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  • Quote from Kaitin: “I don't think so.What I want to say is that even as RPS tool CL on Wasteland Dragon is ineffective. Alpha Carnosaur is used on competitive level while it costs over 800 pts. HBE dragons were used on ETC. Even SE and DE dragons were used, I am surprised, bit they were. Why they were used? They have good support and they fit the army's playstyle. Wasteland dragon does not, so his price should be lower. ” Alpha C. without D3 wounds would be a lot less attractive. When top3 armie…

  • You have to know that ANY model that costs over 800 is RPS, dough I'd say any model with a wound that costs more then 150 points is over RPS. Because heaving so many points one basket is a definition of RPS. Pro players even avoid using units that are more than cca 600 points in size because of that. This is why we are sometimes saying that nerfing a model is actually boosting it, because the model's current stats are forcing high pricing on it due to those RPS moments where that model is a rock…

  • Quote from Zamo: “Hi everyone ” I'd love to get the community thoughts of the game from all over the world. But quite frankly, we do not have the time to listen to every 1h show and read/listen to replies to those thoughts. We do have our regular jobs and families too. Project has ACS teams for making summaries, but that is not always perfect as even they do not have enough time. For overall feeling of the game I don't even think we have a team that would sum up things you are mentioning. So I a…

  • There is no rule change, just clarification. I've always judged it this way on tournaments and afaik so did others to whom I spoke. Because rule says that, you just need to know how to read T9A language. If I remember correctly Lust was streamlined with Feigned Flight when written years ago, but with time Feigned Flight got clarifications and consequently Lust needs it so there is no ambiguity.

  • Quote from umbranar: “If the mounts would also have special rules and a lot of options if would be almost impossible to remember what that one guy was doing, let alone the whole lists with all the different marks. ” Yeah exactly. First alpha book with Mount options was unwieldy to me, I played it and felt like playing D&D - constantly checking what the hell everything the model has.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Many people just don't agree with this design decision. And by the way - the only fact that karkadan now worth less than horse proves it. ” Price does not agree with anything, it just tells how the game values hiding inside units and how dangerous magic and shooting in the game is WDG Task Team actually wanted a better "Alfa/Prime" Karkadan for Chosen Lord, but was denied due to complexity. Chaos Lord really has the most mount options in the game which is minimized/simpl…

  • It was said countless times that this army is about the selfish warrior and his path. That is seen even on units where Chosen is stronger then its mount. He doesn't want the spotlight to be taken away from HIM. This is why those entries (Path of the Favored) sucked up majority of complexity budget. 7 different Favors on only 5 unit entries in the book is a prime example of that. This is not a bug, this is an intentional feature and this design was decided some 3+ years ago with collaboration by …

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Some WdG mounts add hitpoints, too. ” The most attractive quality of a mount is speed increase.

  • About two wounds, not saying it is not possible, you just have to take in account eliteness level. Raptor Knights definitively should not be top 3 knights. Grails, Warriors and Vampire come to mind as top eliteness. So if you make Dread Knights have two wounds you have to lower some stats elsewhere (Max ARM 4 for example) to not disturb the power balance of the world.

  • Quote from Altao: “And consensus was available - make item like Ancestral Carvings or upgrade similar to mentioned earlier (shaman & sorcerer). You just need to want to do it ” Well we didn't want to do it, people voted against it. Not designing something is a decision, this doesn't mean it was not on the table. My most found idea was to give Sorcerer an option for HellForged Armor, so it would be some mix of Warrior and Sorcerer as it is the armor, selling your soul to Dark Gods, that gives nor…

  • Quote from Adam: “Last time I checked not all sorcerers are OS/DS 4, have access to plate and PW and have 2A base. ” Exactly. As @Palmu has said, his stats and gear were made to fit Hero's Heart. That is a feature, not a bug. Everything you see is a design choice. Not heaving an option for something is also a choice designers do. He is exactly as we wanted him and at the same time Sorcerer is not something any single designer would want, let alone a single community member! This is the point, we…

  • You must also not forget you have a combat sorcerer in the form of Exalted Herald. All together a lot of options for a combat wizard, be it Hero Heart on Standard Mount or Chariot with ARM 6, on Behemoth as a big monster or as a mini versatile monster Exalted Herald. Looks more to me then majority of other armies.

  • The only issue I have is that you can't have two fighting Sorcerers. You can definitively have one and of course it costs a lot, everything does in this game I am afraid you are making a classic mistake of thinking that a different design would be under priced. It wouldn't. If WDG Sorcerer had fighting stats he would still cost as much as needed to not be (over) popular. Like everything.

  • You could use them for Forsworns, or maybe Chosen if you manage to rank them 5 wide or 3x2. Using them as Core Warriors with your older models would probably remove all sense of scale.

  • Quote from umbranar: “Which might be his role which is fine but then maybe the costs should go down further as he is also very vulnerable to magic and small arms fire...and medium arms and artillery. ” I think he is especially vulnerable because usually he is the best target for small arms fire as everything else in the army has at least ARM 3 or more, usually 4.

  • Quote from umbranar: “I have used the familiar giant a few times. It is "okay" for zoning but when push comes to shove, he loses. He is just too vulnerable to really get into something and S5 ap 2 is not enough most of the time. ” Yeah, its annoying when Giant bounces off after charging some Core 2+ armor save Cavalry unit of half the price. With his default stats he just can't fight anything else but some general Infantry.

  • Quote from umbranar: “I've been thinking more and more about the comparison between a shrine and a Giant with the Familiar option. I don't get why the Giant is more expensive while more vulnerable. Are the Shrine spells better or is it the stats that make players choose the shrine over the giant familiar? ” Prices are made on internal/external data, not theory. In my list I would use Giant, if it wouldn't count towards Legendary beasts. Shrine doesn't.

  • Two BattleShrines.

  • An interesting Character setup I played: FDA, Supernatural Dexterity Doom Lord on Behemoth, Great Weapon Barbarian Chief on Chimera, Paired Weapons, Shield Breaker, Thrice Forged Sorcerer on Black Steed, Adept, Plate, Basalt Infusion Ticks right at 2025 pts.

  • Makhar Discussion

    Krokz - - Makhar


    Would it be more player friendly if they had 50x75 base? So people can use their Large Cavalry models without riders (a lot of people have them built modular).