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  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from Jelle89: “Yesterday i saw a battle report and he used a Chosen Lord on Karkadan in a unit of Feldraks. Can someone tell me what the pros en cons are? Is this interesting? ” Pros. Feldraks are cheaper than chosen knights. Chosen Lord provides necessary Dis rerolls without forcing favors.Cons. Chosen Lord slows down felldraks. CL can be easily killed by snipes and war machines, since Felldraks are different type of unit (beast instead of cav). ” That was my repo…


  • I don't usually post videos here, but... I figured this one might be of some interest:

  • Quote from Zamo: “I almost never manage to do anything good with FDE... Im kinda tired of him failing hits and wounds to just do 2-3 wounds to anything unstompable and then die in return or more oftenly run away due to LD check failed with no reroll... Still looks overcosted to me, with no real usefull all-around rules (just two situational rules) and just profile power too dependant of good dice rolls... ” Love them. Running every drak I can this weekend virtually. FDA, PW, SuperDex SORC, maste…

  • I definitely think people are catching on to the monster meta and building against it. Happy they haven't at this tournament I'm in this weekend (49/60 EoD1)


  • List for next week's GT FDA, PW, SuperDex Sorc, ThriceForged, HFA, Heirloom, Master Evo 25 Warriors, FC, Wasteland Torch 8 Warhounds 8 Warhounds 5 Feldraks, FC, Std of Discipline, Halberds 5 Feldraks MS, Std of Discipline, Halberds FDE, PW FDE, PW Heavily skew, fast, tough. I know I'll struggle with some shooting matchups, but such is life.

  • Which is what we did pieces of in the existing book. Dreadmills, cannon, etc

  • Never had been. Not strong enough to warrant it I'd imagine

  • Because it's what Skaven were.

  • Previously, random was proceed by RT at near the maximum you could potentially achieve with the random roll. It made pricing very difficult. Is this new LAB group different? Maybe, we can ask when LAB time happens

  • Why is the trend toward the boots instead of the wings? Just for the idol?

  • Quote from Palmu: “Yes - That thing doesn't do anything right, and is likely THE worst monster in the game. ” Nobody listens to me when I say this... I haven't used my abom in years

  • Most things can be tweaked with pricing. Some can't. The project has chosen to only tweak rules of broken combos or meta shifting builds and left others for LAB time to keep the project moving forward. You don't have to like this, but it's what the volunteers that work in T9A have chosen to do. Let's focus on what changed instead of complaining about how things were or were not changed.

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “Well, that is not specific about VS , but concerning the internal (and of cause to a degree external) balance amy wide. It is irritating to me , the project started in 2015 and now "just" as a stable (more or less?) basic rule set while the problems with the army lists due to legacy are more or less still here . I am well aware that some issues need their time, but some (the bigger) problems are (were) obvious right fromt the start and even after the first changes remaine…

  • Quote from jirga: “Book is locked, not gonna happen. And some like their barbarians even though forum hivemind seems to hate them. ” I like my brick of 30 with shields for under 300 points. They don't have to kill anything, they just go take an objective or fight chaff. Although I keep looking at 36 with GW for 450.......

  • Quote from Skarab86: “This changes are a joke, and changing points is worthless. I prefered that the people who work here started with a real work and gived up with stupid things like this balance of points. Who is going to change pendulum? It need a lot of resources from the enemy to be killed. Who is going to change demon? Divination, 3 dices on leadership, L9 on 18', good fighter... Our problem is that we have the worst internal balance of the game by far. ” They know this. But that level of …

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    SkavenInAZ - - Supporters Corner


    Looks like WDG Warriors are slightly off.. here's what I was using: Latest 2.48 file: 16 Warriors = 359 Wrath = 128 GW = 80 FC = 70 Total comes to 637, AB comes to 633.

  • Quote from Eldan: “I'll say it again: we should not be a character-focused army. ” We are already a character focused army in the fact that we depend on them for leadership. I'm not suggesting that we make them Chosen Lord's - just that they unlock potential in units to make them better.

  • Quote from Shako: “That would certainly be something different. Though I'm not sure whether a unit of warmachines would actually work ruleswise?Anyhow: Are VS players set on receiving LD from full ranks or are other ways a possibilty to think about? Any flaws with my idea above? (Not saying it's the be all end all, there are probably quite some other possible solutions) ” Conversations I've had with RT members have indicated that they believe the LD problem is the main problem within the book as…