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  • Phosphorus:How do these changes/point adjustements turn the Tier 4 army into a Tier 3 ? --- that is, were do you see the little "buff up(s)" which a Tier 4 army should get in regards to external balance? The way tiers were taken into account when updating pricing is the following (in broad strokes) 1. All entries in the book are rated internally. On a scale from 1 - 6, where 1 is strong and 6 is weak (i.e. 3.5 is perfectly internally balanced). Three data sources were used; tournament armylists,…

  • Gentlemen, first answers to your questions from the Rules Team(in blue), more is to come soon: IIRC it was rated quite high by external experts. And I believe this is supported by ETC lists where great tacticians were quite common. And there is also some weird stuff with cost decrease if you thiunk about external balance: Reduce volley gun and artificer ? This artillery combo could wipe out an unit of 700pts in one turn of shoot with magic help. Does it really need a cost reduction ? Reduce rang…

  • 100 % badass Marschal, a stunning sight

  • @TobiasP no, but if you take more than five, then they automatically count for your core.

  • Against most monsters he has higher Off (5), so hitting on 3´s. Rather 4´s vs characters. It does D3+1 wounds.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, if you have questions about the update and the corresponding point changes, this is the place. And keep it civil, the Empire is a neat place

  • With hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's He still has a high probability of causing damage with it. Unless you meet only hostile infantry without chars, then it's 10 wasted points..

  • The infamous EM4 orcs, that allow the cheapest army in the world Their archers are ugly though, I owned 20 long time ago.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Let me know what you all think, what should be added and what not ” You mean your content from post 567? all of it is an enrichment for the mini library since taste is different(unless it´s too much work)

  • It´s a tough nut to crack. Quote from DanT: “My personal prediction is that if one of these two sees a points drop, that one will dominate list ” Agree. Cheaper handguns bring all crossbows to the shelf. Don´t have an easy solution to that either. I would like handguns getting no malus for stand & shoot or getting the marksmen pennant exclusively (someone mentioned that before). Both isn´t fluffy or logical in any sense but maybe helpful.

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    Quote from Rubert: “-Is there a reason for iron orc chiefs to not have access to a Boar Chariot? Because the Iron Warlord can, but not the chief. ” It´s discussion from long time ago, but then the cheaper Iron Orc chief on chariot with easy access to 1+ AS had spam potential, if I remember correctly.

  • I get the sentiment, we should try them out more often and handguns could surprise us. ETC players would argue with this and the statistical majority of players. Looks like they still find handguns way less attractive. The thing is, if for example the distracting wagon gets more expensive because it´s used that often and handguns are used way less than crossbows(like they are, not only at ETC) than they should become cheaper. Otherwise, whats the point with the "data driven" approach? Quote from…

  • I have no issues with magical banners for my armies. Last time I checked, the club from the Ong giant still had the old(lower) point cost though. Edit: Giant Club corrected in the meantime, everything works fine

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    The Battle Sphinx story is hilarous but usually they don´t make a dent in the monster´s hide. But I agree they are worth their points due to target saturation- every shot directed at them saves a feral or goblin Hero

  • So without restraint: Making Roch Aurochs and Mamooth Hunters(and their equipment like Iron Fists/trolleater even wrestlers belt) a decent chunk of points more expensive is totally understandable(cause they were used that often), But I wonder if that doesn´t screw over external balance. Mamooth, Merc Vets and Tuskers are fine and I do appreciate their discounts. But they fulfill different functions and have different strengths and weaknesses(like they should have). For internal balance this was …

  • Neat

  • OnG still to come, right?

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Can we maybe get a statement from the teams, whether they really want to cost the updates cheaper/more expensive based on mount/standalone? ” @Blonde Beer Whom can we ask about that, Fjugin?

  • It's horrible and fascinating at the same time to watch that skillful converted abomination on top of that fine imperial horse

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    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from wombat: “Rather than Trolls or Iron Orcs I prefer using Triple Giants as my main strike force. ” My last list had three giants AND those 23 Iron Orcs