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  • Relaxing Painting Playlist

    msu117 - - General Discussion


    48 minutes BattleStar Galactica : Original Soundtracks Seasons 1 -4 Something Dark is Coming Prelude to War Wayward Soldier Violence and Variations Passacaglia The Shape of Things to Come Elegy The Heart of the Sun So Much Life

  • Quote from PadForce: “Quote from Aenarion43: “Actually, he can be. His entry states mount OPTIONS are replaced with the following. It does not state that he must select a mount. So yes, Cavalier on Foot with spear is a reasonable build. ” "all characters in the army must be large cavalry or gigantic beasts" Am I interpreting this wrong? Edit: ah ok, sorry my bad.. dont skip the first sentence! ” Queen’s Cavalier 50 pts The bearer gains Devastating Charge (+1 Att, Fear). If the bearer’s model is …

  • Lord Alisk's miscellaneous armies

    msu117 - - User Blogs


    I would buy those iron breakers in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work and keep sharing these beauties

  • 100 ×150 kraken noted. Note to self. Create large kraken that oddly looks like an ancient dragon so Hbe can reclaim a useable base and end laments about model invalidation.

  • This week I've been painting...

    msu117 - - User Blogs


    boars fit great with that yolk, nice conversion

  • Submitting list today. It slipped my mind the last couple weeks but recieved a friendly reminder text on friday that lists were due Oct 28. I go to site to find email to send list to and see list due Oct 26. I dont know if I have been punked or what

  • we need a griffon painting contest!

  • ty for posting it.

  • @Just_Flo you can't say things like that and not share the list

  • I seem to recall reading that yes

  • I would tend to agree Fnarr but I would speculate that Alex might be considering a small linked discounted, if you will, and represented the potential conservative cost for stand alone item. Making you both correct

  • This week I've been painting...

    msu117 - - User Blogs


    how big are those other 5 tamer beast cocatrice hound things from that same box

  • Quote from Calcathin: “Just to spice up the discussion on GW: i‘d like to see them being able to shoot in the Charge phase as if they were declaring a charge (but instead, they only shoot). In case they choose to do so, then they lose accurate until end of the turn. A weaker version being not allowing them to shoot anymore until the end of its turn That would allow a lot of tactical options: - land the debuff on a unit you are planning to charge this turn, before charges are declared - try to ca…

  • Txarli Factory Support 9th Age

    msu117 - - Company Showcase


    Preorder those UD beauties as holiday gifts, for self or others, I known I did

  • I cant bring myself to like the wolves. Over exaggerated legs muscles, especially hind legs. Most of them look to long from hip to knee joint. The biggest issues for me however are the necks. I cant unsee a terrible conversion attempt by someone doing a head swap and putting a new head on with no regard for the neck. They just look stuck on. Wolves can have fairly think necks and the fur "mane" , if you will, does hide some the neck appearing to have some articulation. There is some subtle bendi…

  • @tiny By the stroke of chance the grey kitten stepped on keyboard again. F7. Apparently F7 prompts to turn on "Caret Browsing" in non- chrome browsers. I have never heard of this before and when prompted by the kitten click, I googled what it was then immediately tried the site with it on and off. it was the source of the weird format placement errors while attempting to edit and format. Problem solved.

  • Stop reading my mind

  • can I ask what paints you used specifically on the wood and thatch of the two buildings. I am often unsatisfied with my attempt to paint browns. Idk why but I find I can paint some colors better than others. I known some brown paint simply lean towards more red brown and individual lines from manufacturers dont have the next lighter tone in a progression. Despite knowing that, I still have trouble at times and I like your wood work here.

  • I like whamme's answer though I am not sure on full intent of 15+. Does this stress above 15 or include 15. I think it is healthy for the game and some entries to start at 15 even if the army is suppose to have msu as a playstyle.

  • Perfectly Painted Studio

    msu117 - - Paint Job Showcase


    army needs this mat. The bats painted water would look great on this. frontline-gaming-flg-mats-island-6x4.jpg