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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Everstrife: “we will see about selling some. ” @Everstrife Here is what T9A could do to help you if you wished: 1. You can have the Homebrew downloadable from your own website, I just need to add the "compatible with T9A" logo somewhere. This may help potential buyers realize that the models are effectively playable. 2. Before that, we can work on that AB to make it more appealing where we can. Not only on artwork, but as importantly on playability, with actual trial, for which we wou…

  • New species are not that likely to be adopted. Remember, T9A is in its vocation a tabletop game, in a believable setting. When speculating on a new species, people should check the following questions: 1. Modeling: Is there an existing suitable model the players could buy to represent it? 2. Fluff: Would this new species fill a believable ecological niche not requiring "it's magic, dude" explanation? 3. Game: Would this new species help to fulfill a need in the game? 4. Demand: How popular is su…

  • The Al-Qassar Sultanates

    Calisson - - New army books


    Quote from setrius: “I think I should be actualizate the army book ” Make sure to specify: .permission to pick from his personal works for non-profit (i.e. homebrew) T9A use.

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Quote from XaireTharisae: “@Calisson @dan @EdSteiner Can you link all the books already made, like this we can give some time for everyone to review different works and from that we will have to make a decision. ” Downloadable: 1. Name: Grand Companies - Link: T9A: Grand Companies 2. Name: Independent Mercenary States - Link: Independent Mercenary States 3. Name: The Iron Legion - Link: Dogs of War T9A: The Iron Legion. Gold Edition. and Compendium I 4. Name: THE PULP AGE. (note: dismissed by au…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “WaooooaaooooooaaaAA !! Now is time to make models for the other units ” If there are drawings, I will gladly update the AB as well.

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Quote from dan: “For voting. How many mercenary books are there other than EdSteiner’s? ” I recorded 6 downloadable mercenary Homebrew books for 2nd edition, including the one from this thread - which must be included in the choice. I may have skipped some more, especially since I do not record projects with no downloadable AB. Quote from Calisson: “(Hidden Content) ”

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    The official Iron Crown never started beyond providing a name. It has been postponed to be the 17th army. During this long interval, the work you guys are doing here for Grand Companies has two expected results: - keeping a community of mercenary fans engaged, - providing grounds for whenever IC will be started. Up to you to live up with the expectations.

  • Legendary rule book?

    Calisson - - General Discussion


    Quote from Litoperez: “For me it would be better to find someone who can edit book and pay him to do the jobb, if we are lacking manpower ” This has been generously suggested by @JimMorr. However, IIRC at the time, layout had been started already, and the risk was to tell our existing volunteer "Thanks for your free work, but you're too slow so we will trash all your hours for a company to make it faster." Gain in the short term, a precious volunteer lost for all the remaining documents. So we'r…

  • The Tsuandan Empire was established during the Second Age. Although they might have had their share of wars, not registered in the World Hymn, they may have very, very old archives.

  • Quote from denelian5: “Is it only me who see no pictures in these two scrolls? Otherwise is it possible to update them with the original pictures (don't know how much work that is or if the pictures are even "lying about" somewhere)? So much is lost without them ” @Henrypmiller @Blonde Beer One of you is very likely the best qualified to provide a reply.

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “ Perfect intro for the final month of the campaign ” If there is a need for a news, @Lich King knows how to reach me.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “When is the prediction it's finished? ” JimMorr wasn't updated recently because there was no update to provide. We can't say at the moment, due to all the tasks at hand which take a heavy toll on the few available talents, sorry. We said in 2019 and still wish hard to achieve it.

  • @Henrypmiller, @Bugman, @Blonde Beer Please have a look at [Veil of the Ages] The Ninth Age @ Essen SPIEL, as @piteglio suggests on the previous page.

  • Changes: Added some background about the Bokonos page 2. More importantly, there are now included pages of superb pictures! @Everstrife, @Karak Norn Clansman, thank you for the illustrations, and please verify the credits page 2. PDF: Word:

  • A landing platform for balloons?

  • I would love to see that, and the explanations are great. This said, the more detailed we get the less compatible with future official fluff. No need to overthink at this stage.

  • @Little Joe is there a need to improve the post above?

  • Quote from Little Joe: “It is directly taken from the official flag. The image is public domain and legal to use. ” The problem I mention is not to be legal or not. It is precisely the use of the official flag logo which is a problem. Ethiopia should be an inspiration only alluded from, not copy/pasted from.

  • I would rule out the one on the left, which I feel too close to real world Ethiopian sigil. (Hidden Content) Voting for the center one.

  • Could be a cool Supplement to the DE LAB: Dread pirates of the Shattered Sea.