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  • The academy’s Workbench

    Crafty - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Haha, thanks @Nemeroth - it's the metal Arachon horse + greenstuff + some old metal wings (the old Bret hippogryph I think?) and a converted Dark Raider torso.

  • Hey @Pellegrim, I've had to step back from my T9A commitments at the moment due to RL work reasons. I wasn't actually on the Full Rulebook task - but from what I can see, it's a mammoth project and I know there's a tremendous amount of work going into it to get it sorted as quickly as possible. When it will be ready is hard to say at this stage.

  • Most of it so far - I’ve been repainting them for about 3yrs now so they’re at varying degrees of competency. I like to think I’m getting better, but who knows

  • This is my GGI WIP...

  • Hey there, I'm jumping between my O&G & DE project. I'm repainting my O&G and wanting to go with a feral theme eventually. Got bits and pieces in various stages. This is what I've got painted so far. A lot of the infantry is WIP at the moment...

  • The academy’s Workbench

    Crafty - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Hey there, I'm just plodding my way through my Dread Elves - have just finished painting up a Dragon that's been sitting on my painting table for a few years now! Working on 10x harpies next and some Acolytes... At the moment, I've left the basing pretty empty - I'm looking for ideas about how to create interesting snowy terrain. If anyone has any cool tutorials or tips for creating things like dead trees and gnarled bushes, please share

  • Quote from lifeasalizard: “You may have to word it for situations where it leaves a unit and gets shot. Maybe something like "if one of these three models is hit by a ranged attack, remove the model from play. The other models are unaffected." ” Definitely - would need proper word-smithing to ensure it communicates properly but as you've laid it out there would be the intention. Quote from Wesser: “Uhm... problem here is that those shadows will make for the perfect chaff units (no points lost, n…

  • This is an idea for a 'special deployment' concept that isn't technically special deployment (to get around the new LAB guideline 'limitations'). This concept hovers around the idea that assassins are there to eliminate specific enemy characters: Professional Killer Assassin has modest stats, but a plethora of special rules to help it kill characters (ie: multi-wound, lethal strike, poison, hatred etc - only against characters). Could even have base 2A, which become 6A when all attacks are alloc…

  • Well done @Casp and web team - you guys have done a great job. I know it’s an insane amount of work, but a huge step in the right direction Always little details to tweak and fix, but it’s a living thing so good to build on...

  • If a unit with a champion is in combat with a lone character and the character issues a duel... - Does the champion have to accept? - What happens if the champion declines the duel? From what I understand in the rules, nothing happens, there are no negative effects for declining a duel with a champion.

  • Great read, nicely presented. As a more casual player myself, 4-5hr games do get a bit tedious at times (especially if you’re not doing that well) so finding small techniques to keep things moving along is very helpful. This would be great content for the T9A Scroll if that’s not already the intention @Henrypmiller

  • Quote from Little Joe: “I resized my canvas to 2000x2000 pixels to stay on the safe side ” @Little Joe, if you're wanting to setup the artwork to the correct pixel size, you can change your canvas to 2362 x 2835 pixels. This is 200 x 240mm @300 dpi. Remember to work in CMYK as well

  • Quote from WarX: “Why BITMAPS and not SVG files? ” Hey @WarX, I think the reason why the crew are asking for raster images rather than vector ones is more of a stylistic decision than a technical one. To create more icons in the same style as the existing 4x (SE, DL, WotDG, UD), it's more likely you'd need to digitally paint the artwork using software similar to Painter or Photoshop. You can achieve similar looks in vector, although it requires a lot more work. Vector can give you a much smaller…

  • Perhaps make sure that the images have the appropriate forums check marked - there should be a generic ‘public’ one that should work.

  • No problem at all mate - book updates look great Btw: If you need to 'borrow' my CS license for anything - just let me know. We might even have a few spares floating around the studio

  • I’ve set all of them to be accessible by all staff, so you should be able to find them now - otherwise I’ll just send you Dropbox links. Normally I don’t post up the files directly to public spaces - gives the team a chance to either check or decide when they want to release them.

  • Quick fix for DL book (we can update this a little later on):…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f The UD Book:…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f The SE Book:…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f…c93a65eb916c3da009dc0bc4f And to make things easier, here are the WotDG books again as well: the…

  • @saint_barbara has updated the SE and UD books - I'll upload those today and post a link to them here. @tiny - Also fixed that small text selection issue that was appearing in the DL book that you pointed out to me. I'll upload and post a quick fix version today as well.

  • Quote from Eru: “Great! The LaTeX file is ready, shoot at will! ” All done @Eru - will send them to you via the production forum...