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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Rules explained in figures updated…761281420a5e0354fae113a1f

  • Quote from StoffenDK: “Quote from fjugin: “Balancing is handled by rules team now ” And what’s the current method? (Now that you’re in the thread anyway ) ” Without going into too much details, something like this; 1. Collect data from multiple sources, on both external and internal balance. Primary data sources are surveys (to both open community and a group of top tournament players) and tournament data. 2. From data on external balance; establish a tier list (UD is place 1 or 2 in all data se…

  • Balancing is handled by rules team now

  • Yup. Surveys are only for pricing.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “The survey looks nice but with the focus being solely on internal balance, it just feels like a questionnaire asking everyone what they want to have a points increase/decrease. Because you can have a bunch of items be really good internally but they are "meh" externally. Like alot of things are good but they are already at their max points. Going any higher can wreak the build they are used in. ” We have ways to establish external balance as well. Eg tournament results an…

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “@fjugin are these type of "analysis" useful to bring up? ” The primary way in which rules team* gather feedback is through the surveys.…-internal-balance-survey/ These should be the first thing everyone fills in. More in depth analysis can be useful, but of course risks being overwhelming if everyone does them. *in dl book, rules team are primarily responsible for pricing. Redesigns are done by the dl task team.

  • EoS and ID issues should be fixed (Ignore the empty rows)

  • Quote from Chack: “Quote from fjugin: “Quote from Chack: “- the list lacks champion upgrade for briar maidens and wizard option for the threefather ancient ” Things with standard prices, such as command groups, BSB, wizard levels have been excluded intentionally. ” So just to clarify : no evaluation for wizard conclave option ? ” Not on individualunit basis. Maybe on game wide basis. Quote from Tyranno: “Quick thing, there is no option for Prophet-Lamassu (no Lamassu adept upgrade, no engineer u…

  • Please report mistakes here and i shall try to correct them as fast as possible Quote from piteglio: “and since the comments to the newspiece are disabled: the body of the text (and of the various faction surveys) mentions "there could still be entries that are very poor in comparison to the rest of the book, and thus score a '6'.", which can create confusion for some users. ” Ops! We used 1-6 grading last time, and I just copy-pasted the text. Too much hassle to update on 16 surveys.. Hopefully…

  • Behemoth can and must attack when it fails a break test. It is intended. I don't think it is broken.

  • Personally, I would hate to make UD hereditary into a normal spell. The current attirubte-like-effect adds lots of character to the army imo. I like that they raise models in a very different way than VC. How often do UD get the spell cast more than twice today? I think not often enough that limiting it to two times is a meaningful nerf.

  • I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the hereditary spell. I believe this is an area that needs some work, and it is a problem that is hard to fix it with points or casting value updates.

  • Collecting the coverage from ETC 2019

    fjugin - - ETC


    Coverage focused on team Sweden Probably mostly on Swedish

  • New errata…761281420a5e0354fae113a1f

  • ETC 2019 Lists

    fjugin - - ETC


    I suspect those Norwegian mercenaries have their own really strange meta. 120 spearelves are probably pretty useful when facing Hermund's 100 gnasher list.

  • Quote from Ugrush: “Case: Sorceror/Barb Chief in Dark Chariot forms unit with Warrior Chariot. They have re-roll panic and break testes from Battle Fever/Path of the Favoured. Problem: Both rules requires more than half of the models in the unit to have BF/PftF to gain the benefit. RAW they lose both rules, but is this intended? ” I doubt anyone have considered this case specifically. Thus no actual intent exist even. Rules are clear tho

  • New version of rules explained in figures is up…761281420a5e0354fae113a1f

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “But if it happens that there is an eliteness creep, it should be with the intention that the other elf armies are going to get similar treatment. ” We actually have a clear intentions to not do things like this. Because 1. We don't want the game to make sense only at some point in time in the distant future. We want each and every version of the game, at all instances in time, to make sense and be logically consistent. If dread elves are not supposed to be better trained …

  • What we are looking for here is no so much opinions on what is speculated to work in a competitive setting. Let's assume our armybook designers will be able to implement things in a competitive way (afterall, this is to a large degree down to points, which is easy to fine-tune and has nothing to do with guidelines). For example, assume that short-ranged shooting is made to be effective under the limits given in guidelines (e.g. no pure avoidance lists, shooting has a support role and is not not …

  • DL and WDG books were just updated. DL book with a few clarification where rules were unclear WDG officially existed its beta phase. Zip package also updated with these docucments Currently only available on the the downloads page on the forum ( Should be up on the new website soon hopefully.