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  • Do you have a link to all of the lists?

  • O&G Q&A

    Frozenbeard - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from Pellegrim: “So I played Squig-master Mike yesterday, great miror game, and the following happened. His Wrecking Ball Giant rolled tripple numbers and randomly ran into his wrecking team. Now the rules here were a bit unclear, so we diced it. What would technically happen? Would the giant stop at 1" before the wrecking team? Or would it moving through the wrecking team, cause havock? ” The giant should have taken 3d6 str6 hits and then the wrecking crew removed. You ignore the 1" spaci…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Yo Greenskins, we got some fluff, see below. What do you think Gogyag's are? ” Cave trolls?

  • O&G Q&A

    Frozenbeard - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Excellent. I've played it correctly!

  • O&G Q&A

    Frozenbeard - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I've just started playing with ONG and I have a few questions about Gnasher wrecking crews. The shambolic rule says you take a dangerous terrain (2) test when you contact any terrain other than hill/open, stop within 1" of impassable or touch the board edge. Under random movement in the big rule book it says you only take dangerous terrain tests only if your movement results in a charge. I'm playing it as the shambolic rule applies all the time, not just for charges. Is this correct? Secondly, i…

  • Quote from jimbo81: “I'm looking at 10 chosen. 5x2 formation. Add a CL on a war dias on one end. Maybe add a battleshrine? That's 22 model footprint... Just trying to figure out the configuration. The CL will take the march 15" banner (or movement banner) and take pride so Sloth and Pride are out. I like wrath and great weapons for 30 st6 attacks + the general, but not sure I can stomache such a small unit size of ten models (2HP each helps a bit)... Maybe it's an all or nothing unit. Go hard or…

  • comp?

    Frozenbeard - - General Discussion


    I think that T9A is in a really good place and is only going to get better. On a personal level, I would love to see all models/units restricted to a maximum of three unless specifically stated otherwise in the army book to avoid lists that just spam multiple cheap characters or more than three of the same unit. I never enjoy playing against spam, and it could have the knock-on effect of making lists a little more diverse.

  • Quote from Spacegoblin: “It was a beautiful army @Frozenbeard, meant to ask you where you got the miniatures you used for the Behemoths? ” They are from the "Mother Prophecy" expansion for Hate The Boardgame by CMON

  • There's not one specific army but things that make for a good match up for the monsters include - standard height infantry blocks so you can stomp - less mobile armies as it is easier to get around the sides of them - armies that don't like being attacked on more than one front (like VC as they have to spread their magic buffs and raises) - armies with not a lot of shooting The worst match ups for me were - Vermin swarm with double dreadmill and good offensive magic - DH gunlines and seekers The…

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Exalted Champion: “How did the australian list performed with FDA? ” Not too good. I asked him why and he said he did tank some bad matchups so others get better ones.This is why ETC data is worth so little compared to the size of the tournament. ” Tanked? Really? The list looks like its supposed to be an aggressive straight forward list. If i was ordered to tank with my army, i would bring up a completly different list. ” The list actu…

  • Quote from Sergrum: “Dogs represent a big brother giant in a unit of barbs, war dais hero has to go to the back. What happens when the unit gets 7 or less models? 67081241_597508737445493_1066713191624474624_n.png ” @Lagerlof Just a quick question about this.... Is it a legal formation to have the tribal spear giant occupy the first 3 slots in the front rank, and the war dias character occupy the remaining 2 slots in the front rank, thus keeping 5 models models wide and displacing the barbarians…

  • Quote from Sergrum: “I made a video discussing some of the WDG lists TLDR- Favorite Lists- Russia Spain Poland Mexico Interesting Lists Australia England Most Questionable List Turkey ” I enjoyed this a lot!

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “I really like the style of your list. Do you think it could be competitive in non-team tournaments? ” I think it's too "polarised" to be good in a singles event as it does have some hard counters. If you want to drink beer, show everyone that you have a big set of balls, and push big models on the table then it's the list for you!

  • @Exalted Champion Reasons for no monstrous familiar giant - I'm at 2015/2025 in legendary beasts, so points are very tight - I'm not sure 50 points for one spell is good value - I like strength 6 giants

  • I'm the WDG player from Team Australia. The list is all about the monsters. You can either deal with them or you can't. It's useful in team pairings because of this. The shrine magic works well against chaff, which clears the way for the monsters to charge. It's also good against DL. In low dice phases it's not unusual for an opponent to let the two bound hellfires through, and try and stop the hereditary hellfire or Grave Calls. It is no good versus high armour though. I'd love a proper caster …

  • Quote from LeVil1: “Hello there. I just want to add one more thing. Does he really need a BSB amongst all those fearless troops ? I think that a rune master equipped with the rune of devouring and a rune of grounding would be more interessant. Even with a full vanguard list. Quote from Youngseward: “So you can see that it has none of the cowardly gunline nonsense... ” ” You haven't seen the way I fail leadership 9 and 10 tests with gay abandon!! The lightning BSB is good for killing infantry too…

  • Which of those two lists corners the best? Take that one!

  • Quote from LeVil1: “This "Glen "Frozenbeard" Weston" must be one of our distant cousin of the North... an infernal dwarf under cover... ” Lol..... my sons gave me that nickname on a ski trip because my beard was full of ice. True story! It is very dwarf-like though!

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from LeVil1: “Hi ! Quote: “Dwarven Holds Glen "Frozenbeard" Weston 330 - Runic Smith, General, Rune of Denial, Rune of Devouring ” I thought that you couldn't have two dominant runes on the same character, could you ? ” @Frozenbeard THE CHECKER OF LISTS HAS BEEN TOPPLED! @LeVil1 good catch, Ill make sure that dastardly Glen doesn’t get away with this ” Ooops.... easy fix as the engineer can take the Rune of Denial and I'm still under on the Engines of War cap. Apol…

  • Quote from youngseward: “Im aware that Im sounding deliberately obtuse... ” I know that you're obtuse from your stubborn refusal to play either copters or busters!