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  • so I guess vs, ud and he are going to be the next lab books

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I could have just T-Posed in the center and denied him any kind of secondary, but really who wants to play against a VC player that does that? ” Yeah the objectives do encourage some what lame play style.

  • I don't like it. Nor do I think it's fitting with lamia.

  • Quote from LeXincerta: “Quote from Cam: “Div seems thematically appropriate but we haven’t seen the fluff behind the decision. Personally I think Cosmo is the worst path so I’ll just be biased in these convos. ” So you find Witchraft actually better than Cosmology? Personally I find Witchraft as the worst, not enough impact and I would like to se a redesign of this lore completly. As Find Cosmology on par with Occultism. Problem with the letter is it works only one several builds (Dragon Oracle …

  • I prefer the opposite idea, of being able to split units. Especially as a charge reaction.

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I think it would be neat if every rank of zombies got to fight. Would make zambonies scurry. ” that would open the flood gates about why unit x cant fight in more ranks when untrained zombies can figure it out.

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from echoCTRL: “Feedback on what Alchemy and Divination spells are felt to be best would be helpful. ” Or to put it more precisely. Which spells from Alchemy and Divination do you find as the most fitting the army considering its character. If it helps feel free to rank them up and give a little explanation why. ” alchemy I think quick silver lash. It's the #1 spell so any mage with alchemical knowledge is likely to understand this spell. I think this also makes sense …

  • Quote from Vesemirus: “Is there any roadmap when to be expecting full VC armybook? ” Nope. Next books are DE and ID, after that nothing is agreed upon yet. But my guess is that vs, koe, ud and the other elves are more likely before vc

  • I can never see the rules team approving greatweapons on skeletons. But we can dream

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Like I don’t personally enjoy doing a moderator role since I’m all for speech, but you guys really gotta stop trying to justify or implement a slave unit. Again I’m ambivalent personally on the issue, so this is not my bias against slaves - just the design and background team don’t support it. So please I’m happy to open a Wishlist thread but yeah very likely a forever Wishlist item. ” well this is the feedback thread. And nothing is set in stone. And if there is enough sup…

  • Quote from The Matt: “I see the varkolak as a counter monster hunter. Especially the kind with no special saves. ” like a giant?

  • but you run out a swift death category after 2x3 vampire knights. Which are great.

  • im with @eggsPR on this one. You flub one round of regens and its all over. But due to regen and vampiric they *can be incredibly resilient. And they are priced for that. They could lose 40 points easily.

  • Regarding the whole slave thing. From the historic period we are taking inspiration from there was a concept of slaves gaining freedoms. To me it would be a significant differentiator between ID, and VS. Since DE is a democratic society it would fit thematically that a slave could gain freedoms, albeit not with voting/citizenship rights. I think there is a lot of scope here that actually really helps differentiate the various elven races. And as such i believe it beneficial if the guidlines were…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from duxbuse: “2 shots, s2, units hit by a hand bow have their agility reduced by 2 for a turn. ” While maybe fluffy, this rule is close to meaningless. It will only every be relevant if the unit shot upon:a) charges you next turn b) has agility in the range where it makes a difference c) does not carry great weapons d) the attacks made by the attacked unit (due to the range of Corsairs most likely the Corsairs themselves) would have actually a chance to diminish the c…

  • Quote from Pulps: “It's funny because I think the Coach is one of the best units in our book, and finally got a great design too. Pulps ” For me great design was a coach that got powered up till the vampire woke up. That was so thematic and flavorful.

  • I think hand bows make sense at s2 or s3. But since corsairs are slave nappers, it would make sense to be. 2 shots, s2, units hit by a hand bow have their agility reduced by 2 for a turn.

  • Quote from Giladis: “We already have two armies with slaves on the battlefield. Why encroach into their design space? ” No offense but to me this is an absurd reason. Thats like saying why have 3 elf armies we already have 2.

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Slaves are used in an economic context and do not partake in regular battles. ” I still hate this line. I think slaves would make very interesting and flavorful impact on the battlefield.