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  • All I can tell you is “soon”, since soon is all I know. for my money, this week would work as soon,

  • Help Vs DL

    Gaius Marius - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    My point about the warmachines stands. By keeping them separated, they don't both get taken out by one fast unit, it requires 2. Which is 2 units chasing stuff for a few turns, away from your main line units who are hopefully taking advantage of this diversion of resources to fight something else.

  • Help Vs DL

    Gaius Marius - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    He has speed over you, and he has multiple threats, and he has some big bad heroes. On the plus side, you have 2 heroes built to kill other heroes, so that is great. You however only have 2 threats yourself... Cavalry and Imperial Guards. They are however, good threats. My advice would be that you want to use your militia to screen and block charges around your Knights, it is important that you get the charge with them. As a bonus your militia will be shooting at his not very tough troops while …

  • Yeah, to be fair, if the Imperial Seal model is in your Imperial Guard unit, there is literally nothing you should be fleeing from, at all, like, ever.

  • And then for fun, the 2.1 update made the item 105pts, and eliminated the option.

  • To be specific, the ‘quick’ is the nail bed of your finger nail. Ouch.

  • Thank you... and after accidentally joining the Canada ETC page for the team playing Fog of War, I founded the right ones.

  • Hi, Yes, I am in Nova Scotia... so not real conducive to get-togethers. Probably not interested in 2020, as the cost of travel is a major factor. That said, a few of us are going to Buck eye battles from here, so there are players, just not too many of us. I will check out the Canada team facebook page. Thanks, Gaius Marius (AKA Michael in Halifax)

  • Just out of curiosity did you get applicants?

  • To future LAB people... please do upset the balance apple cart. I like the idea of new units, or Resurrecting really old legacy game stuff. Halfling archers, Ogre mercs, dwarf soldiers, and knights that actually do stuff. Don't set out with the attitude of limiting the LAB process. (In my opinion)

  • Cool, I look forward to the help designing an EoS hero on foot who is... you know, super good at killing stuff. Oh, or a mobile hero with a mount of some kind who is better than the HbE offerings. (sorry for the sarcasm, but sometimes the heroes in an army aren't all about killing all the other armies big heroes, and HbE Heroes seem to fit that bill)

  • So... about EoS... How do we feel about a 1 pt decrease on core heavy infantry? I ask because our external balance may need some help - Tier 4 - and the changes so far in this pass are all focused on internal balance. Any other suggestions for a point decrease that would amount to around 1% for most lists? The 1% is just my guess about the kind of nudge EoS would require to come up to tier 3... anyone have any thoughts about our army book?

  • I am glad some of you feel that over all it is a buff. I don't see it that way, but who knows, maybe what my list was lacking was really big militia units and big units of Flagellants smile.png Marshall and Prelate builds on foot got more expensive. Core Light infantry in large units got more expensive. The Stank went up, as did large units of IG. Warmachines came down a smidge. Flaggies and core cavalry with no shields likewise. I am not sure how this amounts to a buff, but ok. I see that the m…

  • I should note my KoE lists which feature all the old EoS knights that I never use anymore was a pleasant surprise as I picked up almost 100pts, but I didn’t have a Might peg Duke so tried to keep my mouth shut about it on here. (Mostly)

  • No that is cool. That makes sense for his list for sure. IG units are a lot more common than knight stars. If that is your friends build then cool. You may see more of that kind of thing around from other players now too. However most EoS lists feature some heavy infantry for which there was no change and heroes on foot, who mostly went up gently. I don’t use a steam tank either in my tournament build and take 80 halberds... and my list went up 12 points. Which was not a problem, but a bit jarri…

  • - Hey ludaman, just curious how you figure EoS got improved? So far most folks in EoS are seeing either no change in points or slight increases. Since EoS was tier 4... this has been interesting. There have been some internal balance nudges up and down, but again, not sure what the improvement was? I agree about the OnG, and HBE, but still at a loss on the EoS. For the record, not upset as internal balance nudges are good and creates chances for some new choices, just not seeing a buff either.

  • And Gregus, I am not involved in the point review process at all. Merely relaying information, and gathering reactions here in the EoS forum.

  • Overall the points adjustments are intended to promote internal balance. Not so much to encourage mounted heroes or any particular playstyle, as to make them viable alternatives. So, Reiters for example had good representation at minimum sized units not large units, so a bonus to taking larger units was provided. Light infantry was over represented in maximum sized units, so smaller units got a preferential treatment. If you like 10 man light infantry have 10 pts, but 20 will cost you 10 pts mor…

  • EoS shield and light lance Reiters. EoS Pegasus wizard. To add to the list above.

  • As for the reasonable forum? I am not 100% sure why that is. I suspect part of it is that I can’t ever remember the EoS or Empire of old being the Uber powered must choose power list. Like ever. If you have tasted OP curb stomping potential at some point in the past you keep longing for its return... while we, generals of the base line strength 3 resistance 3 human generalists, jack of all trades master of not a bloody thing really, have always had to muddle through and get by on our wits. The t…