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Discuss about the current manifestations

82 +2 3,576


How do you do a creative and good AB review?

1 234


Looking for detailed basing materials

1 445


Looking for inspiration

0 472

Show of your greater daemons!

136 +6 13,134


Painting League 2017 Kapten Kluns

4 +2 573

Kapten Kluns

Model Age - moving the thread, Don't post here.

7 1,897

Samwar - Model Age

Doing a color scheme for a DH comission.

71 +1 8,329

Kapten Kluns

Giving a new weakness to WMs

16 +1 1,551


Can a character on a chariot joing an infantry unit?

11 1,096


Twisted world of the Legion! List building, converting, painting, battle reps.

475 +4 36,190


Mind razor and Armour piercing from Strenght or other AP sources

4 480

Kapten Kluns

Multiple instances of multiple wounds

4 741


Path against the living

7 +1 941

Kapten Kluns

Daemon Prince background story time

0 304

Change cavalry to getting Monstrous ranks

3 860


Would it be a possibility to get a survey on what ppl consider their main army?

1 351


Power ‘Shrooms for cave gobling casters is to powerful

5 1,277


How would people rank the existing attributes for the paths?

2 510

Kapten Kluns

Miscast abruptly ends the magic phase

3 643