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  • Quote from Ludaman: “Eating lunch at work, I’ll answer some questions: The scale looks extremely close the the classic 6 edition GW empire scale. The quality of the plastics is top-notch, looks just like Perry-bros plastics. Fireforge has outdone themselves. These are amazing fantasy minis. Tomorrow I’ll try to swing by my LGS and grab some of those new GW wash-paints and see how they work, so check into my plog tonight for pics of building and tomorrow for early-stage painting. Sent from my iPh…

  • Quote from Librarian: “All of the 2v2 or Free for all games I have done are at tournaments. There are not typically pick-up games with this mentality in mind. The tournament would have the break down of what armies are considered Good and which are considered Evil. Personally I feel as though that there should be a third category. This is the breakdown I used when I was the TO at Adepticon for the Team Tournament: Virtuous Armies Dwarven Holds, Empire of Sonnstahl, Highborn Elves, Kingdom of Equ…

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    Fear the alpha carno... Like really that thing loves eating ogres whole and can take on pretty much any of our units.

  • Quote from Scorbol: “Hello, here is the list I used at two GT the past weeks in New Jersey and Toronto. Got 2nd place at both. 61 and 71 pts. Marshal - Army General, Shield ,Blacksteel, Death Warrant, Witchfire Guard, Crown of the Wizard King _350 Marshal - Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Willow's Ward, Mantle of Ulor _205 Prelate - Altar of Battle, Plate Armour, Shield, Basalt Infusion,Lucky Charm, Hammer of witches_ 645 Wizard - Divination, Light Armour, Wizard Master, Arcane Engine : Foresigh…

  • I feel that alliances should be determined to be trusted or untrusted before hand on a race-by-race basis instead of letting players decide. I'd wager that ogres/orcs/WoDG/Saurians with EoS wagons in tow would break the game pretty quick. Quote from Gym Shorts: “We really enjoyed triumph and treachery! One key point for free for all multiplayer games is having multiple ways to score scenario points, such as occupying certain spots on the board, and for killing enemy troops. There should be multi…

  • Quote from Thebloodyharpy: “Hi All, does a chosen Lord on a Mount with the favour of Envy ( Kuulima) mean his mount also gets to reroll 1 s because it´s one model ? And secondly if he has a lance and touch of greatness are his attacks Strength 7 in the first round and strength 6 in following rounds ? Thanks in advance. ” Charging model part so only the rider. Correct regarding the lance.

  • Quote from mrmossevig: “It contains the hobby tools you need and the most common base colors and one wash. Most colors can be washed okay with Agrax, but after a couple of models you might want to invest in colored washes of the colors you paint the most. ” Seraphim Sepia is also a very good wash for almost anything. From grey robes to furs to bone it works on almost anything decently. What kind of problem do you have with spraying? You should go in short fairly quick bursts to make the paint go…

  • How do you feel about Karadon's Courser? Reroll charges almost doubles the chance of making it on any roll.

  • A wide question that largely depends on the army you want to play. Some basic colors never hurt, a few shades of most common colours. Also you should get real metallic paints. You might want to look into citadel contrast paints if you feel painting and arts aren't exactly your forte. Shades and washes also do wonders with making models look much better with low effort. To prepare your miniatures you will want some sort of basic spray paint. Some shade of gray or white base coat is usually a good…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “One page back, I did update the basing a bit and added glue blood effect to the griffon, but those are just minor additions. Alternatively my Goblin album here (soon with updated images). I really hate cleaning mold lines from the small spiders. There are many other interesting alternatives now, so time to start a new tribe. ” Nice, missed those pictures. Really cool model dude!

  • Quote from Little Joe: “…e4f39a4e1d2d8a33d99e26bab…e4f39a4e1d2d8a33d99e26bab ZAkV0ra.jpg jira3g7.jpg Finally done, minor basing update, finished painting all these spiders I want to finish, EVER! Large tribe image here. ” Any chance of side images of the big spider? Can't really see everything with the griffon being in the way I really like the colours you've used on them.

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    Quote from DanT: “Consider Ebay if you are on a budget. One can find all sorts on there. ” Ebay and buying stuff from others like on the Marketplace here on the forums is usually a way to get models cheaper.

  • I like the current MR system. I feel it's much better designed and MR1 isn't just meaningless garbage. MR2 also has a huge impact on casting spells.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Definitely want some narrative campaign rules! Though one of our guys came up with our own, an official one that everyone we play with would be familiar with would be sweet. As I understand it, it has been in the works? Or at least on the agenda ” I'd love to see a system to support a grand campaign where armies move around on a huge grid world map. I'm guessing I'd have to brew my own system though

  • Quote from Tyranno: “It's the summer. People are on holiday! There's your reason for low activity. ” This. Also nice weather after winter send people outside.

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    Jomppexx - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from PrinceCharming: “Quote from bargo: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Question - has anyone tried to use Yetties, and is there any results good or bad to speak of? ” they are good if you drop first. units of 2 put on a flank, with vanguard and 1st turn they are in your opponents deployment and should be out of charge arcs unless they have left units back to deal with them. kill war machines, wizard bunkers etc ” must be a poor player than , 26’’ can easily be countered in deployment. I used th…

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    Jomppexx - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from Haemoglobin: “Ogre Crossbow, Hunting Spear or Lance on your Rock Aurochs and why? Lately I have been running them with Lance and they feel 'meh'. Same for the Ogre crossbow. What do you guys use? ” Always hunting spear. Can help chip some random wounds and threatens gigantic stuff that might try to run around causing trouble (like Phoenix?). Lance is lame for 10 points, only giving +2S for 3 attacks with bad accuracy. Why would you need S6 on rider when you have S7 impacts and attacks…

  • Honestly don't know what so say as I'm not part of any cost-maths. Something like 15-30 pts more would probably not be a crazy guess.

  • Probably cost also has to do with this... Imagine Great Khan with 6 attacks and khagadai's legacy.

  • The book looks great and is really cool. Personally I didn't get any huge excitement kicks out of the book but maw of akaan, kuulimas deceiver and hope harvester definitely got me theorizing comboes and the units feel awesome with cool rules. With that said I must agree with what was said earlier. The book has an insane amount of options and some are very complicated (bonuses when in flank/rear, certain size enemy, etc...). Titanslayer chariot also received treatment that I don't like. I'm talki…