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  • I agree with both of you. A priest BSB, would be a really poor design. When we do LAB i want our army to have a nice backgroudn and fluff. Unit and rules, should be story not only game effect. BSB is lot more logicial for a marshal. As are order. But in same time i agree with Gaius, that we have an issue of flexibility with our army, and BSB is one part of the issue. I will come back on this in a long topic. But maybe can we solve this flexibility issue, By other way ? The only exception when i …

  • Quote from DanT: “I think there is room to canvas the community and find out what is important to them about the lance formation. E.g. (A) The aesthetic (B) The specialness of getting their own formation (C) The static combat resolution (D) The steadfast breaking (E) The narrow width (F) etc etc ” I am not a real KoE player, as its not my main army... But for me answer (A) And i even regret the Old WHFB V4-5 formation. This was the best formation ever ! So cool. yes it was more complexe to deter…

  • Quote from greentide: “Just below average will probably mean price discounts on rarely used units. I don´t expect the double light infantry+ tank+ light council to get cheaper, but maybe cavalry, the inquisitor and our mounts. ” Reduce cavalry cost is difficult. Its should be cheaper for large cav unit, and maybe higher for small one. Or maybe even play with the minium model. Actually its 5, could be 8.. Or different for electoral and kinghtly order ? Because actually 165pts or 155pts for a 5 gu…

  • Show me what you call shooting list, they need to be extrem and fully synergized, not just 2 or 3 unit of light troops and a canon I have some pretty good result since a moment against almost any type of list, with my gunline. But strangly i dont influence anybody Now those kind of list arent the most fun to play. I have done a full gunline at IR 2018, was a nightmare for my opponent, they just try to save point. For 2019 i keep a gunline, but i add a bit more fighting unit into to get more funn…

  • @Villon i would say the opposite. Its pretty hard to loose a game with a good EoS shooting list. I think Eos is in low tier, because most of player use steam tank, and try to make combat list rather than shooting list. Any way will see, i dont htink we wil have hudge point change; will be really small adjust. And actually EoS dont really need point cost change. We need to split all our multiple synergy into separate option. Would give more flexibility into our army list. Actually lot of entry ar…

  • Great job Jim. Graphic designer vision: You could reduce the line spacing into your box (army of one etc..), and add a bit of inner margin.

  • I should try one time a 5 KogS unit with 2 cowboy on pegasus into. Maybe with a speed banner also. Could be pretty fun Just a bit expensive.

  • I think, maybe FAB could create a bit of background justification for this category, would be great. Maybe they come all from same region of empire or all related to a cult... Maybe something a bit artificial, but would be better, to get a category, than fill only created for balance reason

  • Quote from DanT: “Not worth the project's effort during the freeze. ” Oups .. sorry dont see was for the freeze ^^.. when i give idea, i always get the FAB in my head

  • About electoral, i play with quite succesfull some unit of 5 naked electoral cav. they make excellent scoring and chaff unit.. Its a pretty dam good unit. If i got model for i would play 4 of them. (But i dont want cut the lance and remove shield from all my cav lol..) But are they really intended to be played like that Additionnaly i often play a 6 or 8 unit of electoral cav with 2 hand weapon. They are not bad actually. They make decent artillery protector + scoring. And they coudl still be us…

  • Quote from DanT: “I regularly speak to people (of varying, including high, skill levels) who have used handguns, rather than just theorised, and like them, maybe even more than crossbows. The balance differential between handguns and crossbows is either way less than 1 point. At least with how things are at the moment, players can freely change between the two as they wish without needing to change their list. I think any change here is likely to cause as many problems as it solves. If crossbows…

  • What happend if you try to shoot at a character that have joined an unit with an missmatching base. (like a cavalry into infantry) Is it possible to target the character, even if the character it self is out of the LOS of the shooter ? But the unit that is has joined is into the shooter LoS ? Thanks.

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    @Ghiznuk ?

  • @MPS Please could you tell us wich font did you use ? thanks ? Or even better sahre the template ^^... I would like to do the hereditary in addition for my army.

  • Hum ok; Replace "with no to-wound roll needed." by something like "and you dont roll to wound." would have been more clear.

  • If you get poison and lethal strike; Could you still roll to wound to see if you can get also a lethal strike if you already hit with a 6 ? Rule say: "it automatically wounds with no to-wound roll needed." Needed, dont mean i cant do it ? or did i miss something.

  • But at the end of the fight, you will be able to perform a reformation, to bring more model in contact.

  • Quote from Wstanley: “Only two of those lists didn't take the steam tank. And the ones that didn't have a lot of artillery instead. Kinda interesting ” Not sure is really rational. I have tested enough the 4 artillery list, to be sure its even better than steam tank for a defensive list. Just a bit more subtil to play. But as long you dont make mistake, victory is almost certain.

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    And what about external link ? For 9thbuilder for exemple ? not sure download is the right place for it.

  • New website - feedback & bug

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    Quote from Iluvatar: “And I wish we found another solution... ” Hum but i am not sure there is any other solution ... Keeping archive on new website, is possible. But as said the respect of graphical question; make the creation of document more complex. Conclusion i thinks its more easy to have 2 upload to do, than have to recreate a document, each time you want update a file. Its the price to pay to get the download directly on the portal that is totally independant from forum. Now get 2 upload…