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  • We wanted to give them halberds. To make truly offensive unit. Our glass cannon unit. But they stayed as you see. Hope will be fixed in LAB. Anyway i will test a unit of 21 in a flank. In a 7x3 formation. Im sure they can kill something before die. And if left uncheked thats quite some CR they can generate from a flank charge

  • Balance Update (2019)

    Kratos - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    if paladins got battlefocus or a similar ability, then they would have a similar performance with personal virtues but having a diferent statline...but we need to wait for LAB for those fixes.

  • So You want a magic adept, that can be battle standard bearer and has heavy armour? So you basically want an option for a paladin to be a wizard. Why is not Crown of the Wizard king enough for you? To be clear, I also think that a damsel that is able to be on front rank is needed ( especially when riding an unicorn or pegasus ) but i do think that light armour and paired weapons is enough and simpler for it.

  • more like an oriflame paladin on foot

  • Right. Much better. Thats a bsb paladin.

  • wouldnt valor and kingslayer be better for 20 points more? Anything with as better than 3+ will probably be a character. And you don't gimp yourself with no wounding on better than 3+

  • i see a dark elf a high elf and a prelate in those images.

  • a movement 3-9 combat character HAS to win vs a movement 8-16 (+2) flying combat character of similar cost Its balance. The movement 3 character and his expensive deathstar can only fight what you want them to fight, while our flying duke and his flying bodyguard can take the fight they want and opponent can only prepare for the slaughter, but cant evade it in anyway. And even then, we have a config option wich chances if you desire to engage...

  • castellan doesn't have vanguard and cant conga block thats the biggest problem with him.. i still would take at least minmum one unit of yeomen. maybe replace the second yeomen unit for a castellan

  • some lists use unicorn in 13 questers bus + pally is not a bad config at all.

  • Max i can see about grail knights on foot is making them 10-15 models max. 0-1 Per army. Skirmishers. Current grail knight stats. If you expect much more than that i think wodg army converted to look as koe would fit you better

  • if you restrict the unit, you could have 2 units of 8 grails, each with a grail character.( doble grail duke or grail duke and grail bsb ) So the 0-1 is not equivalent to the change you propose. Anyway we will try to make a LAB with less restrictions than what we have now, and the ones left we will give full reason for their existance be it fluff or balance wise.

  • Damsel: Druidism( Ice ) and Pyro ( Fire ) Damsels have to decide between change, fight, passion or balance, heal, protect. Paladin / Warrior Damsel: Shamanism( Awaken the beast, savage fury...) For casters that prefer to crush you by their own ( enhanced ) hands... KOE Aux: Witch: Occultism, Witchcraft Shadow-knight: Evocation

  • I dont know how to talk about powerlevels with only a number, so i will show a full picture to make miself understood: They are just ideas, points are totaly off and they need tweak on rules and prices for sure:…c6e651926cdb123e0d894a2be…c6e651926cdb123e0d894a2be Notice only the grail saint has access to favours. This way we could have all the range of powerlevels From normal oathless duke/paladin ( knight commander powerlevel) to gra…

  • I prefer it as both options. As an option for Duke and Paladin and have a new entry that is a real fighter: Grail Saint. So character complexity, a bit more than now because we need a new character entry to represent a grail character that its fighting capabilities are on par with the top tier enemies. oath complexity should be similar as now, it should focus to be an specialisation, crusader oath you are better vs rank and file than an oathless char questing oath you are better vs beasts monste…

  • Is not ridicoulus is fluffy. And why dont you see a grail character without a magic weapon, because we cannot use effectively a great weapon or a halberd without having acces to plate armour. Call it blessed armour, only accesible for grail oath characters if you want. Lots of grail miniatures come equiooed with a great weapon, and t9a has failed to deliver a viable build with that. Our quest characters get an inbuilt plate armour in quest oath but that exactly what is needed in grail oath to be…

  • We do all love our yeomen, but what others ideas do you have for chaff? Yeomen should only chaff or they should have other uses? How do you envision them without them stepping into knights duties? @Grouchy Badger

  • Yeomen dont have lance formation, and they should'nt .....unless maybe lead by an humility character So unless you want to talk about that, they dont have place in this thread. I can open one to talk ablut them if you desire

  • Even if i like the fluffy extra attacks for every dead, i do not like the complexity it brings. I prefer a more KISS approach Lance Formation: The model gains Fight in Extra Rank and Impact hits( X ) where X is the unit Rank Bonus. If more than half of a unit’s models have Lance Formation, it only needs to be 3 models wide in order to form Full Ranks. The unit cannot add any Rank Bonus to their Combat Score when charging Basically i trade the +1, +2 or +3 that we get on the charge from ranks to …

  • Lance formation should be a cavalry formation, designed to make our knights units more effective at killing infantry on the charge and putting pressure into enemy close formations in combat. After losing a round of combat, the lance formation can no longer put the same pressure and could potentially become less optimal, making us thinking into reform into a normal formation for better grind. Also it needs to be a tool of force concentration so we can strike with combined charges in order to dest…