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    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    @Pinktaco CA was alone yes. But i can't make any other model the BSB because i maxed my characters in this way already. Also, 3 scoring is the bare minimum i want to play, so don't want to remove a skink unit. And a small throwaway skink unit is quite nice as well, blocked a unit of wraiths for example because of parry. @Agrem well done, interesting lizard gunline you have there! :)


    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Pinktaco: “Uh, that's interesting How did the master evocator do? And the speedy BSB? Was the extra range worth it, considering it's the bsb? My rampodons tend to fail me, do you mark easy targets, considering only 3 models ” Master did OK i would say, but very satisfied over the combo of Symbiosis with Evocation and 2 monsters to cast the spells through. Specially reroll to hit and wound was great. Got some reliability on my carnosaur a few times and Saurians with Reroll to hit and w…


    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from marcema: “Tournament in Copenhagen 12-13 Oktober, i am unfortunately the only SA player! (Hidden Content) Rest of the lists can be found HERE ” Managed to claim 5th place in a tournament in Copenhagen this weekend out of 46 players. Think i did a good job after a false start. Happy with the result, even though i did not expect it with a slightly experimental list. Small recap 1: EoS 1 - 19 loss Lots of shooting, little rusty after missing some routine in my play, made some mistakes bu…

  • @Wesser the model makes no sense in the background imo. It is a lone model that is supposed to be standing still, not doing anything that has no coherency with the rest of the army. Cadaver wagon is actually interacting with units. I always thought that +1 regen on ghasts was a decent attribute.

  • 5p we have right now and that is for poisoned shooting. As you can only use the shooting variant once and will be giving up a cc advantage, i dont see that it would necessarily be better than flat out poisoned shooting. But definitely be an improvement for cc skinks, one that doesn't exist right now. 2-3ppm would therefore be fair. Combining it with the treefrog banner for 5+ poisoned might be cool, in a 35 man unit, 5+ poison hits would cost 3-4ppm, a 105-140p investment with the suggested pric…

  • Skinks are small and could possibly use poisoned javelins as spears. Give them the rule that they can either use them shoot one round with them and they are gone or you keep them as spears and get poisoned attacks in combat with FiER. In addition, they don't count as JG anymore.

  • War platform is easiest to realize for Saurian Warriors because base size. Skinks already have the ciamans so it would be nice to lut him in the saurians actually. Maybe if crocodile gets a discount, it might be a suitable block parry 3+ AS in combat with the beast that has a 1+ AS

  • @Wesser wraiths i have seen, but just the mounted option maybe not. So that's not the whole build. Don't know what the issue is with the cadaver wagon though. Anyway we are just hoping it will happen

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Shinymetallass: “"All the changes have been focused on only changing points (and leave the rule changes to the Full Army Books) with a few exceptions, where we felt that just changing points was not enough to improve internal and external balance between the books" Pray fo Tyro! ” Note ... all the changes were nerfs.. So... where are your gods now? ” Nothing is impossible!! We keep praying Are there any other armies that have a unit that sees <1% of play?

  • Yes, so if the concept is mounted skinks, its up to the detailed design to define if it is either a raptor or if it is a flaptor. Depending on what fits the background, one or another is taken, the concept doesn't change.

  • Quote from Cuendae: “Raptors might be too tough to be ridden by skinks. Maybe some kind of chickens. ” Its just how you define the mount they have in the background. Call it a "flaptor" , give it wings too small to fly and make it a bit less dangerous and there you have a skink "flaptor" rider. The concept doesn't change the final design

  • Yea, the general really only offers something for skinks as they have the lower leadership. Even then, the BSB is far more important as the reroll significantly improves your chances in succeeding.

  • I see your point and i think i like your explanation. In that philosophy, i could also see an army of just raptors and flyers as there will definitely be "cavalry tribes" Maybe the future of SA totems can be something defining for the core? Totems wont be unit upgrades then but can be army directions? A bit similar to VC, but maybe more unlocking units instead of enabling /forcing upgrades for units? - Raptor totem (cavalry options for core, not 1:1 raptor cavalry but something similar?) - "Stea…

  • The res 3 is still an issue as well. I played with a bsb with 2+ rerollable on pteradon and the issue is that all small shooting wounds very well and you will fail the saves if you get enough dice thrown att you. Cowboys are viable because they have res 5 and are basically immune to s3 shooting, skinks aren't. Give them res 4 on an alpha pteradon and i might reconsider running it as a general or bsb.

  • Having a Captain on Rhamphadon as General is such a major disadvantage that the advantage of having rhamphadons as core won't pay off as there are more disadvantages to integrating the concept. Any civilization that is continously threatened by other races would have scouts as a core principle. So that would include fast travelling units and thus i think that some fast cavalry wouldn't be a bad idea

  • Quote from Wesser: “Not that I have a problem with SA getting upped here and there and the Thyroscutus seeing more play.. But how desirable are lists with 5 monsters from a design perspective? More RPS, more problems for good old honest str3 infantry... Not to single SA out or anything, but I don't like this becoming a trend ” S3 units will kill it with static combat res i would expect. S3 armies should have the same issue with 3 monsters as with 5. Not to forget that 3x stygiosaur + alpha carno…

  • Quote from Cuendae: “They could have something like WS3 and Distracting on first round of combat to recompensate T2, so IT would be great mobile unit to make combo charges ” Just have an agility that is high enough so they can do their bit before they are being hit. 1 A, Agi 5, os3, s3, t2 sounds good enough with PW it will be 2A,OS 4

  • Quote from Cuendae: “I like combat ninja light troop skinks idea. That's what this army should be about ” And in the configuration, light troops, PW, Poisoned attacks, they might actually be a surprising oke support unit that actually can fight a unit of chaff and do something

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “I have an idea to help make the thyro a very viable option this coming patch. Reduce price point. It’s not novel. It’s just something that would make it work in our book again. At a 40 pt reduction you could field x1 tauro engine x1 tauro great bow x2 thyro Or x1 tauro priest x1 baby carno x1 tauro X2 thyro At a 30 pt reduction you could field x2 thyro x1 tauro engine x1 tauro At just a few points you could field some Thyroscuts and tauros but remember the stygio is alr…

  • Put some variaties to the Skink Braves. Give them options and an upgrade to "chameleons" and with that reduce the minimum unit size for that upgraded unit to 10. With that, make the JG variant a bit more elite, maybe 200p for 5 2HP, 3+ to hit blowpipes? Elite Chameleons can be hard target 2 and core hard target 1 as they are rank and file versus skirmishers. Doesn't sound bad to me tbh. Chameleon Braves could be having an option to vanguard and lose scoring? Monster in core, Large Beast with tow…