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  • What would be avoiding the Necro Guard? This list is not meant to press forward unless it absolutely has to. It plays into the opponents goal of trying to win as big against me as they can since it is a singles meaning my targets will be coming do me. With a compact starting deployment I seriously doubt they will not be involved in meaningful combats in most of my games. If the opponent chooses to stand back and I am perfectly fine trading shots and magical damage.

  • So next weekend is the Croatian Masters in Samobor with a fair few guests from Slovenia, Italy, Serbia and Hungary. I am taking the following list UNDYING DYNASTIES - PYRAMID HOST OF TEMNA King Nepkha of Temna @ 500 pts Pharaoh General Light Armour, Great Weapon Jackal's Blessing, Blessed Wrappings, Death Mask of Teput High Priestess Nekhty of Nephet-Ra @ 495 pts Death Cult Hierarch Hierophant Wizard Master of Divination Sacred Hourglass Royal Herald Asar @ 300 pts Tomb Harbinger Battle Standard…

  • Can't be a hero if you don't overcome overwheming odds

  • The difference between top and bottom tier in WHFB prior to ET was per ETC estimate 500 old points and even then it wasn't enough to be on exactly level playing field. So over 25% of the army. On the other hand the estimate is that top and bottom in T9A are separated by no more than 250 new points. There is another factor which plays into some of the armies scoring lower than what the army itself would allow. It has been noticed that there is some corelation between comments the army or units wi…

  • It is not impossible but very highly unlikely because categories are both balance and design elements if the book.

  • Looks great. Brezzan is actually the first region in our new series of geography articles for the Scroll that will start soon.

  • It should be noted that being in the bottom tier does not mean the army is awful. It merely means that within the spread of performances it has the strongest trend to be placed there. The army performances which will most likely be published at some point during this whole process are so tight that our entire game fits within a single power tier of 8th Ed WHFB.

  • Quote from Martinux: “So if the KOE is not among the lower tier army's, that's without the duke. I can not wonder who you consider that to be? ” There are a couple of important points. How I evaluate armies does not necessarily have to match the performance results that the project gathers because those results depend on all sorts of players who have varying levels of fixation on how an army (or individual units) should fight as opposed to what the army mechanics find as optimal use. The second …

  • Without the Mighty Duke my personal observation would be just under 0.5 line, not sure exactly how much beneath it but not even close to the bottom of the army performance spread. As far as offensive potentially married with grind goes how often do you guys switch formations when playing big Lances? I found that 15 strong 5x3 KOTR units is a great compromise between grind and offensive potential on the charge.

  • Quote from Kaneador: “but nowdays de cant play gunlines properly ” Is that the result of design or pricing?

  • Quote from Radian: “Why everyone here want to force repeater auxiliaries to make in cc?! ” Because guidelines tell us DE should not be able to play gunlines which translates into very limited access to longer ranged weaponry.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “Balance team ” Has been gone for a year now

  • Quote from Cicciuz: “I don’t think that having to buy a character to give 1 unit ambush is too OP gamewise.. ” It isn't but against Design Guidelines. Main battle line units should not have Special Deployment.

  • DH AB holds examples of some of the T9A Dwarven runes.

  • Where are you getting "no light troops" and "no special deployment"?

  • A new unit for HbE

    Giladis - - Highborn Elves (HE)


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  • Please do remember that Dread, Highborn Sylvan are aproximative translations from elven name into one of the human languages and then into English. The actions of the Dread Elves cause others to dread the actions rather than the creatures themselves (in most cases). An Equitan Duke will dread a DE slaving raid stealing his peasant and runing his harvest but he himseof will not dread the elves themselves when facing them on the field of battle. LAB TT will explore conceptual avenues to bring this…

  • @Radian what you describe would fit WHFB Dark Elves nor T9A Dread Elves - sure they pillage and take slaves but excessive backstabbing is out of the question since BGT is building a functional society rather than a society based on the rule of cool. Finally DE do nor r*pe well at least not most of the time. Some among them might r*pe another captured elf and a rare few might even do it to other creatures but that would be as if a human raped livestock...

  • @Uthegen that is not the case in LAB production as we are making our own unique IP as a strong conceptual basis for our designs. So first goes background, then design guidelines while the requirements of the army book need to fit the previous two. LAB process is not mechanical fine tuning of the chassis that was inherited from legacy and developed over the past 4 years but a ground up creation of a faction named Dread Elves as they are in the T9A setting.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Should I even add the range to the library and if so, what and where? ” I can see it as a really odd Sha Guardian, just the skeleton in front some weapon.