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  • DE 2.1 Balance Patch

    zertuiop - - Dread Elves (DE)


    I have played countless games with big Legionnaires blocks with great success and they have never been cheaper. I am thinking about a double nahb vangard corsair list too wich might now be completely doable. The Auxiliaries have finallly gotten cheap enough to beat goblins when it comes to output (not survivability but the might even look like a combat block

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Quote from namadeva: “@Cortrillion that was in the earlier post ” I cant seam to find it anywhere. Im looking for that post that says that X unit in Y books core is more elite than Warriors. Because I dont think there is a core hat is more elite, unless it is a MI. What single model from core, on foot can take on a warrior model in CC and on average, win? ” single model, rank and file, standard size not taking charges into account. I gess only blades of nahb with a rendi…

  • There is a wdg army at the etc with effectively 3500 pts of monsters and about 30 models in total. It's not awful or it wouldn't travel to the etc

  • I think barbs are nearly auto include and dirt cheap compared to other core humans. They make the perfect bunker with discipline banner. can jump through portals get sacrificed and run through dt to fuel the ledger. A big max unit wirh spears and magic support can actually be a real combat unit. Barb chief on the contrary is just not good enough. I used him a lot to make a cheap bsb but that went away

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Zamo: “That list is almost no magic... no channeling and 3 spells and a bound with 12" range is pretty poor magic. But fun to play for sure. ” yeah for sure, it's a gimmick list that definitely won't be wrecking it in the magic phase but you should be able to cast at least 1 useful spell every turn and adding a wizard would lose a whole behemoth ” that's why I put giants instead of other monsters I can get 5 spells for a real magic phase.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Characters – 2000pts Feldrak Ancestor – 685pts Doomlord, Behemoth, Wizard king, Trophy Rack – 660pts Doomlord, Behemoth, rod of battle, Trophy Rack – 655pts Core – 940pts 20 Warriors, Mus – 470pts 20 Warriors, Mus – 470pts Special – 700pts Shrine – 260pts Shrine – 260pts 5 dogs – 90pts 5 dogs – 90pts Legendary Beasts – 860pts Forsaken one – 400pts Feldrak Elder, paired weapons – 460pts 4500pts my altered version of zertioup list. I reckon this has got some legs! ” I…

  • still only mvt 5 in the unit. I don't intend to get the warriors into combat. they are more like resilient scorers. the shrine cover them to win light combat and make some magic. 3 giants 2 behemoths 1 FA 1 chimera (that is 7 monsters 6 of with are real tough ponies) can take the fighting part alright. only thing that makes me really afraid is super duper multy wounders on big mounsters. they will always be stronger than my guys and can force me into chalenges.

  • Just the builder not totally up to date.

  • The warriors just amble forward to the objectives and the shrines are here to push the center. All the rest is fast and Can flank rush as needed. Core could also be made of barb horses. And the shrines turn into two other chimeras. So everything is fast.

  • What do you think of this list: (Hidden Content) I think it's completely bonkers. I took giants and shrines to maximize magic but you could very well go with two feldrack elders and sloth chariots to make a res 6 list.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from zertuiop: “give them snake bow. 3+ 18 inches cannot wound. the target get -1 aim until your next turn. to make it insane: ” that's high elf and wood elf territory. ” what is not? could be called a dread bow for what it's worth. simple cheap option for a str 4 ap1 bow looks nice too (even though it would make the medusa count in raider..

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    zertuiop - - Dread Elves (DE)


    give them snake bow. 3+ 18 inches cannot wound. the target get -1 aim until your next turn. to make it insane: once per game you can invoke a snake swam 12 inches away from the medusa.

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from Peacemaker: “So I started adding 2-3 bolt throwers in every list and that solved the problem. It allowed my Dread Elves to jostle for positions in the first few turns instead of being forced to rush. ” Couldn't agree more, least it makes those double organ gun DH games not an auto-lose ” if you give them only one turn of shooting and pack some witchraft the organ guns don't have time to break your army. then there is also the screening with the dark riders that h…

  • I never play the reaper either I far preffer to rush your face with all I have and win the chaff game by having enough chaff

  • Shield give parry on top of the 2+ armor turning the dart into a failsafe roadblock

  • If you shoot petrifying Gaze from sand stalkers on a dragon does it get resolved on the dragon's agi or on the rider's .

  • Does godslayer give multiple wound on hell forged armor?

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    zertuiop - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Well lets get a bit less emotional please befire this rxb thing get out of hands. Isn't the real question what we could do to make the rxb as interesting as the normal crossbow without loosing the unique muktiple ap1 shot that is part of the de identity. We have seen what the dl got in the whooting department lets think out of the box what can the new rxb become. What would be the stats for a str 2 ap1 3 shots weapon?

  • What could work up strait would be a cl on foot with portent spiked shield and dusked forged helped by a small unit of warior knights on the side to deliver a champion. You jump in, take the chalenge with the knight and kill all characters. Then the guards are open bar. Would work if there wasn't a locket of sunna