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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • M Quote from Phosphorus: “Ok then, how to handle this one: Dwarf King on Throne (LP 6, Res 5, Off./Def 7, Str. 4, Ap 1) Hatred with hw/sh 2 x Rune of Might (2 + 1 str, Ap 1)...else rune of craftsmanship and 1 x rune of might ( + Str. 3 , + Ap 3) Rune of Destruction (d3 wounds) Rune of Resistance (reroll successesfull to wound hits) and rune of iron (for that Armor 6) even with the old judgement/Might combo you had 5 attacks hit 4+ =2,5 hits wound one 3+ = 1,67 wounding hits reroll = 1,1 armor sa…

  • I found a mate who wants to buy one more, I think this model will sell really good (or I hope so at least!)

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from youngseward: “Why does noone look at Valour when discussing tooling against characters? ” Because they are boneheaded and ride the rails of netlists harder than hobos. ” lol... you are partly right... I think our virtues are all great but the reason we are talking about Virtue of Might is the recent nerf.

  • Balance Update (2019)

    tulmir - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from AlexCat: “@tulmir What do you mean - drop BSB? For the army with Dis9 max that rolls panics, redirects, marchs, break tests? ” Since I've been playing double hippo, BSB has no use for me. - 12" is not enough to help two hippos, because they are so mobile and most of the time function alone. - Questing Duke doesn't care fear (not error), other Duke has re-roll for himself - Grail Bus is itp - Aspirants doesn't care fear (not terror) - only real problem is KoTR bus. But I am not going t…

  • Balance Update (2019)

    tulmir - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from AlexCat: “I have two questions to the KoE veterans in light of new update. My current pre update roster features 2 questing hippos, but it really lacks the punch against super tough things like sphinxes or 1+ reroll able. So, I thought of: 1. Upgrading one hippo to the following configuration : quest, blessed inscription, crusader, gem, renown. I think this guy can fight pretty much any single/few model units. 2. Second lord loses his vow and gets a horse, Lance and either divine judg…

  • Quote from Honeym: “I get that Its a really strong, but imo he lifted the overall powerlevel for the army to an acceptable level. I wouldent even Call the army midtier without him. Guess that’s the problem relying on tournament stats for nerfing. He was in every list - of course. And we did fairly because of him. Now my guess is that koe is a doomed low tier army... ” Don't forget that we are not the only one received nerfs... Other armies and other builds had nerfs too, which will help us to pe…

  • @vladk1976 I understand your frustration because of losing the "best" build in the T9A, but it was not the only build. I got 82 points from a team tournament in the USA and 74 points from a single tournament, 5 games each(won 9, lost 1), and I've never used Might+Divine Judgment. There are many other players that they are successful without that build. There are so many great builds out there, still. Do you want to kill a chaos lord? Take Might+Blessed Ins.+ Your ap4 attacks will destroy his arm…

  • Paladin on Peg is badass basically because it got cheaper. It brings so many things to the table for his price.

  • In fact, I am going to run one or two Paladin on Peg with Grail oath! They are so badass now

  • Quote from SirVelinn: “For me is hell. Had been training a lot with the list. And my team already adjusted the rooster for our first tournament in November. Having said that. I guess is a matter of trying new things. Goku and his pegs retinue..was a dream too beautiful to be true. Now the real state of the army will show up. But is just my fealing that having a very strong héroe..was part of our amry. Is sad, coz as it has been said 1000s of times in this fórum. Having a Human knight been able t…

  • Ordered mine! it looks great

  • Here are the changes after "balance update": • Typos fixed • Wording of several rules streamlined • Errata and cosmetic patches implemented • Bastard Sword, all R&F models in the unit must use the weapon in the same way • Divine Judgement, cannot be taken by a model with Might • Crystal of the Valiant Charge, cannot increase your Veil Token pool beyond 6 Special Items: • Divine Judgement 80 ↗ 85 • Tristans Resolve 55 ↘ 50 • Wyrmwood Core 45 ↘ 40 • Faith of Percival 70 ↘ 65 • Uthers Convictio…

  • Quote from Lubart: “One more up. Shield, sword, breastplate. Our artist started taking drugs again ” this guy, for sure, will be my new Renown Duke. I can't think a better model than that

  • Quote from Lubart: “Quote from tulmir: “This looks really good, thank you for listening our suggestions. I can't wait to buy the model ” Not all of them ” which is a good sing

  • This looks really good, thank you for listening our suggestions. I can't wait to buy the model

  • So much better! Since you've been asking, I would like you to consider to add these things on your model: - a little smaller shield - a little longer sword (to make it look like a long-sword) - can you make the knight lean on to his right a little? Like he is getting ready to behead an enemy? - can you add some facings and ornaments on his breast plate and shoulder plates? (seems like horse has more ornaments then the knight) I am adding you the official T9A coat of arms so you can have an idea …

  • T9A Campaign System

    tulmir - - General Discussion


    Hello everyone. I run two campaigns before, I have a little experience (I mostly used GW books for the campaigns like Blood in the Badlands and Mighty Empires). I would like to run a campaign again, but I couldn't find any thread about campaign settings here. So, if you have any idea or rule set, can you share with me?

  • Quote from Lubart: “Working on questing Duke, any ideas? ” is horse going to have more motion? it's so static right now. How about adding some bags/things that horse carries? Like in the picture

  • maybe for a special character?

  • GoT model. What do you think?