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  • 9ThBuilder T9A 2.0

    dslak - - Supporters Corner


    The Dwarf Marksmen unit should have an option to trade their crossbows for guild-crafted handguns at 4 ppm.

  • Irredeemable units lose stomps.

  • Introduction and questions

    dslak - - For Beginners


    You may have already found the downloads page, but that's where the books you need will be found. You'll want to read the Rulebook, then the books for your respective armies: Orcs & Goblins and Vermin Swarm. Then look at the Arcane Compendium to learn the spells and special items options. If no one else in your area plays and you have the models for it, consider playing a 1500 point battle with a friend using your models. You can even use the special Flux rules for Warbands, which is availab…

  • @subspace Your BSB only costs 210 points, not 215. The list is still legal at 4489 points. (edit-I see it's corrected above to include paired weapons). @helldragon List is good.

  • The first match won't be until next week, so you have time to become familiar with it. Just let your opponent know you're new to UB and they can give you some guidance while you're playing. To get started, just google 'Universal Battle 2 tutorial' and find one that works for you.

  • @Casas I just learned that I misunderstood how the Dragonfire Gem works, so I submitted a revised list. If there's two lists for me, the one with the Gem can be deleted.

  • This isn't a problem unique to proxying. I have GW Warriors from different generations, and used the latest iteration of them as Chosen on the battlefield. I've played opponents who've mistaken them for regular Warriors, and made strategic errors on the basis of that assumption. But it was not my intent to deceive them. In fact, I used the Warriors because they had halberds, whereas GW's Chosen only have great weapons. Different regions have different metas regarding WYSIWYG, and players in area…

  • I see they also have a two-headed dragon that would make a good Wasteland Dragon with some painting adjustments.

  • I spent some time looking for a decent wingless chimera and finally found one. It also comes with a decent paint job, which I wasn't expecting. It turns out to be a toy rather than a plastic miniature, so the plastic is bendable rather than brittle. The size is such that the rear leg sticks off the base a bit, but I like having it as an option in case I decide to field both winged and wingless chimeras in the same list.

  • It does, but it will only slightly move up the probabilities over a standard charge with Swiftstride.

  • Yes, but it doesn't have the probabilities for Envy charges.

  • Warriors are supposed to be supernaturally big, so it suits the lore if barbarians are a bit smaller.

  • Quote from pirro: “Is there any good option for Barbarian Horsemen? I find the GW models to be pretty bad overall. ” There are a number of good options on the Miniatures page.

  • Still working on these, which will be mounts for my Flayers. Currently in the process of painting the riders, which are FireForge Mongol Cavalry with some Daemonette whip kitbashing.

  • The Banner of the Relentless Company applies to all infantry models in the unit, and the War Dais is Infantry (check the entry under character mounts in the WDG book). So, a character on a War Dais also benefits from the banner's march bonus.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from dslak: “The Mongol Cavalry from Fireforge Games should be added to the Barbarian Horsemen option. Besides coming with shield, light lance, and bow options, the arms are also the right size to kit bash with Daemonette whip arms to make flayers. ” I can do that later on, when making the list I choose a clean split on armor. If there is anything else you want to change, let us know. ” Since horsemen have heavy armour, they're probably better listed under Flayers.

  • The Mongol Cavalry from Fireforge Games should be added to the Barbarian Horsemen option. Besides coming with shield, light lance, and bow options, the arms are also the right size to kit bash with Daemonette whip arms to make flayers.

  • Portal markers?

    dslak - - Warriors of the Dark Gods (WDG)


    I use the gates from the Doorways Into Darkness expansion for Shadows of Brimstone.

  • Dragon's Den II

    dslak - - Mid-Atlantic


    I also submitted my list a week ago and it's nnot marked.

  • Dragon's Den II

    dslak - - Mid-Atlantic


    Quote from SirMC2015: “Quote from dslak: “@SirMC2015 I'm still not sure what to do about paying. ” Dave- there is a link that brings you to the stores website. You pay the store. They are giving prize support. ” Sorry, I should have explained. I got the wooden spoon last year, which came with free entry for this year.