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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • The change to Immortals is not change for changes sake. It is being changed in this direction because discussions and surveys yielded that players were overall unsatisfied with Immortals role in the army. (Keep in mind this is irrevelant on if they are good or not, but if people enjoyed using them)

  • Quote from Crazydwarf: “im interested to hear if they get more weapon options? Perhabs a Infernal Halbard? A spear like effect with S and AP, but we cant parry. (wish) @JimMorr I cant see Immortals lose Plate armor ” The article does state that Immortals gained some new toys. But I am not going to flat out state what those might be. Perhaps people would like to hazard a guess as to what they might be? Or even try to figure it out, I might have been dropping hints as to what they are all along ;)…

  • I must add that it does look a lot like a Kirin. I remember Malifux have a model of one with a rider as well.

  • Quote from Shane: “Honestly, Immortals likely should have had a 25 model cap applied to them in the last points update. The total cost of the unit has to have crossed the soft limit for allowable points spend on non-character entries. That being said, they in no way deserved to be limited in that way, as units containing more than 25 models were neither a problematic build nor a regular occurrence. Also, 25 models can still be a “horde”, as it’s 3 full ranks of Line Formation. More interesting t…

  • Quote from Shane: “Now to see if “weakness” means more weak than their current incarnation against that type of damage, or just a type/level of attack that they gain no additional benefit from. ” Now someone is starting to ask the right questions...

  • Quote from Jarec: “Instead of 5+, it's 4+. ” Interesting. Gotta say it's better than the other weird suggestions the rest of you have been making! Listen well class, Jarec gets a cookie! giphy.gif Quote from Bialy: “Eat this: Opponent cannot attack you on first combat round ” Is that a Jojo Boku No Hero reference? 1c4d0330752815217e2a9e9d2c75d6d1.png

  • Quote from Jarec: “Every Immortal has a bad version of Shamanism A. ” Bad how? But you are on the right track for the complexity level.

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Im guessing half AP on attacks strength 5 and above ” Nope. Quote from JimMorr: “Off4, Deff4, Res4, Hvy Armour To-hit rolls with natural result 1-3 always fail against immortals. && To-wound rolls with natural result 1-3 always fail against immortals. && Special melee attacks with random number of attacks are subject to minimized roll rule. ” No again, and way too complicated. This is fun! WDftBlO.jpg

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Here's my guess: 2+ aegis versus non-magical attacks ” Ok now you're just being silly. I am sending my Immortals after you for that... giphy.gif

  • Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “Spears were mentioned not because of their AP effect, but because of their extra rank attacks i believe. This perfectly fits what WhammeWhamme said: spears are a good example of what the Immortals suffer the most because of the quantity of attacks. I suppose that they are going to be capped at 25 or something: no more Immortal hordes, thank the gods... that stuff is awfully unlogic. ” Immortals are still covered in armour, so the extra AP of spears is still going to h…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “It's probably worth noting that y'all are overthinking things and reading too much into what has been said. Much to Tyranno's amusement. ” I could have given them less info to theorise over, but... tenor.gif

  • source.gif

  • Quote from TheChange: “I think that when he wrote quantity as a weakness he meant quantity of attacks (that the unit suffers from enemies), not low capped number of models. ” Correctus. Quote from Zyv: “Well, pls enlighten me, because the tension and excitement is tearing me apart ” tenor.gif No

  • Quote from jirga: “Surprised to see such models to be honest. Would have expected more over the top design. These are more dynamic and their proportions look more natural. Is there any info on the price? Infantry has spiked shields too. ” I think GW has finally started to learn when they should go daft, and when mucking around with something people are attached to will hurt them. At the very least, the Chaos Warrior kit is one of the most popular, and has stood the test of time. To improve on it…

  • Quote from jirga: “This went straight to top1 place in my shopping list. Dungeons%20Dragons%20-%20Fire%20Giant%20Dreadnought.png ” This totally wasn't on people's minds when designing it. Disclaimer: I have no idea what people were planning when designing this option. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Quote from tuba hero: “Is it already published? Could somebody link it please? ”…bsqvgQvKl46UL9CImfxvGT0yI Booya.

  • Nudge nudge. People might want to look at the new 9th scroll.

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    Those look like Warcry models. So possibly just a few one-offs...

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Quote from Krokz: “Would it be more player friendly if they had 50x75 base? So people can use their Large Cavalry models without riders (a lot of people have them built modular). ” 50x50 is not really cohesive with quadrupedal animals. Ogres, Minotaurs? Fine, they have a similar length and width. But something like a Rhino has much more length than width. I also agree that a rider would be beneficial. Even if the mount far overshadowed them. The Herd is hard to control, in an army where leadersh…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “Should I translate the Russian text around the picture ? ” If you wouldn't mind. I would certainly struggle... what with a third of it being covered in grass.

  • For those of you looking to jump the gun a bit for the new Infernal Dwarf book and get some Vassal models, Victrix has just recently revealed their wave of plastic Persian Light Infantry. Persian-Preview-Victrix-1024x764.jpg As you can see, they will come with spears, hand weapons, shields and bows. So they are readily equipped with pretty much every option out the gate. Considering that Infernal Dwarves are based on the Assyrians, Ancient Persians are a perfect mode…