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  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures

    Nordheim - - Company Showcase


    I'm having problems with ordering your infernal dwarves from your website, an error message appear instead: "There is 1 error 1. You do not have access to this category." I hope I havn't missed my chance, that would be a bad blow for my IF army, your scultps are amazing...

  • The Ashmountain Dwoblins

    Nordheim - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Haha! As always Squigkikka, your dwoblin conversions are amazing and always makes me smile. Keep up the great work!

  • Best way to improve your painting is by using youtube. There is so many different videos, about so many different techniques on Youtube. It's basically just to type in; 'how to paint *insert model or technique here*', Google is another great helper. I'd recommend Vince Venturella's serie named Hobby cheating, it will basically teach you everything you need to know. Then practice, practice, practice.

  • Now We're Talking! Does it say anything about Pricing and release date? You need FB to follow your link, and I can't find them on their ebay page yet. I'm wondering if you'll be able to line em up on 25x50 bases... Had some other Idea for taurukhs, but yeah I love these. @Eisenhans You'll be allright! Russian Alternative always have more than fair prices! Comparing to my GW orders I always feel like a responsible and economical adult when ordering from RA.

  • Hello Friends, Since the painting league is one of my favorite parts of the forum, I thought I should contribute. While 500 pts a month don't seem possible with my current project, I thought this could atleast speed up the process somewhat.. Now I atleast have to paint something before the last of october, the goal is to paint more than this month. Which should be possible, I was away on a business trip for two weeks in September... Without further ado... The seven Dwarfs without snow-white. hsn…

  • The Burning Throng of Skullthraka

    Nordheim - - Archive


    @Shane Happy to be of service... I'd say they are quite evenly matched, in size comparision atleast, RA might be a tad leaner around the waist, not realy noticeable though. But since they'll be different units I don't mind that FW are a slightly fatter, Imortals/citadelguards do as they please. I'll try to remember to take a picture of them together next time.. I've painted yet another one and I'm actually looking forward to paint the next one. they are a bit more fun to paint, I'd say, since th…

  • The Burning Throng of Skullthraka

    Nordheim - - Archive


    So... It's soon a year later, and it's time for a new update With a new job taking up most of my time, the hobbytime has been next to nothing. But of course, that wouldn't make me less inclined to buy more plastic.. The Moment I got my new miniatures from Russian alternative I got motivated for the first time in six months, so It is time to start painting again. I must give them credit, RA has a great product with an superb quality. Thinking back on my FW dwarves with all their problems... to ge…

  • The world needs more big hats. Looking forward to see the progress of this plog.

  • Quote from Gomio: “Quote from Irondaemon: “…r=1&_rdt=1&epid=714491589 What do you mean? These guys have flintlocks, no? ” Oh, didnt noticed the axe at the end of the gun. I thought to use those as blunderbuss, but they are clearly flintlocks. Then what do people use as blunderbuss? Same models but removing the axe ending? ” I'm extremely satisfied with my RA models. Such great sculpts and great quality! Great axes as infernal warriors. The harquebuses Will be blunde…

  • I'd Say practice makes perfect. I know a lot of people does as Little Joe says, I however would rather paint it white and then do a stroke down with black in the middle of each eye. The good thing about ogres are that they are big, and therefore easy to practice on. Seems like you've got all the other things covered in your previous post, Keep at it! That's one of the nice things about this hobby, to learn and improve upon your skills.

  • Damn, those northmen are amazing.

  • Hobby Group Auxilia Work

    Nordheim - - User Blogs


    The Gnome.... Amazing, Simply Amazing. Who wouldn't love one...???

  • Quote from Memnite: “More stupid questions: LOADS of people have Magic The Gathering looka-a-like magic cards. Where can i get thoes? so pretty ” I'm guessing photoshop + printer

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Quote from DanT: “Thanks all for the responses Next question: Infernal engine and kadim titan models that are not too bad to transport and might fit with Norba dwarfs (assuming I go with them)? ” Only acceptable Titan model is this one. ” I'd say that you're wrong with that statement, This Gorgeous Beast ain't wrong either This one.

  • Amazingly disgusting! Really like your choice of colors. The only thing I can't decide if I like or not, is the lack of pupils. It's one of those things; is it more creepy without, or would it be that one last detail that made them pop even more? hmm..