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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Very nice!

  • I like running might with supernatural dexterity

  • Slim waist, semi-wide hips, kinda funny looking man. Edit: oh right elf lol well never mind then haha

  • How about a reliquary but for cavalry? If you want a building just use Lands of the Ninth Age. EoS already has a Watch tower though, we have a Holy Sepulcher that actually gives some good buffs. Ours is cooler

  • Yes in the downloads section, Lands of the Ninth Age…f95ed59125d7e01683e84d2e7

  • Going Forward

    Marcos24 - - General Discussion


    Well it’s in the news section and in the ninth scroll, what else is there to do?

  • Going Forward

    Marcos24 - - General Discussion


    Lands of the ninth age was sweet, unique magical terrain for each army

  • Did you hush forget about the magical terrain pack for every army? I think those are great @Klexe actually that would make the most sense if they trebuchets are light enough hah

  • Sweet, good update for us. Not surprised about brigands but slightly surprised with bowmen, not a huge deal though. The net change in points is a big help

  • Lol catapults could be the equivalent of mini trebuchets for this game. Why GW have Bretonnia trebuchets instead of catapults I don’t know. @Sir_Sully look, I’m not campaigning towards removing trebuchets or steam tanks or helicopters, (though I would remove them if it were my game, or just call them something more practical, like war wagon and balloon), but technology development bleeds into all aspects of life in a culture and cultures surrounding them. And magic doesn’t mean we would have dev…

  • Well I don’t have a real world explanation for Sylvan magic so I don’t mind lol

  • Let’s put it this way, the fastest one has been built in the modern era was for a project with experts, pre-cut lumber, and modern power tools and that took a couple hours. A project intended to be built the old school way in Scotland with 30 people if I remember correctly, took about two weeks

  • Yeah but even though it’s a fantasy game, they’re still regular peasant humans building a trebuchet. So unless, in this fantasy world, our peasants have super human magical building speed and endurance to build these things in a super unbelievably short amount of time, and magically appearing lumber wherever they need it, it still doesn’t make sense. So if they can do that, sure why not just place a mini fort on the table that we can garrison because our peasants can build that in a couple hours…

  • Quote from Pigtails: “Okay Marcos, so do you suggest we rename trebuchets to catapults? I take it you've taken this issue up with the other armies who field steam trains or have ghost-drawn carriages already? ” I hate the steam tank and helicopter. That sort of technology has no place in a medieval fantasy game. But ghost-drawn carriages are fine if in that world ghosts can affect reality, as long as they’re not wielding machine guns or driving motorcycles

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re facing Elves and dragons, trebuchets aren’t just built up in a couple hours in time for battle or before the dragon decides to attack. And they’re not just rolling around on wheels. Scorpions, that I can understand, they were small and could be carried on a cart. But asking for battering rams and a siege tower (because what else I’d there) for pitched battles looks just funny to me if surge scenarios are created though, then it all makes sense And spies would be lame …

  • I was just trolling. Siege equipment doesn’t make sense in a pitched battle, like spies in a battlefield don’t make sense either

  • Oh you guys don't like the Masquerade Ball Spies idea? Fancy dresses and medieval tuxedos in a unit?

  • @sparkytrypod I understand, and not really and probably because I’m used to small units of KoE knights doing that, though aesthetically i prefer a wider front rank. But in any case, I’m only giving you those examples to help understand what we view as cheesy/gamey etc when we say that, which can be subjective so obviously vary per person. But anyway, if someone says that’s how they feel about then at least you understand now. Doesn’t mean they’re right or that you have to agree, just helps commu…

  • Hmm... What about a unit of spies, dressed up like they’re at a fancy noble gathering? Women in elegant puffy dresses and men in fancy medieval clothes

  • But only available specifically for siege scenarios!