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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • This happened in a nice position for me as well, since I've started to (extremely slowly) work on an army with the theme of "on the brink of damnation", Warriors edging into Fallen, Fallen and Forsworn edging into WO, Doomlord nearly turning into a FO and an Exalted Herald with the attitude of "I came here to laugh at you." Maybe I'll have it ready in time for the nerfs.

  • Oh no, my MSU spear skellies got 20p more expensive! Otherwise, I guess we really are heading for skeleton county, good thing I ordered 60 NG from Kanadian on halloween. Have to figure out if sword'n'board skellies are worth bringing along, though. 430p for 60 doesn't sound too terrible, nerfed healing or no.

  • Exile fluff lists took a discount to the tune of 205 points, not bad at all. (LotD, EH, 2xDamnation, 2xWO, 2xFO) I did say that the FO change back to 400 was a kneejerk reaction due to its sudden popularity, not because it's super great. And I guess RT finally tired of lowering the WO cost by a few points in every patch.

  • Faced a DL list with triple Herald on Pulpit, I'm both convinced and not conviced about them now. It was silly.

  • DL is pretty up there when it comes to memorization of stuff. Unless we're talking about mounts, in which case - Does anyone even use the DL mounts? I've yet to see a Harbinger on anything but its own legs.

  • It probably would be, but having any unified rules remains a millstone hanging on our necks, less in the "it will be" way and more in the "it might be" way.

  • Yet that's been the plan for nearly three years now, especially you should be aware of that, @WhammeWhamme, given that you have access to those discussions.

  • The background basically must be written simultaneously for both, because both armies function within the same rules within the SETTING, and any changes to mechanical parts of Undeath must be agreed upon by the teams of both armybooks as well as the background team. If they are not done at the same time, then neither the VC team or UD team will be able to make any sort of changes to how Undeath functions rules wise, because the book that isn't updated would then be affected by these changes. One…

  • When the eventual LAB happens it's likely going to happen simultaneously with VC so the undead as a whole will be fleshed out within the setting, and both armies will probably be pushed further apart, though in what ways who knows. I can guess that VC will continue to be mass with dirty tricks and crazy characters while UD might move towards being an elite army, since that's the route we're already on basically.

  • MY CHARIOT BRICKS! NOOO!! What reason is there to even live if I can't have my 12-chariot deathstars!?

  • If memory serves me right, there was a big debacle about point costs and combat stats and 'paying for things you don't use', essentially. There were two camps - Those who just wanted a spellcaster and those who wanted a fighter, and the compromise was to settle on just having armor, but which made us originally decide on creating an upgrade to turn a Sorcerer into a combat wizard. This upgrade was later subsumed by Hero's Heart, and never got off the floor again for different reasons, the larges…

  • Sloth HW dudes are expensive as heck, but if their job is to just sit down and stay alive, then it's a pretty solid option. The increase in defense against S3 and S4 high-AP death is super notable. You could make a case that just taking 5 additional bodies is better for that though, I think the math comes out really painfully close. I think that throwing Zealots on them pushes it towards Sloth being the better choice since they can go wide and lose the bodies that can hit a bit slower.

  • Had a quiet night at work yesterday, and since I'd forgotten to bring my study books I spent the time scribbling instead. Cleaned it up and wrote it down on the computer, so here - The saga of the Mad Blacksmith...In limerick form! Warning: Crappy limericks ahead - (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Dont want to be a downer, but I always thought that armor is actually part of a deal. You sell your soul, in return you get armor suit that you can't remove, but that improves your physical capabilities (all while replacing soul). If hellforged armor was possible to get without pact with d gods, then there would be much more fallen and forsworn in this world. ” Nothing says the armor can't be 'gifted' by the daemons giving someone the ability to craft it themselves, or j…

  • Not as darkly amusing and unique as an insane blacksmith who manages to brawl and forge his way up to the very top of the totem pole and probably doesn't even realize it, being singularly focused on his goal of crafting the ultimate armor. Could be a dwarf, though...Doubly amusing, actually - A M7 swiftstride dwarf, just a tiny ball of violence coming at you in absurd speeds, violently screaming something about "steel folded a thousand times" or "three months in the forge" in an un-intelligible …

  • Quote from matrim: “Almost not quite He was a sunna worshipping empire man. His forge was blessed by priests to harness the sun's energy. He set out to build an armour set fit for sunna herself. Started with the armour, forged the steel 3 times to ensure it was the hardest metal that cannot be penetrated by mundane weapons. Then he started to forge the shield, but the sun was setting... The dusk is when the veil is strongest and the separation between mortal realm and Deamons realm weakest. As t…

  • These days, yes. The current build I use is - Chosen Lord: General, Trophy Rack, Favor of Envy, Idol of Spite, Spiked Shield, Symbol of Slaughter, Thrice-Forged, Dusk Forged, Ranger's Boots, Dragonbane Gem

  • On the Lord? I think that was the earliest version of the build, this happened two months ago. So it must have been this: Chosen Lord: Favor of Envy, Daemonic Wings, Spiked Shield, Symbol of Slaughter, Thrice-Forged, Dusk Forged

  • The only time my Rocketman has lost a fight thus far against non-character units was against Empire halberdiers, where he, hitting and wounding on +2, manages to cause 1 wound with his 7 attacks and takes a wound back through his re-rollable +1 save, without even causing a spiked shield wound. Then the halberdiers roll a 11 on their pursuit, running him downand getting them half an inch out of the LoS of my 10 Chosen. Dice be wild sometimes.

  • Less talking, more raiding

    Palmu - - Asklanders


    My own version, which I'll be testing out...Someday. Chief: General, Jarl, Longship Raid, War Dais, Spear, Shield, Throwing Weapons, Kingslayer, Gunagr's Armor, Dusk Forged 400 Chief: BSB, War Dais, Shield,Throwing Weapons, Eyratöki, Relentless Company, Obsidian Rock 325 Chief: Longship Raid, Spear, Shield, Throwing Weapons, Willow's Ward 180 Seidhkennar: Wizard Master, Shamanism, Paired Weapons, Magical Heirloom 415 50 Åsklanders: FCG, Great Weapons, Raven Banner 700 15 Åsklanders: Bows 165 15 …