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  • Quote from umbranar: “Quote from Exalted Champion: “Not really sure what 4 single karkalords can do? Deliver 5A S7 each at charge? And what else? Cant kill most characters, cant take return damage with AP3 or more or lethal strike or alchemy, cant brake steadfest and dont deliver any synergy to the rest of troops. I can see that they can charge chaff or some medium threats. But thats it. ” As I look at it now and thinking of games I played, multicharge, chaff (lust yay), put pressure on the back…

  • OK Hunter is a very similar model as Chosen Lord on Karkadan. Sure one HP less, but very easy access to 1+ armor on the Lord to compensate that. I am sure spammed Lords on Karkadan, when cheap enough, can be a nightmare to face. But someone needs to do it, break the meta and not be in echo chamber. @DanT ?

  • Quote from Dant: “@Krokz can you pass this on internally please? I.e. a request/comment that zero updates is better than being tied to the parent book once the parent is gold. ” Maybe on the long run this has merit. Currently we are still able to control this issues, for example when we lowered Horseman Great Weapon choice to zero points RT members explicitly stated that Makhar should be looked at and in consequence price was increase on an item giving Lightning Reflexes. Same thought process wa…

  • Quote from DeBelial: “Only mounts that have a reasonable hiding spot are worth it ” Could say that this is due to meta as cowboys are currently not very popular, it is not a WDG problem alone. But then there is OK Hunter spam

  • BTW. HellMaw is very close to broken by several opinions. Broken as in it cannot be fixed by price alone and the most talked about solution was to lower radius where you can place your unit after teleport from 3" to 1". But we still decided it is too soon and not broken enough to warrant so drastic measures as a design change. I am mentioning this because I do understand the "lets put Chosen Lord on a mount, then I do not need HellMaw" thinking. If HellMaw proves to be the clutch for the army an…

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Hi @DanT thanks for joining. I disagree with what your saying. But my time is short now. I will be back! ” You can disagree, but that doesn't mean he is not right. Several of us know how much resources this can take and and yet you keep ignoring us and telling us we are wrong and you know better? Please re-read everyrhing we have written.

  • Quote from matrim: “@Krokz What about uber under used/under powered options? Are they doomed till v3.0 ” Don't think so. We saw double Chimera meta in the past, we saw Karkadans popular too and so on. There are 7 or so WDG mounts and there are armies with a lot fewer that can't get every one to work. Especially when picks are so dependant on current meta.

  • Karkadan mount (or any mount/unit) heaving 3 HPs or 4 HPs does not matter since in the end it is going to get fairly priced. As in until it is used in tournament data aiming at perfect distribution. So yeah, 4HP is reserved for Chimera mount. and the book ain't changing because it is gold. Gold books only change when something that is broken on an overpowered side cannot be fixed by point costs alone.

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “I don’t think I understand why that would change if the prices are unlinked? ” That person may not be there forever, we could go community driven changes too if you ask me. But down the line everything must be approved by Rules Team. Which can be pretty frustrating when doing 30+ books, right? Like I said, these books not being perfect tournament balanced is a feature, not a bug, and you can only change that with change of project policy. They are designed to give additi…

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Then why would they need an update every time a parent book gets one? ” We have two options that require no resources on the long run: - never change a gold aux book after it comes out - change it once a year with all Core books You say we should opt for the first one? Last weeks Asklanders changes were purely because someone from staff volunteered its free time to it. This Asklanders internal price changes that have happened was more an positive exception then a rule on…

  • True that @Just_Flo I believe a common player doesn't understand what goes into a core book balance procedure: - analysis of 100+ tournaments for external balance and each list analysis of what units were taken, this is massive tedious work that is done by volunteers - making a questionnaire of every price entry and send it to External Experts and community surveys to weight in internal balance and analyze them separately too This is a minimum of data points go into normal army book balancing pr…

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “I hope this example illustrates my point. ” You do, but I fear you don't know that we use LaTeX. So army books are coded in this text/programmable language. When O&G unit changes, we just press a button and get a new Asklander book with updated O&G Troll entry, no human resources needed (apart from pressing the button ). This way we can update all the XY aux books when 16 main books get an update. Quote from Cortrillion: “Same unit - different function. This one …

  • It was mostly internal balance, similar to Great Weapons un Huscarls. Quote from Herminard: “Now refute my other point on core Barbarians plz ” I believe I cannot as much as I cannot refute your point of why not placing Jotunn in Core. There is just a disagreement in game design and no one is 'right'. I can agree to disagree

  • If you take 100 Asklanders with Great Weapon (be it 2x50 or 3x33) this is a 100 point reduction, which is a little over 2 percent of whole army list. I just want to point out on what scale of balance we are talking about

  • Quote from Herminard: “I think that I would easily make stronger 4500 point builds without spending points in core ” But that is not due to price? You take units with certain roles in mind. Since you HAVE to take Core and those units have very narrow roles, mostly basic army flavor, I would not want more of that role than that basic 25%, usually you have to add Characters to this basic role too. So when I take Special I take it because those units can do flexible roles Core cannot and this makes…

  • I believe the argument was that when the project has 20+ aux books it would be a nightmare to update them all. But if you tie point costs to their parent books this becomes a lot simpler even if no one is dedicated to any particular aux book. Personally I don't believe there is any core tax on Barbarians. Maybe Asklander Core could have 1 PPM cheaper additional model due to play style, but that is about it. And I do not think this issue makes the army unplayable or unbalanced. Of course if we wa…

  • Makhar Discussion

    Krokz - - Makhar


    This will be included in next update. So you can play it now as if it can be comboed with Torch. Endless Plain 20 pts Right after determining who deploys first (after step 1 of the Deployment Phase Sequence) After determining Deployment Zones (at the end of step 6 of the Pre-Game Sequence), place a single Field Terrain Feature that must be no larger than 10″ in length and 6″ in width completely outside the opponent’s Deployment Zone.

  • Makhar Discussion

    Krokz - - Makhar


    Thanks, maybe we have missed something, will check it out

  • Makhar Discussion

    Krokz - - Makhar


    Quote from Tec43: “Also thank you for embedding all the rules and profiles into the book, makes it so much easier to use! ” All thanks to @Byron for his LaTeX skills and time.

  • Do you need me to confirm a nerf to VS too?