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  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    N3okorrales - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from mathair: “Quote from Vespacian: “HBE army as a whole better supports dragons than the other armies (Multiple sources of healing, hereditary, GW, star metal shield) ” [more combat power from lord( 5! s7 ap3! attacks, can have 6 s8 ap3 on charge) ” curse of the black stag doesnt work if the prince is on a dragon. Massive BulkIf the model is mounted by a Character, ignore the rider’s Armour Equipment (including Armour Enchantments) andPersonal Protections, unless specifically stated othe…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Furion: “res6 3+, thunderstomp, Quote from AlexCat: “This is really interesting, can you elaborate on it a bit? On paper Nova lance hits much harder unless you wanna do a lot of "parking" of enemy units and prolonged combats. Also, very interested on your take on the Griffon. He does roughly twice the damage than the dragon on charge and much better protected AND (thus having really good synergy with MoCT), has smaller base, AND faster. What are the arguments ag…

  • Quote from funkyfellow: “Yeah I am digging the following build: Blade Dancer Chieftain: Battle Standard Bearer, Spear (Hunters Honour), 2X Aether Icons - 335 13 Blade Dancers: Champion, Standard Bearer (Banner of Silent Mist) - 486 MR 3 & -2 to-hit vs most shooting. The Banner of Silent Mist is optional if you just plan on camping a Forest with the unit. Another good choice could be Banner of Swiftness on the unit for some silly charges and flanking maneuvers. ” Been using that unit for the last…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Double Aether Icon on the Bladedancer BsB is pretty ace ” You could do that before, i mean ive been using it the entire summer.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Furion opinions are funny ” care to elaborate? or just trolling as usual?

  • Quote from Arthur: “Quote from Calcathin: “Plus, I’m quite expecting that inflation of the economics will be a quite rare occurrence in these times in the lands of the Highborn. Actually, I expect quite the opposite once you get in the economies of scale ” A price increase on the first five Knights and then a discount on the extra ones would be a mistake similar to the ones made in the previous update. It's a nerf attempting to masquerade as a buff. I hope we have learned, and have moved past th…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Quote from cptcosmic: “Quote from arwaker: “Just compare the number of HE armis WITH rhymas to HE armie WITHOUT rhymas. ” which unit can I take to fill the same role? ” I think this is difficult to answer, unless the "role" is clearly specified. ” @Furion explained it to you but you clearly chose to ignore it. Quote from arwaker: “Just compare the number of HE armis WITH rhymas to HE armie WITHOUT rhymas. ” I mean.....come on

  • AK ultra matte varnish.

  • SE- missing an option for mages to pick a dragon since now the cost is diferent.

  • krestel knights missing the 2 points on shields.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “ok, I'll stop posting in HBE forum. ” Thank you.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from N3okorrales: “theyve got like a 250 points increase on a typical UD list wth are you talking about? ” our ETC roster got +300. If its not "hit hard" I dont know what is. ” amazes me how in the same sentence he can fit: "its not a nerf" with " i have no idea about UD so i could be wrong"

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I looked at 3 books. well the buffs to SE and KoE look like things will bode well for HBE. But the point adjustments to UD(top army) don't seem to really nerf the army. They seem to rely heavily on that +2 extra casting value as the nerf. I'm no expert on UD though so I could be wrong. ” theyve got like a 250 points increase on a typical UD list wth are you talking about?

  • Quote from Furion: “5 Warrior Knights @ 255 points. So that means Knights of Ryma should be at ~300 lvl? 40 points discount incoming? ” ive been sayinf ryma knights are heavily overcosted and people called me crazy

  • Quote from Cam: “ Just kinda want 9th fluff now. Basically zero on Dwarves available for example. ” All the time you spend taunting and trolling in the HBE forum you could spend it writing dwarf fluff.

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “Something going on in 1.7. I can't preview new lists I created. Older ones works, but new just shows me a blank page, or the previous list I selected. ” im having the same issue.

  • Quote from Henrypmiller: “ As a rule of thumb, expect the worst, and be happy if you/we get something that resembles a mid-tier army ” Another year at the bottom tier then. On the bright side another 5 points on extra eagles and we might have to buy a dozen of them.

  • for some reason i didnt even see the last sentence.

  • Does arcane knowledge affect the range of the dead arise?

  • Quote from Bobo: “@Herminard Oh, Jesus - you want cover fire *and* Fae Miasma? with no price increase? GW will go from never taken to the most complained about unit in the army. Regardless whether they deserve it; will be an utterly annoying unit to play against since there's "no counter". Even as someone who occasionally enjoys trolling people I find this a bit much. ” fireball +passive= all dead, no counter huh? you can apply the same to the 200.000.000 magic missiles in the game.