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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • My issue with Witchcraft is that it is only a force multiplier. Zero times anything is still zero. Without the Pendulum, you don't have much more than zero. Though I am very excited to run a 1+ AS Doomrant. He will probably die horribly, so maybe I'll bring the newly reduced Crown of Succession! Just kidding. If I have 20 points left I will increase my block size(s) before buying that item.

  • The rule seems clear to me. "... targeting at least one enemy unit with one or more models with Magic Resistance ..." I think that's why Obsidian Rock + Aether Icon needs up in so many lists, to counter Scorching Salvo. I will say it doesn't end up in VS lists that much, probably because we have a hard time finding somewhere good to put it.

  • Quote from Bogi: “I meant score on the x axis and point change on the y. It looks like no correlation there at all. ” That... Makes more sense. 3sbBst3.png

  • Quote from arwaker: “There is no point decrease for the Seal of House Underminer? Is that an oversight or intention? I had the impression that it was among the very underused items. ACS? ” Uhhhh... I may have forgotten about that item. I'll ask around.

  • Quote from Shako: “I would've put VH at 4 or 6.Dreadmills as a unit is interesting though. But not everything needs to have an increased min size.. was more for the R&F. ” I was just taking it to it's logical conclusion (units of characters??). It would certainly be an interesting gimmick. VS could be the army that units all the things. Anyone remember units of Weapons Teams in 0.7? They even had scout to represent a certain tunneling object, @Eldan.

  • Quote from Shako: “Con: Would naturally lead to MSU, this could be fought be raising the respective min size. Make R@A start at 25 or even 30, Slaves at 30 or 35! ” VH start at 8? Dreadmills/Catapults start at 2? 3dn8ao.jpg

  • Here's the table, I put it behind a spoiler because the forums table formatting is... a thing. (Hidden Content) And some plots. Raw data: nmS0Rv0.png Normalized to the average score/points change Ic5oc6E.png

  • Quote from Bogi: “@ValourUnbound are you up for making a scatter graph between points scored at etc and the price drops/rise, or even just a table, to see what correlation there is? SE had great correlation with the lists doing the worst getting the most point drops and vice versa. ” That shouldn't be too hard, I'll see what I can whip up.

  • ETC list analysis, from an internal thread: Quote from ValourUnbound: “This thread will contain a breakdown of how all of the ETC VS lists are affected by the price change. First draft, I may find mistakes. Average increase of 162 points ranging from 13 to 230. Removing the lowest three (13, 45, 60) the average becomes 177. No builds were invalidated by magical item price changes. The largest change was to Putrid Protection, which was most commonly taken with Dragonfire Gem, and still fits in 10…

  • Looks like we have the only banner that costs over 100 points, so this might have been an oversight. I've let the team know. Anything else like that? These are the things that we need to find while it's still in beta.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Can Chief take Lightning Rod? He has 100 point encjantment limit and the banner is 110. ” Hmm. That is a valid point. I can't find anything allowing BSBs to spend unlimited points on banner enchantments.

  • Quote from tcho: “- Putrid Protection +20 pts, why ? It was already expensive (Alchemist alloid or basalt infusion it was already a better choice) 80pts definitely kill this choice for me ” Just about every single Pendulum took it done since it gave them a 2+ and could cause some wounds. It was our most taken item, beating out the Sceptre and the Lightning Rod. Outside of the Pendulum it was only taken a few times that I recall. For VPD lists taking the Daemon, Patriarch Appreciate on Pendulum w…

  • Frenzy makes that not quite as reliable. You might get the spell off once before you charge to your doom. But for 205 points I might just try it. This is the sort of crazy we need.

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Darkstone Shot: We don't do cowboys well, and when we do, we have to dump 100 points into defensive and combat items, not shooting items. Jezails already cost 25 points on an overcosted Rakachit Machinist who can't move and shoot very well with the unwieldy Jezail. He doesn't lead R&F Jezails well with Discipline 5 either...10-15pts ” I was thinking about this one recently, specifically with a Jezail. It could be different for Ratlock Pistols. At what point cost wou…

  • Rules changes are out of scope for this update. The Dreadmill is likely to, as you said, only go up in price. I can understand quitting an army if your favorite model/unit/rule is changed so you don't find it fun anymore. But quitting because a model/unit went up 10/20/30 points? That just doesn't make sense to me. The points don't affect how a model works on the table, it only changes which models you can have on the table. Once the game starts, the points don't matter.* Don't forget, this is o…

  • Remember that even low tier armies got some point increases in order to promote internal balance. Since we are not low tier, I'd look at it the other way. The most taken choices will probably go up while the least taken will probably go down.

  • Those are some of the few things that could go down. Though don't many folks take small units of Vermin Hulks? A unit of 4 is pretty decent for the points. Above that they fall off due to the large footprint, mediocre output and terrible discipline. Nothing like losing by 1 and making a Discipline 6 test. And that's with the General! #VSProblems

  • I have no new information, but this is where you rats can discuss the incoming balance update and its effects on the Vermin Swarm. When I do have something, I'll post it here.

  • You can check out this spreadsheet (from Shako's data collection thread) to get an idea of what might be nerfed.…KU1m2g2i7WWOQGil/pubhtml# For example, Dreadmills look to be extremely overrepresented while things like Grenadiers and Scouting Ratssassins are extremely underrepresented. What will that mean? No idea.

  • Quote from StockFish85: “ I do not wan't to be the bringer of bad news but you can't have that special banner in a unit with the bell so that won't work unfortuneatly.Aquila of ruin only works for clanrats in units that are completely made out of standard sized models. ” Just to be clear, the Aquila of Ruin works when the unit is composed completely of Infantry models, not standard sized models. This means that the Vermin Hulk Bodyguard doesn't break it