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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I am looking forward to Amsterdam and can be your tour guide if needed! I think there are more people from the area like @There Is No Spoon and @Pellegrim. Quote from Fthunder: “Quote from Herminard: “I will not haggle the cost - it costs what it costs and it is western europe. I fully trust Frederick in .. this specific regard. I will however share the sentinent that it would be nice to have food and drinks as a separate option if at all possible. If it is not - then so be it. Not a deal breake…

  • Quote from Calisson: “I thought that Homebrew could be an inspiration for all the ID LAB team, not only art. ” Quote from Windelov: “Hi @Ghiznuk and @Calisson this is in the hands of the background and art team. I can have all sorts of ideas for how we could incorporate it but whether I can use any of it is really not for me to decide. @Scottish Knight @Niedfaru and @WhammeWhamme are the guys to go to ” Quote from Ghiznuk: “Yeah, that's why I tagged them. I don't know why Calisson added you. ” B…

  • Quote from Edhelnaur: “Quote from Emgies: “The idea is to do data driven point adjustment through algorithms in the future on a frequent basis. ” Through algorithms using which data ? This is interesting, but does the algo will calculate only on the characteristics of the unit ? or in their result in game ? how does the algorithms will consider options like scout or vanguard (non-offensive/défensive skills). I agree that it will certainly be the most efficient way to balance everything.How advan…

  • The idea is to do data driven point adjustment through algorithms in the future on a frequent basis.

  • National forum for Chile

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    Not entirely sure why I am tagged here. But this is probably something for ACS and Community Engagement @Just_Flo @IoRi78 @SirMC2015 @Henrypmiller.

  • I feel your magic is very limited with 3 spells + H. The enemy almost is guaranteed to dispell the most important spell at that moment making the other 2 sort of useless.

  • Request

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    I personally agree and think the blogs of @Randomus (Abrasus), @Furion and @SmithF would be great additions. At least a link to it. Currently they are located in The Hobby Hub > User Blogs or Blogs. A setup could be Tactics: - General Q&A - Blogs - Army A - Army B ... The problem is that if you have too many categories on your forum you have too much overlap and choice. For example with Battle Reports, User Blogs, General Discussion, Rules Questions & Answers etc. BUT, This is not my "pakkie jan…

  • I hope people don’t mind we play with the new Infernal Dwarves unreleased rules. @Frederick confirmed they looked fine. I think this is a big step forward so we can do data-driven design and balancing. The problem we had before is when a Legendary Army Book was released we didn’t have enough playtesting data. Since the new structure I am very happy that we can test the armies, even on big tournaments like WTC.

  • My people also wanted to order the 4th anniversary edition, because it’s the latest according to upload date. Not by the title. At leas that was the reason for them.

  • Quote from Furion: “Quote from Kopistar: “you guys know that what we had for the last update was point drop and ONLY drop (no units or whatsoever got his pts increased) ??? Yet where do we stand in the power ladder ? ” That's the worst misconception of them all.That boosting units that are unplayable makes the army stronger overall. No, it makes an army more interesting to play. And that's that. ” There is a difference between EXTERNAL balance and INTERNAL balance. That's what @Furion just expla…

  • ADT is well aware of what works in design and what design is acceptable by point cost. If we aren’t sure we will ask either ourselves or through ACS.

  • Uhm... If you would make both Frost Phoenix and Griffon 75pts cheaper everyone would play them. Maybe the design of the Frost Phoenix isn’t perfect, but it is playable with the right point cost. In the end when the Slim book hits Legendary, the army gets build from the ground up again looking at the goals of an army or entry and non-coherent designs will be redesigned from the ground up or maybe even merged or replaced with another design. That’s what we are doing now at Infernal Dwarves.

  • Quote from Furion: “It's a real shame that books were put in the "gold status". There should be at least once a year balance update. ” There are (going to be) balance updates at least once a year... This includes slim and legendary books. Currently all legendary books that have been made are still in beta so they also receive design updates. Slim books will only receive balance updates.

  • So why would you have 2 in the German store if they are the same?

  • So Europeans should order the “normal” version and USA should order the 4th anniversary version? I still don’t know the difference as a product, does only the title differ?

  • Quote from Emgies: “Hey man, What is the difference between gold edition and 4th anniversary?!…smid=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&psc=1…ID=41BMrNChGzL&ref=plSrch People wanted to order and asked me, I asked <...>, but we both don’t know. Cheers ” @Uthegen I got multiple people asking me this question lately and asked fellow staff members that couldn’t give me the answer either. By the way NL doesn’t have Amazon yet as far I know, we have to use .de …

  • Quote from cptcosmic: “Quote from Emgies: “I miss the +1S +1 AP Banner of Rhyma. The 0.201 version with swiftstride was OP, but this version with +1S +1M is... Where do you put it on? The only unit that has use for it is Spears. The old one made Lancers a threat for just a few points. ” ... and DL book was released that is stronger than pre nerf HBE ” That Legendary Army Book is in Public Beta, while HE Slim Book is gold edition and remains like this for X period of time. It’s not comparable.

  • I miss the +1S +1 AP Banner of Rhyma. The 0.201 version with swiftstride was OP, but this version with +1S +1M is... Where do you put it on? The only unit that has use for it is Spears. The old one made Lancers a threat for just a few points.

  • P.s. We (Heads of ADT) are the collonel a.k.a. who presents the Tank in the end. Afterwards the community is complaining why the unit is not functional, while asking to do everything. The BLT saying it costs 1000pts because it can do everything. And the ExB is delighted with us we finally finished the book. So some self reflection to our community project (how it used to be) with a sarcastic and generelized undertone.

  • The Reaver Chariot and Sea Guard designs remind me of this every time: Fellow staff members might know the video as I keep posting it when somebody brings up multi functional units.