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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Well, I'm sure we will not agree with the new points costs, not in all parts. If we want to change anything before it will be fixed in December, I think the best way to give helpful feedback about it, is to play with the new points, lose the game, make detailed battle reports and post them here (skip the whining part) and show that there is something wrong with the points. :p

  • Quote from Izomov: “Quote from arwaker: “Ah right, I see, Sunna's Fury. Flaggelants compete with the tanks, and tanks are auto-include. ” yeah, when an army composed of majority R3 and some R4 has access to an R6 1+ unbreakable cannon, it becomes pretty much a must have. I have no solid feedback on how to fix the tank appearing on 60%+ lists. Seems like a nightmare to balance as it has no real alternative in the army. ” The other factions don't have any such mobile, armored piece of artillery, a…

  • Ah right, I see, Sunna's Fury. Flaggelants compete with the tanks, and tanks are auto-include.

  • Wow, EoS players claiming one of their units is over performing, even if it is seldomly used at all? So much the opposite when you read HE forum, over there something is even considered underpowered when used in majority of the lists. Well, so much enough of flowers for EoS community. Why do you think Flaggelants are played not more often, even when you think they are so good?

  • Considering the new rules for Hereditary spell stay as they are, how much should Skeletons and Necroguard cost to be a competitive choice?

  • I think this "role" discussion is futile. Let's just wait for the point costs of Rhymas and alternatives, wait some months and see the army lists people will play.

  • I think it is not so simple, because some characters could significantly differ in their desired appearance ratio. For example it is no problem when 99% of the lists have mage or bsb. The desired appearance of specific elements should be carefully estimated.

  • Seems like the chances of Goblins to rally with dis6 is the issue mentioned. I could agree on something that changes this problem somehow. Some more suggestions?

  • Quote from cptcosmic: “Quote from arwaker: “Just compare the number of HE armis WITH rhymas to HE armie WITHOUT rhymas. ” which unit can I take to fill the same role? ” I think this is difficult to answer, unless the "role" is clearly specified.

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “@Stunt this is the conversation I got a complaint about Hey guys as admin of the French FB page I got a complaint from Levil that there were two redtags who suggested that he better change army, have read the convo, understand the point you were trying to make, even though it might have sounded as harsh across the text. Apologies noted, will try and convince Levil to subscribe back on this forum. . Have a good day :p ” Sure you post in correct thread? I see no connection.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from Kolrhil -war: “5 CK + Lust +M,C,S for 375 ptst vs 5 Ryma with M,C,S for 400 pts. ” You did it wrong.5 Warrior Knights 255 + CSM 75 + Lust 50 + Lances 35 = 415 ” Waaaaah, Rhyma so op!1!!+!1!11!! >sarcasm off< Why continue cross army comparisons? Just compare the number of HE armis WITH rhymas to HE armie WITHOUT rhymas.

  • For my personal value of acceptability, anything between half and twice the desired ratio is fine. Your stated 25% for the commander itself seems desirable. I would state horse and griff evenly 50% mount ration. Means 12.5% perfect value, and anything between 6.25% and 25% to be acceptable.

  • VS Brainstorming for LAB

    arwaker - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Maybe we should come here back to LAB discussions. I still have the feeling that we can't suggest a viable solution for weapon teams yet. a) Team inside unit is difficult because mismatching bases. b) Rebasing should be avoided. c) Some kind of shooting protection for weapon teams when close to mother-unit? d) Any mechanic that prevents weapon teams from being utilized as redirector? e) Some rule mechanic that allows gas launcher to be template effect and still allow shooting into combat? I thin…

  • Hm, I think for a unit that is very dependant on having the charge, speed makes a large difference. However, cross-army comparisons should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

  • Well, the price might get reduced quite soon. But still they lack good design imho.

  • Quote from matrim: “can we look at CA and find a meaningful way of increasing their value to a roster instead of creating false option by knee capping other entries. The current book already struggles with picking the least sh!te option. S3 ap0 works for Peasants, Goblins, slave Orcs etc because they could be taken in numbers. (goblins can also have poison) CA's high hit rate isn't quite enough to make difference when the numbers are low.(compared to other s3 ap0 shoters) may be CA could have Qt…

  • Quote from jaith1: “@Archeron The third point we can assume is included in the dragon's increased cost anyways? So really you are playing for access to alch, and Ignore dmg missile Types. ” Difficult point because of synergy again. Casting in the own combat is very helpful when you have a dragon, but only slightly helpful when you don't have. Therefore a majority of the price for this ability (cast into own combat) should be attached to the dragon price (both dragon more expensive than normal wi…

  • VS Brainstorming for LAB

    arwaker - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Well, this thread is LAB discussion. Keep points update discussion in the appropriate thread please.

  • In my personal vision Trolls serve the purpose of dedicated anvil which do not bleed much combat res, perfect unit to take a very undesirable charge from opponent, very likely not run away some turns because being too stupid to understand that they are horribly outmatched, then OnG player can perform a flank charge and wins combat, because Trolls suffer not much wounds. This role can't be achieved by other OnG units, because they either run away or are steadfast but suffer to much wounds to win …

  • We need more background info about what Trolls are and what they do. We are all stuck in GW heritage thinking