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  • I continue my discover of KOE ^^.. - What happend if you cats summer growth, on an unit with a character into ? Could you choose to give back health point to character instead of r&f ? - If i take Questing Oath for a duke; could i still pay and use a lance ? or should i use the bastard sword ?

  • Quote from Bloody MIsfire: “The characters who does not synergise with our army, to the same extent, are: - Artificer ” Hum ? How can you say that an artificier, that improve our artillery, and in same time give order to our light infantry, and finaly make an excellent chaff for the last turn before the opponent reach our line dont synergize ?

  • You mean towering presence ^^.. Ok thanks for the answer, so it works for Paladin on pegasus :p

  • I think to try playing KOE ; but then i got some question. Do a duke on hyppo joining a pegasus unit with loose formation gain hard target too ?

  • @Blonde Beer` Do magic cost change beta too, and suceptil to be chnaged in few month ? Or could we order right now :p

  • By the way, get more infantry list than Cav for EoS seems a good thing for me. As long that cavalry list are good too. I have played cav list in turnament, the list perform pretty well Won 4 game and 1 null. The new cost reduction, will make it even better. Dont think its an issue, it was not OP. Now i am still convince, actually our cavalry playstyle, could be really better. I hope for our FAB, to be really more creative about cavalry, and offer us more than a cavalry death star to play. Now i …

  • @wonbat. Hum... - Electoral cavalry by 6 dont need musician, pay them a champion or a banner. Its better. And plays them by 2 front. They can almost do the same move than with a musician, and a banner or an additionnal attack is often just you need to win a fight with them when you get great weapon. - 6 electoral cavalry could not break steadfast. You need at least 10 guys to do this (2 full rank)

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Probably you will still see them in all lists. Now only BSB will have black steel and general carries death warrant. Or other way around. ” But its a nerf as lot of list use Prelate as general, wich have only 2 att. So lot more combat phase without battle focus. This small change could have impact externally. Its not a big deal, but i agree with @cptcosmic, it do not seems me really necessary for a tier 4. And for internal balance, i would have prefer to get more build poss…

  • 2.1 Update General Discussion

    Casp - - General Discussion


    Quote from King Kazador: “Magic is absolutely too strong. How many lists run zero magic? If magic was costed correctly around 50% of all army builds would consider not playing any magic. Magic is horribly under-costed. ” I agree, but it this problematic ?

  • I do not really like this update. Some change seems disconnect of the reality. I have already develloped my though in FAB thread. But our army was almost already internally balanced, except few specific unit. This update, try to solve some issue with point cost balance, based on the % of usage, but those variance of usage, are mainly caused not by point issue; but by internal synergie and tactical constraint. For exemple reduce cost of LI SU and increase cost of LI BU, will not incitate me to pl…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Ah right, I see, Sunna's Fury. Flaggelants compete with the tanks, and tanks are auto-include. ” Hum no i dont think so . I never play the tank as i feel our artillery give better result than the tank. But i still always hesitate to play flaggey. Even if i know they are good. For me the compete with IG, KoGS. IG are still the best choice, as he synergize with support unit and order. So at final the competition is between KoGS and Flaggey. They are really different, Flaggey c…

  • Well in my last turnament i play 27 flaggey with a prelate with a shield & ghost guard , in line formation. Conclusion for 660pts you have 24 att S5, hatred, battle focus, and a channel. Its enough to destroy almost all elite unit of the game. They are not scoring, that why its more difficult to play them. But i think they price is already pretty right.

  • Hum some of your highlight seems not really problematic. Imperial Guard Great Weapon 27% State Militia SU ------37% Even Flagellants SU -------------------10% Flagellants BU --------------------8% Mortar ---------------------------13% Are reasonnable.

  • Wouhah... heroforge is crazy .. A bot expensibve but so cool. I have trye this for an inquisitor mounted :

  • Quote from YeahGucciFrisur: “Quote from Casp: “You miss an artificier to boost the volley gun and be free to move away from your light infantry. Personnaly I would replace the imperial prince. By an artificier and some chaff. ” would be better, but less fun ” That right .. I am a nasty optimizer But then, if you want some fun. Why not at least give a mount to your Imperial prince like a griffon ? Mobility is cool

  • You miss an artificier to boost the volley gun and be free to move away from your light infantry. Personnaly I would replace the imperial prince. By an artificier and some chaff.

  • Well personnlay i often downlod the .zip When you dont know wich files have been updated since the last time you comes, its an easy way, to refresh all your files by one click.

  • Its difficult to be generic like that; You will not win in the same way against a gunline, that a cavalry death star, or an infantry + steam tank. So if i want to stay generic, One main weakness is our mobility, we often need to stay together to benefit synergie, that means stay grouped. arcane engine and altar, get a range of 6 and a adv move of 8 , this means you can never charge at more than 14, without loosing benefit from those chariot, steam tank move wih max 5D3, its random and slow etc..…

  • Maybe the all in one is into the .zip ? If its not, it could be a solution, to add it without create a new link that would add too much complexity. And anyway when there is an update to a book you need to update the .zip also, so not a big difference with the all in one. Except i beleive the .zip do not include errata in this purpose to be updated a more long time ? Where it seems all in one include errata.

  • Yeah quite interesting, Thanks for your work !!!! i agree with almots all statistic ouf ! ^^... Except one, i dont understand why so few people play the combo mantle of ulor + foresight on Ig with great weapon ? I have tested few times in big turnament event, the mantle make you won some game..for 25pts its cheap... Dont see any good reason to not be used more often.