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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Are you guys interested in other people's opinion about your patch? I can easily do that ” Sure, why not. Let's hear it. Even though I think I know how it will look like.

  • Quote from DarkS: “The HBE update 2.2 defines Cover Volley as "When an enemy unit declares a Charge against a unit with Martial Discipline, a single friendly unit containing one or more model with Cover Volley may immediately perform a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction" Does that mean a Queen's Guard Unit joined by Fleet Officer Cmdr (thus "containing one model with Cover Volley") can also use Cover Volley? It's just we weren't able to do that before, and this will make Fleet Officers really, real…

  • @Ma7e Exactly. For those unaware, Essence of a Free Mind got reworked: CjyvrNK.png 1-4 spells only. If Cuatl has Sun Tablet, he can choose 1-6 as he used to - the only one in the entire game.

  • Everyone! Get in here! Patch 2.2 is currently live! (Hidden Content) My first thoughts: (Hidden Content) Most important stuff: -Tablet+JStaff combo is possible again, -Cuatl has received a significant decrease - 25 points, -Poisoned Javelins on Skink Braves cost 50% less, -TG PPM nerf has been reverted, their base cost got decreased as well. Overall I'm pretty happy with these changes. Javelin change alone could bring some fresh air into our core section. How about you lads? What do you think fe…

  • Quote from Boomvalk: “Sweeping attacks by a flying construct: in this specific case DH copters: - Do they take DT becasue they are constructs when flying over a ruin to perform sweeping attack on scouts in there? - Do they take DT becasue they are constructs and/or because they are flying over a forest to do sweeping on scouts in there? ” As @Firthunands91 correctly noted, Flying is affected by Terrain only at the beginning and the end of their move. bw5dbXv.png You don't stop mid-air for Sweepi…

  • Just to make things clear, MR doesn't stack unless noted otherise: 7QXo8Pk.png Aether Icon is such an exception: BmTAkJy.png

  • Quote from Wesser: “Banshees in CC Can they use their Wail of Woe as a supporting attack? I had one of my girls trapped in 2nd rank the other day ” MFmLASg.png Seems obvious.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Dancaarkiiel - - WWW Topics


    Made it some time ago for my m8s, just to cry about my little, poor army while OK guy in our club was playing these peak performance chads. What a time that was. Not relevant anymore, but you get the idea. (Hidden Content)

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Dancaarkiiel - - WWW Topics


    Quote from Pigtails: “I don't want to call anyone delusional, but... ” >Meme Thread >A Joke Bruh

  • Quote from Chronocide: “But who allocates it, the DL player (target) or Sir Suchandsuch (shooter)? ” Shooting (active, most of the time) player.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Okay, shooting at units which have characters with mismatched size/bases? Example, Harbinger on Beast of Prophecy (Large, 50x75 base) in a unit of, say, 25 Lemures (Std, 25mm squares). Sir Suchandsuch, the Empire player, pelts the unit with 30 crossbow bolts. For simplicity, they all hit. Now, as I read it, the shots are now applied one to each model, before applying multiple times to a single model, then wound rolls, saves, special saves, and removed models/wound counter…

  • New 2.2.5 December

    Dancaarkiiel - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Eymuster: “So if the official playtester doesn’t know the new points decrease; who does? Or @Palomita15 did you already try a game with the new points and just asking for official release date? ” AFAIK Playtesters have "early access" to army books in making aka LAB, not just every update there is. Currently that army book would be ID. Quote from marcema: “[...] Therefore I'd recommend you to take everything with a grain of salt It'll be worth the wait! ” This

  • Quote from Doug_L: “That doesn't sound so terrible to me, maybe SA players are spoiled for choice? [...] ” I hope you're joking. Sadly, SA has serious issues with unit choices and category limits.

  • Quote from Baldin: “If I cast Chilling Howl on unit x and within 1 inch is a unit with Magic Resistance, does that apply to the casting? ” No, because unit with MR isn't the direct target.

  • Quote from Major_Sevi: “Hello , I have a question about artillery: Can cannons or catapults target charackters/war plattforms in a block of R&F models? If so, can charackters do something (like jumping away)? Thx ” If model is different size and/or troop type you can allocate 1 hit to it of your choice, it can be a "big hit". -standard character within standard infantry unit, you cannot. -large construct war platform within standard infantry unit, you can.

  • Cowboy talk

    Dancaarkiiel - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Eymuster: “[...] Question is whether to use another taurosor, or this guy. I think Tauro is still more useful for most cases. ” Both have different purposes, none is straight up better than the other. But I agree, I feel like Tauro is a more versatile choice in general. Speaking of, a friend of mine has come up with an interesting build for a Wizard Warlord: 605 Warlord: Raptor, GW, Death Cheater, Crown of the Wizard King, Sun Tablet Can't wait to test this bad boy out

  • Unit marches, it cannot shoot in the following shooting phase because of: 12a2daae29.png Page 51, rulebook Then it gains Fly > Light Troops > March and Shoot, for example because of spell: 561a8ba155.png Page 113, rulebook ab989b1935.png Do you check for March and Shoot during shooting phase or when performing march move in movement phase? EDIT Nvm, found the answer in Errata: 7d20a012a8.png

  • Quote from Darkwise: “@Zamo, if you have it, can you share the @gundizalbo list ? My intention isn't to copy it list that would be like copying the Furion's or Caal's list and having pitiful results with. Just to know how this very good player deals with our army ” It has already been posted in this thread: SA Patch 2.1 – Feedback and Discussion List itself: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Aeon: “SA: Can we cast bound spells throught Telepathic link with Symbiosis ? Nothing precised so i guess yes or i missed something. ” Yes. You can cast only (bound) spells with keyword Damage through link for half range. If you have Symbiosis, you can cast all (bound) spells for half range, damage without aura are full range.

  • You're right, I actually forgot they're 3+ aim instead of 4+. In that case: -10 javelin shots on long range, R3 5+ - 2.21 wounds -20 blowpipe shots on long range, R3 5+ - 2.21 wounds -10 javelin shots on long range, R5 4+ - 1.10 wounds -20 blowpipe shots on long range, R5 4+ - 1.65 wounds So they're on par at best. Point still stands though.