing your products.

  • ETC 2019 DL lists

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    This is a cool and frustrating at the same time, exercise of trying to figure out the data....what teams used DL as the hammer and who used them as the Avil...and who used them as the sacrificial lamb? Top team scores with low DL scores....Low Team scores with high DL scores...If its a dwarf, then a DL kills if has Armor, then its a 50/50 shot that DL can get through (unless its a dwarf). Against armies that I thought DL would roll through, data shows there were issues...and bad matches,…

  • ETC 2019 DL lists

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Ukraine did have DL, as Mike from Team USA had a mirror match against them and scored a 9. c00c8302-4230-4e66-bae6-f5d7337f8600 @AlFiKa