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  • Now, I feel like the fox who see the geese! sad.png That is all

  • The Al-Qassar Sultanates

    setrius - - New army books


    The illustrations are amazing!! I think I should be actualizate the army book That is all

  • Quote from Goatrek: “Quote from setrius: “I like the idea of Hydromancy but the specific Path of Magic for armies was deleted. Maybe icould be a good idea create a Priest Character and give it Hydromancy as bound spells. That is all ” Ah yes, Im aware of their removal and I did deliberately reintroduce a unique path despite that fact because I had the opportunity to do so and feel T9A as a project made a mistake with removing them. I feel there is nothing inherently broken or problematic with ha…

  • I like the idea of Hydromancy but the specific Path of Magic for armies was deleted. Maybe icould be a good idea create a Priest Character and give it Hydromancy as bound spells. That is all

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Quote from arwaker: “@echoCTRL What if Harpies had some kind of "scream"? Could work as close ranged shooting attack or provide some kind of debuff to opponents in 6" (maybe -1 aim and -1 OS?) Screaming is something iconic for harpies, why not implement this in their design. ” I like that as a shooting attack which causes a debuff ” I prefer something similar to Jabberwocky, the Aura of Madness. Scream of madness: universal rule. Enemy units 6 ″ from one or more models with…

  • VS Brainstorming for LAB

    setrius - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Lighting attacks. Same rule as bolt thrower only that the number of the ranks this attack can affect is equal to the armour save of the opponent unit. That is all

  • Quote from Nemeroth: “Quote from noir: “Quote from Peacemaker: “well the guidelines say they can't be "true chaff" so they are planning to up their combat potential and probably up the points because there seems to be a push to eliminate low costing chaff? Except for armies with high movement hounds that don't fly. Plus a special rule ...those can be 90pts. ” well it is what it is. But we still can make a kick a** book out of it. Also what I like is that these spoilers give you guys the possibil…

  • Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “Dear druchii fellows... Any fresh news to share about this highly interesting topic? 18 or 24' range? Improved aim? AP or no AP? Quick to fire or not? Points drop? Nothing will change as usual and there will be hundred of comments for nothing? ” To be honest, all this is quite stopped. That is all

  • Is it possible to have any news or advancement? That is all

  • maybe you can add a tiny tower or a kind of fortress gate in the corner where the stair finish. That is all

  • I like the idea of give to them insignificant rule. Other option is give to them the rules light troops, insignificant and lost scoring. That is all

  • Would be nice a sacrifice system that buff your army. For example, you can start the game with some sacrifice token and during the game you can get more tokens. You can remove it for some abilities or rules. That is all

  • Quote from xaby86: “What happens in a De vs DE game if the two of you must have scary rules? Don't know which tactics they will use? Should they be immune to the fear of DE? Strangely enough, fear is a direct rule and not a concept. ” They put the name Dread Elf because they feel this when they are going to battle. No armour and R3 what do you expect? That is all

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from Peacemaker: “30 dread judges with banner of blood. Witchcraft wizard that can cast ravens wing and the attribute for even more advance move. And twisted effigy to shut down the enemy big unit of shooty guys. This is what puts the 'dread' in dread elves. But what is the dread of this unit? Why? Why is it not the same dread as any high agility heavy combat unit ” If something is dread or not depend on the person. For me teletubbies are the encarnation of dread. That is…

  • Hi, if we have time check my homebrew Silexian Goblins probably have some interesting ideas or concepts. You can find the link in my signature or here Silexian Goblins, enjoy. That is all

  • Quote from Eol: “Quote from Minidudul: “It will be fun if the army had an army wide conclave limit instead of just on the disciple. So, in my mind, every cult unit can upgrade his champion (20pts as usual) to a wizard (+100pts, and, let's say max. 2 in the army) with a spell selection depending the cult (nabh give some of the alchemy, yem witchcraft ones, etc). Then cult priest can be something else than just another bad warrior/bad wizard. ” Upgrade cult champions with dedicated wizard conclave…

  • With limit access to these paths I choose only the spells between 1 and 4. Alchemy: Silver spike and corruption of tin. The first it's a direct and aggressive spell and that is supposed to be an army of DE. Corruption is perfect for weakening the opposing unit and later giving it the lethal strike. Divination; know the enemy and the starts align. These two spells fit perfectly in the glass cannon philosophy. Note: I choose these spells thinking in background. That is all

  • Quote from Minidudul: “I don't see why you focus this much on Shamanism : the path is more tied to a primitive magic and not to a civilised nation like the Daeb have one. It's not really the "beast path" we had before, it have the same root, but it's different. On a game point of view, Shamanism is certainly good (I rate it better than divination now, and better than witchcraft for movement threat), but fluffwise, not that much. ” Hi, first of all. I not focus if one path is better than other. I…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Also guidelines state to reduce armour for characters in terms of easy access to mundane armour. I don't get why a race that focuses on Alchemy would have such subpar armour. Evocation fits much better. Or maybe that Shamanism/beastmaster theme once expanded upon. Evocation also helps to differentiate the elf factions. When you restrict magic lores they start being a defining trait in the army. ” Also I don't understand why a army as Vermin Swarm that have crazy weapons, …

  • Vermin Swarm should be have access to Alchemy. Especially the engineers That is all