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  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    Quote from dan: “Quote from spicybarbecue: “can I just ask since everybody is saying 9th age has a better/more balanced ruleset..what would stop GW from adopting your ruleset? ” Nothing. You can't copyright a ruleset, only the language in which those rules are written. Insert knowing wink here. ” Actually they can't, unless they are able to pick up the work with the same quality or better, because they can't risk basing their game on a potentially unstable rule set: we could stop updating rules …

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    Quote from jirga: “Don't know their exact sale figures but their stocks are higher than ever before in their history. And have been since summer of 2017. So there might be a grain of truth in their statement. ” Yes, successful in term of profit then. But as their margins have also increased a lot, I'm not sure more people are actually playing? And Warhammer Battle was also played during much more time. Anyway, just semantics...

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    "And over the past four years, Warhammer Age of Sigmar has become by far, the most successful fantasy game ever." Really? :O Am I that mistaken, is it even more successful than Warhammer Battle has ever been? That seems to be such a bold statement. Do we know how much AoS players there are, roughly?

  • Quote from LeVil1: “Quote from Minidudul: “Salut, tu conserves bien le bouclier (il n'est pas précisé qu'il y a un remplacement), donc le bouclier peut être utilisé contre les tirs. Par contre au corps à corps si tu as une arme différente de l'arme de base, tu dois utiliser cette arme. Seuls ceux qui ont maître d'arme peuvent choisir l'arme de base (et le bouclier du coup) lorsqu'ils ont une autre arme. ” Je croyais que tu pouvais choisir l'arme de base et bouclier même si tu avais une arme lour…

  • Quote from Mandreck: “Bonjour, est-ce que si je prend paire d'arme(gratuit) avec les guerriers du chaos je conserve mon bouclier et mon arme de base et du coup avoir Choix d’une Arme de corps à corps(pg 125)? ” Bonjour, Oui tu conserves ton Bouclier, rien ne précise qu'il disparait. Cependant, il ne te servira que pour augmenter ta sauvegarde d'armure contre les attaques à distance, car au corps à corps tu devras utiliser la Paire d'armes. Voir p. 126 la règle de "Arme de base".

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Quote from Palmu: “When the eventual LAB happens it's likely going to happen simultaneously with VC ” What makes you think that? ” If any general changes are made to undead, it would make sense, else one book would become outdated! And for the design teams to not feel their hand tied when thinking about redesigning these books, I expect that they could want to tweak undeads.

  • I like the model very much, but I'm not too fond of the weapons, too. The really large blade of the dagger, and the somewhat futurist look of the staff head aren't to my taste. I guess I'm more looking for something "classical" for UD.

  • I did state the change at the very beginning of this thread. There was a document version where it was in blue and in the changelog but it got lost in traffic on two occasions, sadly. Sorry guys for the bad surprise

  • Quote from ExecutionerofNabh: “In the newly released Daemon Rulebok, under the Sentinel of Nukuja options, you must choose Dark Pulpit Or Strixian Spirit Or must you choose between Dark Pulpit, Strixian Spirit or Dark Fire with the margins being different it seems to be the first, but wanted to be sure I can take Strixian and Dark Fire legally ” Yes you can take both! Margins are explained in the Rulebook. you must choose Dark Pulpit Or Strixian Spirit

  • Quote from baexta: “Quote from Frederick: “Due to the different date the initial room prices increased a bit :(. The weirdest thing is that double rooms are now actually cheaper to book via the hotel website then with the form they provide for our event ... [...] Good news: it is actually possible to book a 4-Person room and stay there with a full team if one crashes on the couch or brings an air mattress and sleeping bag (and pays for breakfast if needed). Unfortunately the hotel has no rooms f…

  • Nouvelles du front

    Eru - - France


    C'est pas demain c'est sur on sort la version sans bleu aujourd'hui normalement.

  • Quote from flammy`: “Quote from Chack: “Makhar bugs/oversights : - If you select stallion's tempest or mare shelter for the general you should get +50 magic item allowance - Spirit of the Herd and Turul Headdres appear as melee wepon enchantment options while they are artefacts - Symbol of the slaughter appear as a wepon enchantment option but the makhar don't have this option (they used to) - There is an artefact that cost 20 points and show no name, i suppose that is Endless plain - Wildfire B…

  • I've seen 50+ skelly units in a list of the tourney I played in last week-end. It was on 2.0. Refreshing to see a UD list which isn't another copy of the usual build. Pairings weren't as automatic as they can be. I don't know how it fared, maybe @Ezekiel57 will want to share his analysis! @Ezekiel57 - Undying Dynasties Characters: 1215/1800 Core: 1508/1125 Special: 1115 Ancient Ordnance: 1048/1575 Total: 4498 260 - Death cult hierarch, Adept, book of arcane mastery, evocation 275 - Death cult hi…

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    Eru - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I'm curious on what is your standard deployment with this list. Two thaumaturgy spells need line of sight, so you cannot hide completely behind trolls if you want to use it?

  • Quote from piteglio: “oh que j'aimerais pouvoir y venir! malheureusement cet hiver je dois voyager pas mal (peut-être avec une demo au japon?), mais je ferai de mon mieux pour la prochaine fois. toute excuse est bonne pour presenter T9A... et pour revenir en France ; ) ” Of course, it's quite far, but maybe you have some advice about how to handle a demo game?

  • I can think of @piteglio if he has a bit of time for some French practice

  • Quote from lasitus: “Goblins Chiefs have shield and light armour always but don´t appear in the show list ” Usually tourney organisers ask that generic stuff isn't added in the list, only choices made by the list owner should appear.

  • I'm sending a PM when I get to a computer.

  • Quote from Shino: “Quote from Eru: “Quote from Folomo: “Chariots are still 3-10 ” Woops. Will post an update asap. ” wait. Which update. in translations or in general rules? ” For the English version that you can get in Downloads. It got lost in traffic at some point.

  • Quote from Folomo: “Chariots are still 3-10 ” Woops. Will post an update asap.