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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I think, no matter what kind of game they are going to release, T9A will always be superior with its rule set. But it will be good to read some Old World fluff again, and buy some models. But I don't think I will ever go back to power creep GW games

  • Old World? New Warhammer!!

  • wow! you have to keep playing with these models for sure, they are beautiful!

  • wow, no Lamia and no big units of Barrow Guard. I thought those two together were so powerful (as a newbie) yet VC players think otherwise... Interesting...

  • I miss so many old items! Especially the one gives +1 str to horses once per game. Nothing big, not a game-breaker, just such a fluff item. We should have more and "special" special items in our new book.

  • Thanks for everyone who participated. This is the first time we wanted to do something like this, but I hope it won't be the last one. We are all learning during the process. I am sure next competition will be better in many ways. Keep your armor shiny and your sword sharp until you are summoned for the next joust!

  • my choice would be the classic. have you ever though about a cloak? You can use coat-of-arm of the current king of KOE

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    no wonder balance patch looks so proud of himself

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

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    An infantry KOE list

  • it looks nice, but could be so much better than that. I am not a big fan of "muscled" pegasus. It looks out of place. Also, this is a very classical pose of the pegasus. I understand you want to go safe, but this is not a unit, this is a character. I don't mind to see something more "original."

  • I loved it @WarlordHU, looks really nice!

  • For KOE: Throwing Weapon option for Yeomen Outriders should be free, not 1ppm Thanks!

  • I actually really really liked the cappuccino one lol Grey on white background seems so badass

  • I think best solution for making Grail Oath is to make weapon master and ability to take bastard sword. So this way Grail character becomes something unique

  • M Quote from Phosphorus: “Ok then, how to handle this one: Dwarf King on Throne (LP 6, Res 5, Off./Def 7, Str. 4, Ap 1) Hatred with hw/sh 2 x Rune of Might (2 + 1 str, Ap 1)...else rune of craftsmanship and 1 x rune of might ( + Str. 3 , + Ap 3) Rune of Destruction (d3 wounds) Rune of Resistance (reroll successesfull to wound hits) and rune of iron (for that Armor 6) even with the old judgement/Might combo you had 5 attacks hit 4+ =2,5 hits wound one 3+ = 1,67 wounding hits reroll = 1,1 armor sa…

  • I found a mate who wants to buy one more, I think this model will sell really good (or I hope so at least!)

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from youngseward: “Why does noone look at Valour when discussing tooling against characters? ” Because they are boneheaded and ride the rails of netlists harder than hobos. ” lol... you are partly right... I think our virtues are all great but the reason we are talking about Virtue of Might is the recent nerf.

  • Balance Update (2019)

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    Quote from AlexCat: “@tulmir What do you mean - drop BSB? For the army with Dis9 max that rolls panics, redirects, marchs, break tests? ” Since I've been playing double hippo, BSB has no use for me. - 12" is not enough to help two hippos, because they are so mobile and most of the time function alone. - Questing Duke doesn't care fear (not error), other Duke has re-roll for himself - Grail Bus is itp - Aspirants doesn't care fear (not terror) - only real problem is KoTR bus. But I am not going t…

  • Balance Update (2019)

    tulmir - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from AlexCat: “I have two questions to the KoE veterans in light of new update. My current pre update roster features 2 questing hippos, but it really lacks the punch against super tough things like sphinxes or 1+ reroll able. So, I thought of: 1. Upgrading one hippo to the following configuration : quest, blessed inscription, crusader, gem, renown. I think this guy can fight pretty much any single/few model units. 2. Second lord loses his vow and gets a horse, Lance and either divine judg…

  • Quote from Honeym: “I get that Its a really strong, but imo he lifted the overall powerlevel for the army to an acceptable level. I wouldent even Call the army midtier without him. Guess that’s the problem relying on tournament stats for nerfing. He was in every list - of course. And we did fairly because of him. Now my guess is that koe is a doomed low tier army... ” Don't forget that we are not the only one received nerfs... Other armies and other builds had nerfs too, which will help us to pe…