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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from 20phoenix: “Quote from Archeron: “Quote from marlab: “Quote from Archeron: “But i still say you don´t pay 30 points for only access to Alchemy cause the abillity to cast into CC (if involded) and out of it into other Targets are great. You can only cast into your own involved CC, not out of it, if it has the Missile type. Damage types can only target out of involved CC into unengaged unit, no need for honour to do that. ” ” And you irgnore Missle and Damage typ:Rules say: The model mu…

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “OotFH is a great rule set. On foot is equally viable in my mind. 30 points for their ability is fine. ” Could you expand? 30 pts for being able to cast some spells into combat has always seemed real bad to me. ” I have tried it at two tournaments (admittedly small 1 day-ers) and a load of practice games with the pyro mage on foot with the robe. I managed to win both events. I think the ability to swing combats before they start is amazing. Lets say y…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “I have 10 games with OotFH since November 2017. Can I have a say? He is too expensive, not 20-30 pts expensive, much more. Add in the fact that he is usually a general and most (if not all) your magic - and it's suddenly too many eggs in one basket. When @Furion roster loses a dragon, it loses 750 pts, that's it. When you lose this shiny fiery dragon, you lose 1300 pts, magic and dis radius. ” Agreed. Why I went with cosmo dragon at ETC. But the rules work. Just need pricing…

  • Has anyone payed 5 or more games with the OotFH dragon? I have and its Fing good. Probably the best dragon in the book. But a little too pricy yes. Lets hope that there is a nice discount in the new update which make it a bit more sensibly costed. OotFH is a great rule set. On foot is equally viable in my mind. 30 points for their ability is fine. Ill even give you a little trick. if you want to fight something which has a flaming ward, try and land your OotFH dragon in a lake.

  • Sphinx points decrease.... In my meta triple Sphinx is already a Thing!

  • I can see these as flagellants or an innovative EoS army for sure. My reservation with humans in general is that there are so many options on the market for humans, so to be successful you need either super good quality for a competitive price, or just a super cheap price for okay-looking models. Otherwise it is a very red ocean. In my opinion it would be better to fill a niche or compete in a less saturated niche. I.e. Elves, Vermin, Valkyries etc. Your mountain Orcs and forest goblins fill a n…

  • Quote from Shieldwolf Miniatures: “Hmmm... the company is creating armies that fit both our setting and that of T9A. The Forest Goblins fitted our mercenary theme alongside our Drotts (common goblins) and worked better for everyone. That's not the same with many other T9A races however. We are looking into how we can do things that work out for everyone Let's limit the options. Currently these are the runner ups! Looking from a market standpoint: 1. Drotts (goblins) - Lots on the market, so comp…

  • Beast herds infantry! There are very limited options here!

  • Quote from Mattyp: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “Sign me up. ” That's what I'm talking about! ” Was listening to mad git radio today and had ETC nostalgia and flashbacks. Need to do more 9th

  • Quote from Henrypmiller: “Sign me up. ” Anyone driving from Edinburgh on the Friday afternoon/evening?

  • Sign me up.

  • Quote from Vespacian: “And then there was me...haha! We do take your input seriously @Furion I can tell you your video was reviewed when working on the patch. To be honest, we (ACS) haven’t had any input on the upcoming balance patch yet. The RT and the data itself have been the primary sources of input to my knowledge. I’m happy to go to a PM with you to discuss in more detail how we can get you plugged in. ” This is what I have heard as well. Data is the main driver of the changes that will be…

  • Quote from Furion: “@Masamune88 @Vespacian @Henrypmiller I offer to help you with making the patch better. I want to have more HBE builds possible. As I will provide feedback on internal balance, there is no risk that my informed opinion will spoil the power level of the entire game. I want to help you to deliver a good working product. Is there any way someone takes my expert opinion seriously? ” I am taking your opinion very seriously and have put forward your requests (and will do again). How…

  • Quote from marlab: “If GW were to stay as is, but only change in points. How much would they cost before you would consider using them? ” Points are so tight in HE rosters that without a rule change I probably am not taking them. Maybe something like 120 in lists that can use them. AD lists etc.

  • Our last and certainly not least sponsor for Nørdcon: Lubart miniatures. Check these guys out if you havent already! @Lubart will be providing prize suport for UD, KoE and VS as well as giving ALL 9th age tournament participants a 5 EUR gift card to be used on their webshop! zZVYkdR.jpg

  • Quote from Calcathin: “Quote from Herminard: “Hmmm.. I think its a can of worms @Calcathin. I am weary of effects happening out of turn. ” You could keep it as shooting in normal shooting phase sequence, and allowing to target enemy units that were unengaged at the start if the turn. But that would be less fun and less tactical ” Better to make it "lasts two turns" or "until the end of the HE players following turn" then it's not out of sequence and has more of a tactical challenge.

  • Lists now in the original post.

  • @Furion Why dont you shoot the shabti/cataphratcs with the reapers? I can understand that the healing is good enough to negate the shots that go through, but surely 3 SGR are enough to dent a unit or two. Cant the UD player just heal the arc in the same way on the small chance that you manage 2-3 wounds?

  • Our next sponsor for Nørdcon is Admirality Miniatures. They have graced us with some Dwarves, hats and Armoured Elven Archers of Ancient Times. You can browse their product range on LS55XF9.jpg

  • One day i will remaster them. Ill put it on my to do list but could be a while.