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  • Since 2.2. just hit...could you do EOS and KOE first? Thanks in advance anyways

  • Steam Tank, blacksteel and EC cheaper will probably have impact on external Balance. We had issues with key elements in our army getting more expensive in a tier4 army. Now they have changed these, while a discount on Rangers wasn't neccessary.

  • Cheers, Lords, Ladies and humble citizens of the Empire- Update Patch 2.2 is there, please share your reactions about the changes to steam Tank, guardsmen, magic items etc But keep it Civil, this is no freakin' brawl room for Asklanders

  • Another battle report is online, the warriors of the dark Gods from @Grimbold Blackhammer engage the brave Sonnstahlers of @Wstanley in a 4,5k clash. Early on, the Empire is surrounded- will they break through?

  • Quote from YeahGucciFrisur: “and so far the combo has always underperformed since good players just know how to react to it. 18" leadership just seems much better. ” So it didn´t work out for you, that´s interesting for those who want to try it out. I see your point about the locket, the range doesn´t bother me that much(rerollable 9 on the IG, disci 9 on knights too).

  • Quote from Nerocrossius: “If you want a griffin unit to compete with an IG deathstar on a points-to-damage ratio the griffons will always need a Knight Commander. ” Right, but in our example you already need a knight commander for your knightly orders, then the char slot becomes very crowded...

  • The first list is very similiar to Flenz list, only small differences (locket on the wizard master, alchemy; cannon instead of volley gun and movement banner+ karadons courser for the knights etc). What do you guys think about going very sun griffon heavy, like @Ehakir over there?:

  • Quote from mohammadurk: “Mohammadurk is not fully painted yet but you can see I was not exagurating his bigness ” Agree, great model

  • Okay, then he used a list he didn´t post over here. Agree both halberds and guardsmen can dish out a lot of pain and still hold the enemy in place. Personally I rate Imperial Guard somewhat stronger in both regards cause of more survivability and bodyguard if not steadfast any more. Maybe I was also impressed by the effect of +2 armour save on IG They don´t come from core and they are more expensive, but in the upper example your core is already full anyways. Won´t spam this thread anymore with …

  • Quote from mohammadurk: “I modeled this huge Orc, the biggest of em all. ” Pictures or it didn´t happen. If the picture is impressive enough, maybe RT will adjust Tukteks´rules

  • Exactly, without Imperial Guard. And that´s the whole point: By fielding Imperial Guard incl. characters and a big unit of knightley Orders, it´s a two threat rooster completely different from the above lists. griffons are fine, but even 5 of them don´t build that much pressure as the stubborn Imperial Guard star. They have less movement, but still can use orders and karadon´s courser works for them too.

  • I checked out all his lists, the nerd that I am xp Not a Single One had the combination of large cav bus+imperial Guard+stank. Most of his lists had rather Sun Griffons btw. So right now the infamous Grandmaster Flenz uses this list exclusively. Unless He has borrowed it from someone else..

  • Big One. Otherwise only two would operate it and the other 4 useless morones just standig lazily nearby.

  • At a tournament over here I saw a list in action which had both-the cavalry deathstar AND a Medium sized block of imperial guard with all juicy Charakters in It. No light infantry but some Reiters and ofc a steam Tank, the mage Master rocked alchemy. Only concession was picket+Titanic might on the knight commander instead of Sonnstahl. Will defo try that out myself one Day, because the double threat list is very tempting..

  • 9ThBuilder T9A 2.0

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    OnG still left, right? Thanks for your efforts, eagerly waiting for the greenskins

  • The Blue Faced Orcs n Goblins

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    Fancy list and entertaining tournament report, thanks for posting I was a bit surprised about the handshake on game 5, since the day just begun and you both should have been be quite fresh and eager to go. But that´s easy said from afar, maybe your assessment about his bus is just spot on. Squeezing two gargantulas within 3,5k is genius

  • @Ehakir Thanks for posting, already saw and liked the griffon vid, well done I removed the vampire vid link, because we keep this thread free of heretical stuff, but anybody may watch it on your Youtube-channel of cause. We burn the guilty ones later

  • Chickens galore or EOS vs. Highborn Elves Imperial greetings, marshalls and engineers of Sonnstahl Have you ever seen 16 knights of the Sun Griffon in battle supported by great griffons with no stank innit? Check this out, hopefully the Soulreaver is teaching those pointy ears a lesson in mobility

  • Quote from Twisted Magpie: “I'm getting it with OK, VS & SA ” Also OnG, if I write an list on my mobile phone.

  • Phosphorus:How do these changes/point adjustements turn the Tier 4 army into a Tier 3 ? --- that is, were do you see the little "buff up(s)" which a Tier 4 army should get in regards to external balance? The way tiers were taken into account when updating pricing is the following (in broad strokes) 1. All entries in the book are rated internally. On a scale from 1 - 6, where 1 is strong and 6 is weak (i.e. 3.5 is perfectly internally balanced). Three data sources were used; tournament armylists,…