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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Please welcome @setepenmentou as an additional member of the UD ACS team!

  • Sort of related to Update 2.1, please welcome @setepenmentou as an additional member of the UD ACS team!

  • Hard to explain? Ofcourse not. Takes time though. But do we really need more options from our mounts? I don't think so. I think the book is in a great spot and the mounts are just there to provide other means of delivering the CL package to the combat he needs to be. Black Steeds to have him run around with Warriors Knights/Barb Horsies, Karkadan to Karkaboi or join CK's, Chariots to solo yolo or join another chariots, War Dias for extra protection and join infantry, etc.

  • Well maybe some players have no issue, but the group I play with, we regularly have to ask mid game "what attacks can that guy make?" or "What are his defenses?" or "What's their speed?" simply because we don't play enough or just forgot because we are lost in a train of thought going through our phases. Yes we are not fast players either and play at our homes and not in tournaments so that probably makes a huge difference.

  • might be true, but the same goes for the ”human" factions, the elf factions and maybe also the dwarf factions.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from niggeles: “And besides, I think Hellmaw should be destroyed. ” +1 ” Give me back my legions cannons!

  • Quote from panterq: “Quote from Krokz: “It was said countless times that this army is about the selfish warrior and his path. That is seen even on units where Chosen is stronger then its mount. He doesn't want the spotlight to be taken away from HIM. This is why those entries (Path of the Favored) sucked up majority of complexity budget. 7 different Favors on only 5 unit entries in the book is a prime example of that. This is not a bug, this is an intentional feature and this design was decided …

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Many people just don't agree with this design decision. And by the way - the only fact that karkadan now worth less than horse proves it. ” Price does not agree with anything, it just tells how the game values hiding inside units and how dangerous magic and shooting in the game is WDG Task Team actually wanted a better "Alfa/Prime" Karkadan for Chosen Lord, but was denied due to complexity. Chaos Lord really has the most mount options in the game which…

  • Might be something for the LAB but its out of scope for this update I'm afraid.

  • Enough of that, please keep posts related to UD 2.1(.5). Outside POV is welcome as always, it's not up to individual posters here.

  • Feedback was sent to RT about the 3-7, asking for atleast a 3-8. Not sure how much the FiER would do, I think nothing. Removing it would negate the use of playing 3x3 with a character though if 3-8 for the unit is accepted.

  • Chariots are in a league of their own atm. If the H spell restrictions would leave the sloggers alone atleast there is a choice between easier healable tarpits or the harder to heal but on their own more powerful chariots. A chariot unit still melts when multicharged where a big skeleton block with healing might actually hold for 1 or 2 combat rounds.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from umbranar: “can't reliably aid your footsloggers or weaker units ” UD don't take these units outside of bunker duty so its not that much of an issue ” It's the other way around, because of this, UD players don't take them. If they were cheaper and there was some sort of crumble protection for characters/monsters, they might take them. Even our elite footies, the NG's, suffer from this issue.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Drakkanor: “The point is the undead package is designed having healing/raising as core feature because they have other downsides, with this patch it seems to become an option. ” what are the downsides? beside staying in bubble to march with most units? you can still heal, you just need to use cosmo or evo, rather than div. ” The biggest drawback of crumble is that you can't reliably aid your footsloggers or weaker units with powerful entities like a singl…

  • Well its nothing new. Cosmo is the go-to healing path atm with hourglass. I still barely a shift in unit picks nor good results with list not picking "the main offenders".

  • Can we have the double crush weapons from Asklanders for chiefs and sorcs only? :p

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “The only issue I have with @Iluvatar attempt to explain the teams logic is that I have consistently been told by staff members not to compare points across army books, so how could points be used to determine the power of a unit? (Question is rhetorical, not looking to argue the explanation, just pointing out an inconsistency in how methodology is applied) I can see a huge unit of chariots being difficult to remove, but are they going to have enough support to be pa…

  • Quote from Echunia: “It's entirely reasonable to reduce the max size of chariot bricks. But to be honest, it changes very little because they were rarely played in sizes larger than 8 anyway, due to the fact that they would take up approximately 78.67% of the board with their footprint. It would, however, be an easier pill to swallow if the max size was 8 so you could field a nice square of chariots without having to make it into a deathstar by putting a character in it. Edit: At this point we s…

  • Quote from Izomov: “Only point changes for this update! 'Cept for you UD, suck it and swallow. Jokes aside, would it really kill RT and the entire external balance of the boon to have made it 3-8? And I don't buy the whole "we don't want units beong worth this many points" when dwarves can stick 2000pts in a single unit. ” the point limit is without characters, just the unit on its own. 1 chariot shouldn't set the world on fire but I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. I don't agree though…

  • Quote from wombat: “Quote from imperialengineer: “If the worry is point denial, the change forces multiple characters into the unit to get to 9 (full 3rd rank to take full advantage of FIER) thus putting more points in that unit. Also, how many points can other armies put in one spot, characters + unit? ” 1 Character with extra horses, 100 x 100 base size plus 7 normal chariots is still possible for 3 x 3 formation, ” And miss out on Impact hits sadly.