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  • Getting that giant, although probably removing his... shoulder boat?

  • Quote from infamousme: “The banner on the orc.... holy crap. ” Yeah my buddy Nate wanted a Celtic/Scottish highland themed army of Mountain Orcs, so the winter theme, the banners, cloaks on some models are all part of that. The General is Gorbad on a boar, so the boar symbol has been a reoccurring theme throughout the army.

  • Quote from teclis2000: “Wow! Side question: What is the size of the base of the Dark Coach? 150x50? ” It’s a normal chariot base with 2 cavalry bases up front, so yeah 50x150

  • Updates: skeletons & the black coach for my vampires An Orc BSB for my friend Nate’s army and an Empire Knight Commander for my friend Tim’s Sonstahl cavalry army. All painted by Studio Unlimited. there are other things in the works as well. If T9A website ever starts supporting Tapatalk again you’ll see lots more from me.

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Any hints for a foot BSB? After some heavy thinking I've decided that the Scibor's foot knight is too Monstrous a Miniature (pun intended) and although really good looking, the scale is just too much... ” Here’s an idea that’s been sitting in my back pocket:…t::17881.html?language=en I have her at home and she’s a very, very nice pewter mini. Could make a great BSB and scales well with GW (although the sword is a smidge small)

  • I’d prefer Faith of Percival replaced with that shield idea. that being said you’re essentially giving a character an aegis save by making their armor unable to be modified beyond 4+/5+, combined with another special save you’re moving into OP territory. TBH though I think the majority of the time spent during the KoE LAB should be about fixing what’s broken, not reinventing the wheel and potentially creating more issues. If there’s one consistent lesson I’ve learned from watching the updates, F…

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “I was thinking the current Fortress of Faith should be a virtue. Quote from Klexe: “An item which grows stronger if the enemy deals more dmg? ” That is a nice idea regardless. Here is an item that might be in another book, but if not might see ours. Last Gift 100 pts Dominant. One use only. Activate this item when the bearer is removed as a casualty, after resolving all simultaneous attacks (such as all Shooting Attacks from the same unit or all Melee Attacks at the same In…

  • Love all of those echo!

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Klexe: “Also when talking about oriflame what are other historic items which could be abused? ... Speer of Jesus? ... ” Please can we steer clear of things like this? Quite apart from the fact that I don't want any more direct Christian links, Jesus was a pacifist (turn the other cheek) and was therefore very unlikely to have owned a spear Also, Magna Carta goes against what KoE is about. It gave the peasants some rights, and that's some rights too many! Peasant…

  • Very very nice!

  • I like raptor knights. Better than many other knights with strength 6 charges that often hit on 2+ wound on 2+. Why not just keep them as is and give them move 8/16” I think I read somewhere there are multiple species of “Raptor” in one of the fluff articles, anyway just a thought from a fan of Knights, I’ve always loved the Dino-riders.

  • The GW BSB has those Grail Knight legs, which never fit the GW Pegasus, however you could probably cut the Lubart Pegasus duke in half, swap the legs and make it work, or even easier, attach the GW BSB Banner arm to the Lubart duke.

  • Question: If a unit that causes terror also has random movement do enemy units take terror when it moves into them? my guess is “no” since it counts as a pursuit even though you technically “declare the charge” their only option is to hold, even if they fail terror?

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from Thurvack: “Quote from Ludaman: “Quote from Klexe: “Both have the same height Non Skirmish pegasus block sight against every WM expect on hill ” But hippogryphs have “Tall” ” And Pegasus too,.. ” aint pegasus large? ” Both are large.Both have Tall Towering pressence gives tall and cavalry always have tall Pegasus non skirmish do block LOS on hippos that is very good to know! I didn’t realize that Pegasus could block LoS on Hippogryphs... m…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Both have the same height Non Skirmish pegasus block sight against every WM expect on hill ” But hippogryphs have “Tall”

  • I still hate it echo ;), but only because I wanted the butterfly crown

  • Darn! Oh well perfect for forsworn then I suppose

  • Hey warlordhu, I loved your heraldry, and it made it onto almost everyone’s list for our vote. I also really liked your fluff piece. I understand your concerns and I hope this won’t stop you joining any future contests we hold.

  • “Lords and Ladies of Equitaine, after the presentation of shields, King Henry has chosen two loyal Knights to join the royal court! Congratulations are in order!” 1st place: @Chevalier Rouergue2 for his lovely hand painted shield in a traditional Equitainian style! (I’ll be sending over a PM shortly to get your choice of miniature as well as your shipping address) 2nd Place: @Sabious for his unique heraldry presented on both Banner and Shields. A Majo…

  • Knights of Equitaine, the contest has ended! Votes are being tallied as we speak and a winner will be announced post-haste (just waiting for one more ACS member to vote). However before we announce our winner I’d like to personally thank everyone who entered, the work was incredible as were the background stories that went with them. It was an absolute treat for me following the thread throughout the month of October, so again, thank you for your work. once the winners have been announced I’ll s…