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  • Quote from Phosphorus: “Interessting...but if that is true (to some extent...what happened exactly? Why is UD now Top and HE Flop ?Were are the "big" changes in the certain army lists which made the difference? And HE were indeed on the Top in 8th . ed.? ” I am not 100% sure if top. But the Banner of the World Dragon was infamously overpowered. And being the best at magic when you could easily delete an entire unit (at least) from the game a turn wouldn't have hurt their standings either.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “…755b105c9255b9778db1d5a87 ” tenor.gif

  • ID General Chat

    Tyranno - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    No new book update today, but instead we have a tier list:…hp?news/905-patch-update/ So what do people think, are ID too low, too high? Why are they in the position they are in?

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

    Tyranno - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from Exalted Champion: “This tier list is definetly a surprise. I would see BH as mid tier at best. But wouldnt even agree that HBE is bottom tier. EoS and ID as low tier seems also very weird. ” ID did absolutely appallingly at ETC (normally a place they do well due to the match system). In fact they did so badly this year, that the statistics showed that they were more underpowered, than UD were overpowered. With UD averaging about 12 points a game, compared to most armies averaging 11-9…

  • Quote from Grimbold Blackhammer: “They're nice to look at. I dig these models! ” I already have some Wolf Riders that I am happy with, so I might use these for Warhounds for my Makhar.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “GW-Warhammer-Underworlds-Beastgrave-Rippa%E2%80%99s-Snarlfangs.jpg Depending on which hobgoblin look you liked these might work for hero models. ” These are probably the best wolves GW have done. The fur is subtle... SUBTLE!

  • Makhar Discussion

    Tyranno - - Makhar


    On the topic of the Mammoth, what's with the Fist of the Makhar? It kinda feels out of place on the back of the Mammoth. As it's forcing this usually fast monster to slow down and try (emphasis on try, because most of the time this thing hits on 5s or 6s) and hit with this rather average catapult. And not to mention, losing 3 crew is painful as well. I feel it might be better just as an option on its own. As in taken off the back of the mammoth and sat on the ground to add some heavier strength …

  • Cultists!

    Tyranno - - General Discussion


    Quote from Krokz: “That is exactly the goal. That you currently have any army, be it human, elf, dwarf, orcs, even undead, and you are starting to build up your Daemon Legion army. Before you have it, you can use your small DL force with Cultists and get to know with the rules and so on. ” Or anyone that likes the cultist aesthetic, like Cthullu or The Elder Scrolls Mythic Dawn, can have a fun time making an army that looks like no other.

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Tyranno - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from jirga: “Footsore Miniatures is releasing this cyclops soonish for their mortal gods mythological game. 70903088_2527196910891184_8732413281571962880_n.jpg ” When you add this model to your collection... source.gif

  • I agree that target saturation through rushing is often the best answer in that situation. But you better have a way to get rid of them before they fire a second shot, or the majority of an expensive cavalry unit can easily go down the drain. It's one of the reasons I always go pyro. I NEED to burn those things into oblivion. And I certainly agree they do it to infantry as well, possibly worse due to their low movement. (I literally stopped playing Immortals, partly because of Plague Catapults) …

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Mathematically, there's no difference between "the Toxic Catapult rolled higher than usual and got more kills" and "my opponent blew all their armour saves vs. my armour-allowing Catapult and took more casualties". The same for "my opponent rolled more wounds and I only saved the statistically average amount of them". Psychologically, the latter two "feel" more about your own bad luck and is, I suspect, easier to shrug off. You can't really hide from a normal catapult e…

  • Quote from Vamp87: “You must take quite small cavalry units. The spell does an average of 7 hits so against res 3 cavalry with no non-armour defence and 1 wound (best case scenario) you end up with an average of 3.5 cavalryman dead. You can't even take a unit of 3 such cavalry. So realistically, against a 10-man unit cavalry with the best case scenario for toxic your killing 20%-50% of the unit assuming reasonably statistical rolls. I also want to point out that plague disciples do have bad matc…

  • Quote from rolan: “I was talking about the rules for toxic, as some people wanted to weaken the effect. And any cowboy caught in a toxic breath will tell ou there are more hits possible than only one ” I honestly forgot about that spell. Because so often people try to wipe out 50%-100% of a cavalry unit with it each turn.

  • Army seems a little OP

    Tyranno - - Asklanders


    Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I ambush them ” Otherwise known as the "Nope" strategy. Because when 20 frothing-mad Norse Berserkers suddenly appear behind enemy lines, all you hear is "Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope".

  • Quote from rolan: “Toxic also has low S vs. high res of monsters, and fortitude or aegis saves are not negated. So a low S attack negates armour, same as a not-so-low S attack negates fortitude, while a no-matter-how-high-S-and-AP-attack (poison) negates high res.What is the problem? Without things that negate certain defences, armour and special saves would recreate hero hammer, who wants that? ” Against characters, most toxic-attack bearers hit just one time (or not at all due to characters jo…

  • Quote from El Rey: “Yeah I know them, I have actually also tied to book them this summer, but we couldn't find a date that fitted with their tour. But I'm kind of looking of less know bands, more underground than this. Made me I should have made that more clear. But if you like this kind of music you should also try to listen to Tengger Cavalry, they are/were a little more metal. ” No problem. They were the first band that came to mind. And honestly, I don't listen to very much metal. The Hu are…

  • Well, since you asked... I have recently got into... The Hu. A Hunnic Rock band that blend usual rock instruments with various Mongolian musical instruments and throat singing techniques. They are currently on tour in America for their first album.

  • Quote from Bash: “Then why aren't Vermin Swarm winning each tournament? ” Very limited and predictable playstyles? Being able to bully high armour armies only does not translate into being able to have an easy time of all armies? Take your pick.

  • Army seems a little OP

    Tyranno - - Asklanders


    Quote from Firthunands91: “How come? So is the book a bit deceiving? Because I see Special items Up to 100 If general, up to 150 Then the Jarl rule says a Jarl can take additional 50 points in magic items. But since you can only have 1 Jarl, I assumed the 50 points increase was stated twice. If not, what's the point of halve the extra magic allowance, 50 into general, 50 into Jarl, if you can only have a Jarl General. ” Because most armies jump from 100 to 200 allowance between the "Lord" charac…

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “When you do a lot of work on Undead KoE but people just want Vampyrates.” Arrrrrrr you sure?