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  • Really like that list but I think having one bigger block saurus is better? Just from a KoE perspective. I would push and charge round 2 and break your lines easily not enough bodies

  • Quote from Cuendae: “Don't they have something like +1 to hit from Lightning Reflexes? ” Yes they have lightning reflex but also a great weapon. They don't get +1 to hit but they are allowed to hit at their own agi. So parry is quite good counter vs lion guards

  • Quote from Cuendae: “Yes, let's play a unit of 40 skinks to block 1 specific unit from one specific army. Seems legit. Anyway, I think your calculations are wrong, because White lions still hit you on 3+ (I guess) and wound on 2+ = 12,2222 avg, so on second round you lose your steadfast, which means they can charge post combat pivot and charge again ” 4+ if skinks have parry

  • piteglio in München

    Klexe - - Germany


    Nice to know We always play at the weekend but perhaps you are lucky and someone plays at this day. Care to elaborate what is your speech about at lmu?

  • Happy birthday @Fnarrr

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “Maybe the better question is why is choosing any spell for skink priest considered more valuable to SA than it is for VS prophet? What are the synergies or other abilities driving that value? And do those arguments/values still hold true today based on data? ” you forget all the other stuff

  • Flying units wouldn't profit at all from this idea. You count the ranks but they always count as having zero ranks. So +1 on a flying model would still mean 0

  • If your argument is that asfad has the same playstyle as a normal mage? I disagree too. Divination mage normal? What bunker do you use? 18" You always can be charged by enemy Cavalry or even fast infantry units You need to play ultra defensive you are almost forced into speers. +6 range means 24 at least. I know ONE unit which could theoretical charge 24 range. You have more leeway what hunker to use. Archer come into mind or grey watcher Even more range at 30? You could easily even use no bunke…

  • Quote from Kopistar: “@CariadocThorne I would to have your thought on how our magic phase is different, speaking of ootfh on dragon. You stated it was without really explaining, i'm curious to have other view as mine is biased. And we speak of alchemy and KoE comes spooooooking. Suprise surprise ” You mean that I read race forum from which I have over 10.000 points at home is weird? I am astonished at your message which I translate into ".... +6 range of mage is worth nothing...." .

  • Quote from Kopistar: “no. it does not change how you play your magic phase/wizard. You do not go into combat to blast ennemy. as you fly, you already choose favorable matchup. The only thing that it does is maybe reducing rank. But casting defensive/utility spell is often better as you also impact the CR. As for alchemy, it is only the case for molten copper which is very matchup dependant and rarely taken. +2 arm is waaaayyy better, unless you charged a cav bus (and only in this case). And no. …

  • Divine spear (X) User gains battle focus and +1ap For each unsaved wound raise 1 HP rank and file in your unit? 4av, on foot only, s4 only.... Quite bad for KoE. But vc? I think that would be awesome

  • Quote from 00TnT00: “I'm 100% with @StoffenDK about design choices. One use item that doesn't work always, like the binding scroll and have powerful enough impact in the game are not going to be taken. Oriflamme already doesn't work against three armies and fearless units or fear causing units negates part of it's use. The storm is already a team tournament item because in singles you are probably not likely to face a lot of flying please, think about alternatives that offer more stab…

  • Mmh then it is Highly meta relevant I guess. I don't fear toxic as r5 means it only wounds on 6+. But I have to say I don't really play with hippo right now but still play pegasus. But uther is for me personally one of the worst items ingame and I don't value it high but nice to see different people liking different things

  • Quote from StoffenDK: “I feel that these one-use items with narrow functionality, is something that rarely sees any play. Just like the crystal of the valiant charge Unless the item is so high impact, that its worth going for trying to set it op during the game. Which they rarely are. If the crystal fx gave 1 extra powerdice for each successfully charging unit with oath of fealt, max 4. one use. Then id use it. ” Say that about storm clarion or binding scroll. Both have narrow builds. Especially…

  • Gerne am Mittag jmd?

  • Well there are always counters to your counters. I could turn it around say you use also 2 binding scrolls and shut down his magic phase and heal the next again So you use uther? Can you elaborate why and how you think the item is?

  • I think a horn item is a great idea. Horn of Roland: Character gains devastating charge (terror) He blows it while charging. Or Horn of Roland: One use only. Enemy units in 12" must take a panic test with - 1 Ld. Both have different playstyles. First is getting a stronger charge with fear and terror check. Can be great against chaff. Second is a cowboy item. Cheap pegasus paladin flies right into the lions den and hopes to break the enemy line. I think a pure panic check alone won't be enough be…

  • Alchemy is very strong for saurus. Word of iron on any Echsen infantry? 2+ or even 1+ armor save is a game changer Glori of gold is perfect for temple guard with s6 or even saurus with ap2 base then ap3 or even 4 even cowboys then have a problem Corruption is the next best thing for your temple guard because they lack ap. And all spells are great to synergies with the army to catch fast mobile enemies. Low armor units = good target for skinks. High armor units like Cavalry? Well you need magic =…

  • What the other said

  • I don't think dragonfiregem is mandatory on a hippo tristran guy at all. Silver spike is no fire attack so it doesn't matter at all. You will want quicksilver always because molten copper vs hippo Worst case = 6 hits with hopefully Ghostly guard = s4= 1.6 wounds. Avg = 1.38 wounds. Nothing you can't heal back. That is why Ghostly guard tristran dusk forge is such a great combo. You destroy any melee magic weapon which can cut through Ghostly and you rock a 1+1+ in melee at r5 And it helps vs alc…