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  • halberd is not a bad option for levy if it had fier or similar. For example crusaders with halberds would be picked a lot. Glass.cannon yes Bleed cr yes Is useful yes, just play smart. Dont go in till they die or bring a big hammer to annihilate the opposition. Which leads me to impact hits or +agi on knights would indeed help on the knights ans peasants on same combat

  • I can't imagine a peasant in heavy armour sorry. A rule for pavise shields could be ok, but then halberd is a no go for peasants, which is quite ok because peasants should not use those complicated weapons I do think serfs need a rule but its rather a simple one: Serf The model gains Fight in Extra Rank and Shoot in Extra Rank when his unit is under the effects of Commanding Presence from one or more models with Knight. having to babysit peasants should not be a bug, but a feature. And you shoul…

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “I'm curious. In Spain, are there no fluffy tournaments? From this thread I get the impression that every tournament is a hardcore training session for the ETC. 4500 pts, default scenarios and map pack terrain. Are there no tournaments with unique scenarios or terrain? Different point sizes, tag team, side boards or special rules and restrictions? In Sweden I'd say we have about a fourth or a third of the tournaments going against the norm and do fun things. Some do a lot, ot…

  • oriflame is good, but its too expensive. Not makes your enemy BSB worse ( which is not useful vs some armies ) but it also makes your unit or character better at breaking the enemy and passing fear tests. I think if it costed 55-60 would see a ton of play in medium or small units that support. Now it's cost makes that support to expensive and costly to lose.

  • oriflame in forlorns is very good. Just very matchup dependant

  • yes, it is correct. No, you can't charge through friendly units, as the banner activates in the movement phase not in the charge phase.

  • how did the 30 levy with halberd? Didnt they bleed CR a lot and die like flies?

  • Balance Update (2019)

    Kratos - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    marginal in a specific list...and you will preform better with 30 levy. I do not get out without 4 scorings and for me the optimal number is 5-6

  • We wanted to give them halberds. To make truly offensive unit. Our glass cannon unit. But they stayed as you see. Hope will be fixed in LAB. Anyway i will test a unit of 21 in a flank. In a 7x3 formation. Im sure they can kill something before die. And if left uncheked thats quite some CR they can generate from a flank charge

  • Balance Update (2019)

    Kratos - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    if paladins got battlefocus or a similar ability, then they would have a similar performance with personal virtues but having a diferent statline...but we need to wait for LAB for those fixes.

  • So You want a magic adept, that can be battle standard bearer and has heavy armour? So you basically want an option for a paladin to be a wizard. Why is not Crown of the Wizard king enough for you? To be clear, I also think that a damsel that is able to be on front rank is needed ( especially when riding an unicorn or pegasus ) but i do think that light armour and paired weapons is enough and simpler for it.

  • more like an oriflame paladin on foot

  • Right. Much better. Thats a bsb paladin.

  • wouldnt valor and kingslayer be better for 20 points more? Anything with as better than 3+ will probably be a character. And you don't gimp yourself with no wounding on better than 3+

  • i see a dark elf a high elf and a prelate in those images.

  • a movement 3-9 combat character HAS to win vs a movement 8-16 (+2) flying combat character of similar cost Its balance. The movement 3 character and his expensive deathstar can only fight what you want them to fight, while our flying duke and his flying bodyguard can take the fight they want and opponent can only prepare for the slaughter, but cant evade it in anyway. And even then, we have a config option wich chances if you desire to engage...

  • castellan doesn't have vanguard and cant conga block thats the biggest problem with him.. i still would take at least minmum one unit of yeomen. maybe replace the second yeomen unit for a castellan

  • some lists use unicorn in 13 questers bus + pally is not a bad config at all.

  • Max i can see about grail knights on foot is making them 10-15 models max. 0-1 Per army. Skirmishers. Current grail knight stats. If you expect much more than that i think wodg army converted to look as koe would fit you better

  • if you restrict the unit, you could have 2 units of 8 grails, each with a grail character.( doble grail duke or grail duke and grail bsb ) So the 0-1 is not equivalent to the change you propose. Anyway we will try to make a LAB with less restrictions than what we have now, and the ones left we will give full reason for their existance be it fluff or balance wise.