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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Do any of you read my walls of text? =) -Cort ” Usually I do, but to be honest my attention is needed somewhere else at the moment so Im bowing out of this discussion till all the updates are released.

  • He means the Engineer rule the Engineer has.

  • @lol.lobest Rule changes like that aren't in this update unfortunatly.

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “@Blonde Beer your list dos not sound OP to me. As you say, very RPS im sure combat heavy lists can really pull you under fast. My list the first on Here List almost 95% infantery. ” I agree. And play a different army pretty much at every event (asklander is my guilty pleasure for casual games) and Im used to people finding everything OP ;).

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “On a side note - I don’t think any of my opponents this week where of the opinion that my army was overpowered. They thought that there were elements that where strong and some that where weak. I did roll totally out the box with a small unit of berserkers and did 17 wounds with 15 atks on EoS infantery… But that was op rolling :). ” I use 3 units of Berserkers, and a big ambushing block with a choppy lord in Core. People... are not to happy about that showing up turn 2 …

  • Let see if some news attention helps :).

  • Since I got tagged in to this discussion... I dont believe that the aux books have to be tied to the main books after the original release but that they should mature on their own. (Keep in mind personal opinion). The design team and I had some discussion about this update to work on some of the more pressing problems but as Krokz pointed it out this is a very busy period. That shouldn't be an excuse for doing sloppy work but as someone who has been playing this army quite a bit I think the upda…

  • If my opponent forgets about it and blows away all his dispell dice and buffed his unit with magic (looking at you dwarfs) I might cast it.

  • Quote from Herminard: “What is your experience in this regard? ” Minimum blocks of 20~25. Yes they will usually die, or be weakened enough after a combat to be only really be used as scoring or chaff, but I find they usually do more than I expected on that single combat and it can be key to disrupt the enemies plan. I do play with quite a bit of support magic though.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “What will you change in your list? ” Proparly just really finish my non shooty agressive seeker army. Most of the things I was toying with got cheaper, only need to rebuild the characters.

  • Quote from Herminard: “This is.. not at all what I ask. ” What I meant was having them do more than just fill in a questionaire but give their own written feedback about stuff. Like the example Furion linked.

  • Quote from Herminard: “@Blonde Beer - EE should probably be something more than just a questionnaire indeed ” I know, but Im streched quite thin at the moment. Its something that is on my mind though, but getting community feedback handled officially and related subjects for it was higher on my to do list. During the beta fase Ill see if I can add more to the EE work load.

  • Quote from Furion: “But - correct me if I'm wrong - the balancing issue is closed now and the meetings are over, so itwill be the usual "maybe next time" right ” Actually I was planning to go read the written version this afternoon before the meeting. Might be nice to have gotten it earlier though.

  • I don't handle EE Furion. Afaik its still being set up and the numbers need to go up to make it more usefull. In my eyes it should be more than just a questionaire though. But did you actually talk to HR if you want to help? Besides that I havent seen any information you might have send on come in via HB ACS. So I guess there is a break in the line somewhere.

  • As far as I am aware you have been requested to join the EE to give feedback. For everything else helpwise, pm HR. Or send a pm with suggestions to HB ACS or an RT member.

  • Ahh. Well in that case talking about average "top" lists expectarions Ill assume most will have a points drop. But like I said before the lists I checked with the "final" points like DH had swings between -20 to +80. Its too specificly tailored to the lists thats it tricky to give a more specific answer. Especially people that play odd ball lists vs meta lists... (and with the change in meta in the near future those might trade places)

  • Im not quite certain what you are asking? I dont have the finalized HB points yet, so how can I calculate the exact point drop in any specific list?

  • I personally don't think a 50 point decrease on HB will be enough. For the rest it will depend on the lists in specific. Ive calculated a few HB lists with what I am guessing the new points will be. Those went all down points wise.

  • There Is a human check yeah. Not just by RT but with this beta step as well. We assigned the book as the lowest tier, to be honest I dont really see how to make it more clear that we see "that the book really needs help". I cant come in here with a blank statement like, we are reducing every unit with 10% dont worry because a)we have 1 meeting to go, and b) Im pretty certain people will go, no bro, 450 points extra is still not enough, I need some spinners on my Chariots to really pimp the list.…

  • Haha actually Im not in EXB and to be honest Im checking community responses post beta update to start analyzing. I was just really suprised with the current topic :). Most forums were still very deep in some heated discussions.