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  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from wombat: “Rather than Trolls or Iron Orcs I prefer using Triple Giants as my main strike force. ” My last list had three giants AND those 23 Iron Orcs

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from Rubert: “I have never seen trolls before on the battlefield, and I seriously doubt that a 23 points discount (if you field 8 cave trolls) is going to make them any better. ” Seems a meta thing. Over here they are rarely seen, but in the US meta they found their way into some lists even before the update (Chihammer and Waldorf for example). With the discount they won´t lose any popularity I guess. I prefer Iron Orcs though. The babysitter-issue and their low number of attacks still bot…

  • With HB I meant the elves, but others will enjoy BH too, thanks for your efforts

  • Quote from rzmoz: “I can't reproduce the issue here and checked the commit for missing version bumps. I see the updates fine on my phone. Can you verify, that your army is using Ogre Khans v25? @greentide ” Just checked- its version v25 and all the new point costs are included Thanks for updating- any news on the HB files?

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “@SkavenInAZ presented two games vs. rather mixed EoS lists (one, the halfing-themed list) even fielded a nice unit of Knights with Grand Master with Sonnstahl . ” That´s what I meant with cav heavy lists occasionally seen in the US(although the best empire general over there(J.Flint) plays infantry. Quote from Phosphorus: “Whatever, the point (again) is that as a Tier 4 army...I (and others) had hoped for ...well...some (more) discounts for mixed/infantry army lists (espe…

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from Gingersmali: “I do think OK got away lightly mammoth hunters only went up 10pts which seems like madness to me. ” That´s a misconception regarding the mammoth hunters The hunter got more expensive, its Iron Fists got more expensive, the popular hunters equipment like wrestler´s belt got a prize hike and even the big name (trolleater) got more expensive, making the whole model approx. 40 points more expensive. They were ace,no doubt about that- but they didn´t get away lightly. You won…

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “About ETC we HAD this discussion. tournies have their own dynamic/meta ...and it seems that the EoS lists were there to conter certain armies/lists and mayhaps neutralize them . (would be nice if some of the atual EOS players would share their thoughts about their lists). ...or...some of EoS players (who are they /is one?) . ” I did not only mention ETC. Overall cav lists are rarely taken, not only in team tournaments. You just named one person in our w…

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “Fast, mobile EoS list with a lot of Knights (to fill up Core requierement...especially with a big unit of 15+ core knights) in combination with Tank/Griffion /Arcane Engine/War altar + light infantry were never lacking or absent ” They were and they are. They were absent at the ETC, I didn´t encounter them in my countries meta (8 tourneys a year roundabout) and I´m sure @Adaephon_Delat can confirm they are in the minority worldwide. Then there is no EOS top player using t…

  • So cav should stay unplayable and overcosted for us? Edit:DanT Was faster

  • Quote from RobertR: “I haven't decided if I want to put a hunter on an auroch or not. It will be a killing machine but it will also draw the attention of the enemy like crazy ” I will try to circumwent that issue with target saturation. If he shoots the mounted One, that one on foot and three giants with great weapons will tear him to shreds. Or her. Or it. Whatever... Quote from Estebanvol: “- hunter on auroch with RM, potion of swiftness and lance ” Overall I like your setup, but I wonder if p…

  • Quote from youngseward: “Very surprised that OK prices seemed to overall decrease ” "Overall" is a strong word in that context. Most tournament lists had several mamooth hunters, lygurs tongue and the odd rock aroch in it. So they got more expensive or the char setup became invalid. A lot of units got cheaper and there are new combos available while old ones have been hit hard. I´m happy for your list but I´m probably not the only one missing any" decrease" factor.

  • Hmm, OK 2.1 doesn´t appear even if I refresh/update data(which worked like a charm with EOS 2.1). Not released yet? @DarkSky

  • You already did OK, finishing HB would be a nice present for my opponent/buddy

  • Saviours of my weekend battle

  • Finally some more deserved comments on the proposals above Quote from Casp: “And finally I would add a new artefact item: « holy Relic » (Xpts) (0-3) For inquisitor and prelate only, The wearer and his unit gain hatred. (See prelate section for detail) ” Like this one. Not sure if the actual point discount on the Inquisitor suffices to make him more popular. Hatred would Quote from Casp: “Officier & Officier superior. This would simply give him the opportunity to give 1 or 2 order. Exactly like …

  • There is an arcane engine missing besides your wizard, unless he´s exponentially expensive Would be helpful, if you mark the changes in points within your rooster or at least the final point cost of the list.

  • Somehow not only additional models from the EOS reiters got cheaper(as per update) but also accidentally the starting size(now 140 pts).

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “I haven't seen the usage numbers, but my impression was that it wasn't taken often and that should be grounds for an adjustment. Anyone know how often it showed up in lists in the data? ” I think it was used quite a lot, my own tourney list not included, @Adaephon_Delat made a unit count and can share the numbers maybe. You find it too expensive for 160 points?

  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “I wasn’t married to spamming hunters & rochs ” I was but I´ll hopefully survive this painful divoce

  • Thanks for the feedback, but please post the next over here:…r-eos-community-feedback/