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  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Casp - - General Discussion


  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Casp - - General Discussion


    I agree with people that think a direct competition T9A/GW would be deadly. T9A grow because its an awesome game, and because old Battle player join it. If Battle resurect, we loose the main source of new player from our game. Maybe i am utopic, but what about T9A community writing a letter to GW through social media. Somethin like: Some of us, feel betrayed by GW, some of us still like you, but we all have a lot of respect for the GW legacy, and we dont want to close the door to futur. What we …

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Casp - - General Discussion


    Damned i hope its a good news, and i hope it will not lead to split community again !

  • Do " second awakening" allow to reroll dice of spell "trial of faith" (thaumaturgy) ? If yes both dice are reroll ?

  • Hum yeah you should be right, i do not take time to take in consideration all configuration. that could be OP. But maybe with enough restriction (restricted to lance formation & minimum 1 full rank ( that exclude pegagus, and aspirant in line formation ), it could offer something interesting for KOE. Now this shoud be added only if external balance of KOE need to be improve lightly. The idea was really to boost one unit of 5- 6 knight to be more usefull for flanking strategy. List get in general…

  • Yeah could tune down, by doing simply +1 additionnal rank, or usable only if there is one complete rank. But i dont understand why you say it would be BSB only.. For me such banner should be priced around 45pts (other will be better to pay more knight its do the same effect) Seem fair to replace max 3 knight.

  • If we are open to brainstormin about item usefull for this army. I think that what could be awesome would be a banner that make the unit always considered as getting 2 full rank. This would make the flanking strategy more easy even with our low number of unit. Allowing a small unit of 6 knight for exemple to be a real flank threat. For the name, like its a kind of strategy trick, it could be called "du Guesclin Banner"

  • i will test this list with cav reduction: --- Characters --- 380 - Knight Commander, General, Horse, Shield (5), The Light of Sonnstahl (150), Witchfire Guard (35) 365 - Great Tactician, Horse (55), Shield (10), Obsidian Rock (25), Battle Standard Bearer, Stalker's Standard, Aether Icon 335 - Prelate, Horse (35), Great Weapon (15), Plate Armour (25), Locket of Sunna (70), Basalt Infusion (35) 135 - Wizard, Horse (10), Pyromancy 415 - Wizard, Wizard Master, Horse (10), Light Armour (5), Talisman …

  • Problems in Firefox

    Casp - - Website Helpdesk


    Nop . using firefox last version (same than yours) on mac without any issue. You can try a clean install. Erase all firefow files with a dedicaced software and reinstall. Or maybe is it a connexion issue ? have you issue only on T9A forum ?

  • 9th Scroll Feedback thread

    Casp - - General Discussion


    My 2 cents: - I think you should respect graphical identity of the "brand" T9A and use official logo for cover. - About internal layout, i have done lots of headtitle banner for SE UD Rules and WoDG that you can use if you want; ask to giladis. Some has ever never been used like the metal one for WoDG i think. - The immortal illustration is maybe more a citadel guard after debrief with background team. Otherwise excellent job ! keep going.

  • Yep GW with locket is a good choice. It bring some cheap AP. and make you sure to wound on 2+ And with only2 att you cant die before attack, except against Multiple wound.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Their role makes it feel like they don't do much during games (enemies just avoid their range) but it has a huge effect on movement. ” I would say my volley gun take a median of 400pts during a game (sometime it die turn one due to a comet... or i fail to protect him against light shoot + missil magic.. but it also often kill one chaff+ one death star+ sometime the general or a monster...So something like 1000-1500pts) now i always pay an artificer+ altered sight + star ali…

  • Yeah we all agree FAB is the priority. And if necessary we could even swap those minor update. Now in my opinion those update could be done by different team member that FAB. It could be even fully driven by data and forum. The number make emerge best choice. Turnament data could determine which entry should be modify with an increase or decrease. and forum member by voting could choice the number from 0 to to +\- 20% result would be median vote. If forum desagree with data there would be simply…

  • @DanT yeah of course should be army expert that take care of each army, not all community. When i give advice on other army than EoS i knwo my point of views is less powerfull than when i talk about EoS. Now about the quesiotn to all be agree.. You seems to miss something. About internal balance, there is some easy way to content almost all the community. First look at data to see wich entry are over/underused. Try to understand the reason of this choice. Is it a point issue (the entry, or the a…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Disallow the item combo that was in most armies? ” Hum why ? External balance do not require to disallow this combo. Internal balance require to do something. But in this case you have two option.. Remove the combo, and let player find new less powerfull combo, wich insent a good idea when external balance is low tier. Or create new alternative combo, by create a better balance with item no used. Seems a better solution. In my opinion Patch data driven seems alright for all…

  • Do a dragon seeker with a runic weapon benefit frome the rune when he use Yer comin’ with me rules ? ( except those who modify strengh and AP ?)

  • I continue my KOE quesiton ^^.. If i join a character into quest knight, like a damsel. I loose benefit from the oath , and dont get the +2 for charge i guess ?

  • Some question about Aether icon. So if i got a unicorn MR(2) into the unit, aether icon will increase this model to MR (3) As aether resistance cost only 10pts, could i buys 2* aether resistance on a BSB for exemple. If yes what happend to the unicorn ? still MR (3) or is it (4) ? Would seems op... so i guess its not, but dont see why. Thanks.

  • I continue my discover of KOE ^^.. - What happend if you cats summer growth, on an unit with a character into ? Could you choose to give back health point to character instead of r&f ? - If i take Questing Oath for a duke; could i still pay and use a lance ? or should i use the bastard sword ?

  • Quote from Bloody MIsfire: “The characters who does not synergise with our army, to the same extent, are: - Artificer ” Hum ? How can you say that an artificier, that improve our artillery, and in same time give order to our light infantry, and finaly make an excellent chaff for the last turn before the opponent reach our line dont synergize ?