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  • DL 2.3. Question to RT

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote: “What is the intended role for Bloat Flies to play in the army, and to what extent do the current rules facilitate this role? ” Quote: “This is for DL LAB team to answer ” Intended role is Anti Armour, it does not work as well as intended at first and it comes wiht a huge cost as the unit more or less has to die to take its target with it. Quote: “4. What is the vision of Miser for RT? Very high defence, very low DPS, eliteness is second in the army by default. How should this unit be pla…

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from skrak: “Quote from skrak: “Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from skrak: “The one and only reason of bringing fiends I see is weak internal balance. (They dont duck that much comparing them to flies, serpents, hoarders, brazen beasts, blazing glories, greater daemons, etc) ” I guess, you do not consider DL externally as stronger than the middle? ” I consider previous DL 2.2 to be a little above the average, externally a little stronger than the rest. 2.3 DL are yet to be seen in the new meta…

  • Quote from penzli: “Biggest issue, mentioned few times only succesful in high level competitive play roosters have hellmaw and there is no competitive rooster without it cause cost of units is considering having hellmaw. Cut 10 % from units , add 30% for hellmaw, This allow any variety in lists. ” No its not only Hellmaw as lists that is competitive, one example is last single tournament in Sweden where this list placed second with 80/100 BP. Exalted Herald, general -850P Sorcerer on Dark Chario…

  • I am working on my Battle Shrine:…52ca45c7141483c3f3edbd638

  • Turney 7.5k list quesiton

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    They can and hits are distributed equally between them, but individual models can be shot of as there is no RNF to protect them from the high value shots like cannons and stone thrower multi wound hits.

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    We have been playing with that idea, and to some degree implemted it as you say in Third Eye. Initial DL is more complex as players has a jump start with knowing rules in brb. But give it time it will not be harder to keep track of DL rules then other. The reason to do this way instead of mundane equipment and magical banner and with everything beast is to give the book a more otherworldly feeling, make stand apart from the normal way of doing it. This is one of many ways to world build T9A.

  • Quote from Alexwellace: “Are we seeing Harbinger options to join Hoarders/Fiends? This is the spoiler I'd most like to see, since this impacts so many play style options. ” Not very likely as this is hopefully the last before the gold release and something that changes such a broad spectrum is where we have had to cut in our attempts to adjust in the book past summer from the TT to follow the guidlenis given.

  • Quote from Arwarn: “Book is out, you can check your guess ” Most likely not as I added one last question marks for an entry 15 min ago that needs solving (not a big thing) before it goes live.

  • Quote from john doc: “Is there any new manifestation? ” No, not really, there is a couple reworked.

  • Quote from Crease: “new means unit redesign? ” Yes, but not the only ones, some is ofc included in the other price changes, new here only points out new specific pricing entries like a new option or changed manifestation for a unit that is needing a pricing.

  • Quote from IoRi78: “Just some numbers: Changes 104 Higher price 38 Lower price 62 New 4 Biggest Increse 30 Biggest Decrease -25 ” Quote from AlexCat: “Now, these are some good riddles that can keep us pumped! ” Its actual an error in those numbers, Biggest Increases is +25 and Biggest Decreases is -30. IoRi was a bit hasty to copy my summery before it was dubbelchecked.

  • Quote from Jawor: “soooo, where is our book? ” Quote from AlFiKa: “Not much it is still in progress, DL is probebly the last book out of the update I just hope the gap between them will not be to great. ” ATM we awaiting the last answears from BGT and RT and then I think RT will do the pricing.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from krzechu: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Considering how dirty cheap some entries slowly come to be, how about introduction of new squad - chimera raiders. You know the squad that consists from only barbarian chiefs on chimeras. With 270p for model, we will soon be able to field a squad of them, without actually breaking the rules for maximum point allowance for unit sizes. ” Now that would look cool on the table!Sadly you can't have such chimera sqad due to towerin…

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Does the release of the new patch mean anything for the update of the DL book (or is that still due for december?) ” Not much it is still in progress, DL is probebly the last book out of the update I just hope the gap between them will not be to great.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “May be its not really that TT&RT are failing us. Recently I began to think - may be we just want different things from the game, have different priorities. For example, I dont know who made the Cultists supplement, couldnt find credits in the pdf. ” A combination of DL and WDG ADT to most part (me not included this time) and yes the Supplement Army Books has a much higher degree of freedom for the TT compared to the old Gold TT work. For the future LAB they seem to work much…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “I will just state my opinion and you can see where it diverges with yours. 1. GD are bad currently. Bad and underrepresented. Thats what TT said itself. Right now the update is underway where we hope to see some improvements. So, the post from a TT member where he states that he sees a lot of big GDs lately and did great with one himself can be very misleading. Especially in the context of the previous posts and taking into accounti its part about shooting. I wont speak for …

  • I think it would be possible to merge core and special but it will take a long time to plan such a thing and countless adjustments as most books is not built for it. For me Core is the staple, the basic troops that has a sort of all commer approach and mostly act the scoring duty. Special you should upgrade/equipe to work for a specific job. Atm I still think there is to much in most armies attempts to minimize core and spill all beans on characters and special. I would have loved to see it natu…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from Laurfelt: “For my part, the biggest question mark is the rule of paying double for enchanted weapons. Even at normal cost he seems to be outdone by most other characters so I don't really understand why he has this restriction. Is that based on some wacky fluff too? ” I believe that is more of a balance issue: hence why it is just points.Better to check with one of the team though, I don't want to put words in their mouths ” Yes even though I think 1,5 times the cost…

  • You could combine them so if you say 5 you do it for equal reasons.

  • Warriors is decent priced at starting cost, I usually field a 12 naked unit as a bunker, with spiked sheild and evocation backup they are well worth their price. Problem is additonal models and upgrades, Toghether with the 12 naked I have the last months played a 18 FCG, Greed Warrior unit with Stalker´s Standard but those 6 additonal HPs and its upgrades makes the unit 2,5 times as expensive as my 12 naked Warriors and here something is wrong IMO. 12 Warriors, 258 18 Warriors with Favoured Cham…