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  • Quote from Palinux: “Yeah basically. I don't normally have many things that threathens him and big lords normally ignore the AS or most of it anyway. Though it would be better for him to rely on the Fort Save and hopefully swing back with Str7. Str 5 is just not impressive for such an expensive model. Most hardcore shooting don't care about AS anyway. But maybe he should just have shield and GW? I don't know. Will have to test. I find that people tend to target rippers, Stygio, spearbacks chaff …

  • Quote from Palinux: “The idea is that with 3+ AS he is not super vulnerable against Alchemy. With 2+ AS he is. I was thinking that GW was better for the grind. I have played him once against alchemy with 2+ AS 4+ Fort and I really regretted taking the shield on him. But was just one game and with only one carno. Don't know if 3+AS 4+ Fort is enough with double heal to keep him going, but lance is just so bad for second round combat.. ” So you decided to make him a little bit less vulnerable to a…

  • 230 pts over Core and max 3+ AS on 1k Veterans. Seems meh

  • Quote from Eymuster: “Agreed; against anything other than 1 attack and any kind of ranged skinks vaporize.. Which is why I never used the big block.. But Lion Guard is such a pain the back.. And they can be bodyguard too. It's as if somebody looked at SA armybook and made the antithesis.. ” And they're still so damn expensive. Half of the other "pleb infantry with parry" armies (BH, EoS, VS, WDG) can field roughly same number that is arguably better one way or another, other half (ID, KoE, OK, O…

  • Yeah, they probably could hold 1 unit with 1 attack per model. What about anything with 2+ attacks, paired weapons, impacts/grinds/stomps though? Not to mention magic and shooting. Most of the time S3 shooting doesn't really have a good target. Now it does. Really makes you think

  • Scaimans pretty much died at the beginning of the beta I think when Paired Weapons, Catapults and Flamethrowers received significant buffs. Their only gimmick is killing solo characters and maybe some static CR when you manage to clip them into the combat - otherwise skinks bleed so much CR it's impossible for Caimans to carry it. Even then, if said character is on any mount other than standard you'll have to test every turn anyway. And their usual counters are still valid - all kinds of autohit…

  • Poznań Master games Opponent: KoE (Questing Duke, Might BSB, Questing Knights) Scenario: Capture the Flags Score: 9:11 MVP: Ancient and Razors (both killed 5-man Aspirants for the scenario) LVP: Hunters (AP0 vs Arm5), Scaimans (bleed CR like crazy) Opponent: VS (Bell, Napthas, Stormhulks, Globs, Double Cannon) Scenario: King of the Hill Score: 5:15 MVP: Tauro (destroyed Hulks and RArms in CC, Engine casting for once was useful) LVP: Scaimans (complete dead weight, couldn't even handle Slaves), H…

  • @Eisenheinrich All I could find: DL Razor Tentacles and Battle Focus and a clarification Clarification indeed would be appreciated.

  • @Ma7e 1. Mark all scoring units 2. If it's less than 3, mark other non-scoring units of your choice until it reaches 3 total ecd246f9a2.png @Kharneth is correct. You use model's strength to determine Razor Tentacles, then apply all modifiers according to the priority of modifiers. So it's S [5]/3 AP [4]/2 baseline, with Roaming Hands it's straight +1 +1 making it S[6]/4 AP[5]/3. It's the same way DH War Machines with Runecrafted work.

  • @Aeon Even if model dies in a duel, all remaining model parts with lower agility are allowed to attack. This includes other riders, mounts, stomps and everything else. Basically you can unload everything you have even if he dies immediately. zT3SfJr.png

  • Quote from Cuendae: “You have 1 from charge, 4 overkill = 5. Opponent has 3 ranks, standard + maybe bsb = 4 or 5.. so how do you lose with alpha? ” You roll a couple of 2s on hit, 1s on wound, dude rolls an aegis or two and that's it. Literally everything is possible in this game.

  • Quote from Aeon: “Opponent army: DL Score: 0-20 MVP: Skink on palanquin (give +2 Resilience everyturn + HP) LVP: Carno Alpha (you charge, you loose because of champion, fail LD test, die. So much fun) Everything is simply bad when you play with an alpha. You spent 3 turns to wait until charging with everything but doing nothing. Got chaffed everywhere. And because i do a campaign i have to use it all the time. 3 Games with him = 3 0-20 ” source.gif

  • Quote from Hebus: “I'm looking for alternative model for our thyroscutus, do you know any ? ” PjDwZr0.png Last Sword

  • Quote from marcema: “If the baby carnosaur wouldn't be towering presence it would have been a much more interesting choice ” Why? He's Tall anyway, we don't have other Large Cavalry unit for him to join/hide in so he can be sniped anyway and TP gets you 18" Gen/BSB. Isn't it actually beneficial? Cannons, Hunting Spears, Blowpipes etc work vs Gigantic only, so that's not a problem either. I'm not sure if TP matters at all in this case. His main issues are mediocre CC output (4 WS3 attacks at Agi2…

  • Next weekend Poznań is hosting medium sized 2-day Master - 60+ players, single, 4.5k. We're playing on 2.1 obviously. Anyway, have some lists: (Hidden Content) Seems like I didn't get a memo about Taurosaur and TGs :^)

  • Quote from Jan Beumer: “trained from birth (cuatl lord SA) and essence of free mind: can you have the 1 spell from the one lore and the rest from the other lore? ” No. You know spell #1 from your chosen lore, with Essence you'll get #1 of the path picked before the Spell selection.

  • Opponent army: HE Score: 20:0 MvP: double Tauro (terribly underestimated once again, rammed through WLs). 20+2 Scaimans (allowed Tauros to just click in) LvP: Hunters (got nice positioning and did some wounds on Reapers T1 but didn't roll well enough, they did their job anyway)

  • Quote from Pinktaco: “When exactly do I roll for the D3 attacks on the ramphs? When I mark the units? When i engage marked units? Every round of combat against marked units? I've always done it when I get engaged and only rolled once, since that's how I remember the old rule, but during my latest game I realized it doesn't really specify, except maybe when I mark a unit? ” Just before using it, at their Agility step. 52482bd499.png

  • @Aeon Keep in mind you can attempt to cast a spell only once in a single turn, even if it fails. Unless it's replicable - Throne and Arise are the only ones I can think of.

  • @Ipower lNUh0uV.gif