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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • As @Kopistar said, there was a shifting tides tournament (same format) which reached up to 8 editions. When I decided to take over the tournament, I first intended to make it the 9th shifting tides, but I was asked to use a different name. And then I remember a game I used to play when I was a kid which also had 8th editions, then was stopped by the company supporting it, and some brave geeks decided to go on with their own version, which due to ip infringement couldnt be a 9th edition, but at l…

  • Before the question raises: Yes, we keep using the lists as they are, with the (now) old version of the rules You will have the chance to test this new books in the CR9 after Xmas holidays

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Take care with politics in the forum.

  • Wrong The magic resistance of the blade dancers is not added to the one of the bsb. You would have then blade dancers with mr1 and bsb with mr3, and use mr3 against any spell casted against the unit

  • Quote from berti: “Grinding attacks: Per rulebook you need to be in base contact with the enemy unit to be able to perform a grinding attack. Why has every unit that got it in the new books (DL and warriors) a special rule to be allowed to do the grinds even when not in base contact via support attacks? ” So they can use grinding attacks as supporting attacks Is this even a rules question? Because this is not the thread to discuss the why's of the rules

  • For Dice We Must!

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    B8: 5CR9 Chapter 8. Where was I? So first of all, I'd like to say sorry for the big delay with this report, but I was terribly bussy lately, and I couldnt find any time to write it. Now the problem whit that is that ATM I literaly remember nothing of this game . I hope that between the pictures and my notes I can get something out of this... With that said, lets get to it. I was playing my first game ever against the new DL, particularly against @GitanoNinja, whose army list I posted in the prev…

  • And since I already got all the results, pairings for round 2 are up!! Good luck and lots of fun to all!!!

  • Check the rules for distributing hits onto characters also if there are 5 or less rnf only in the unit You can check it under distributing hits in the rulebook

  • Quote from Terdekx: “En el libro de magia, el pergamino y la corona creo recordar tienen los nombres cambiados el uno con el otro. ” Este lo teníamos fichado, debería estar ya actualizado Igualmente, acabamos de subir todos los libros que quedaban (saurios, silvanos, ratas y dinatías), con lo que todos los libros deberían estar al día hasta la siguiente actualización (que me temo será en diciembre )

  • Y seguimos poco a poco actualizando los libros para poder estar a la última última Ahora mismo deberían estar subidos: bestias, demonios, elfos de la oscuridad, enanos, sonnstahl, elfos nobles, enanos infernales, equitania, ogros, orcos, vampiros, guerreros y compendio arcano Aparte, el libro de vampiros viene con versión de LaTeX, luego fomato identico a la versión inglesa, y con vínculos, muy cómodos para usar en pdf sin imprimir. Echadle un ojo, y comentad si hay algún gazapo por ahí, que lo …

  • Quote from youngseward: “Round one vs @ordak goes well. A cannon dead from magic panics 800 points of bruisers who fail to rally and run off the board, panicking the other cannon... Its all up from here! ” Sounds like a tough battle for you

  • You use the familiars LoS, range and front arc. But the caster is still in combat, so the missile restriction is still applied

  • Unless you forget about it, yes

  • The 6th Crippling Rides 9 UB Tournament

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    First round pairings are up!! If anyone cannot play, or I paired against an antigrudge, or any thing like that, remember you can freely switch players (specially in this first round). Better get some games than giving a bye!

  • The 6th Crippling Rides 9 UB Tournament

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    So the time for list reviewing is over, and here are quickly he results of it: @20phoenix gets 2 points since his list had minor errors (number of wraiths not indicated) @DarkS gets 2 points since his list had minor errors (no general stated) @Kyrys gets 2 points since his list had minor errors (no general stated) @MistrMoon gets 2 points since his list had minor errors (a unit of clan warriors should have been marksmen) @Kopistar gets 2 points since his list had minor errors (no BSB stated) @Bl…

  • Ok, people So while we wait for the list review to be over, I thought on a solution for the pairing issue which was mentioned yesterday. In order to make the pairings, I will create a big pool of players, where I will include all the players in group B, @MistrMoon and @DarkS. And from that pool I will draw the pairings.Therefore: @RomanRagnorak and @BlackLancer should end up paired together. In case you have already played each other and dont want to repeat, tell me and you will be added to the …

  • Quote from DarkS: “@Casas - There are 4 of us in Group A and I played with them all - in fact I played with @RomanRagnorak and @MistrMoon in the last CR9 tournament just last month, and @BlackLancer two weeks go at another tournament. If you need someone to pair out of their group for some reason I volunteer so I can be beaten by some new people. ” I totally understand. In fact, if it were for me, I would get rid of the groups thing, since it is only useful for the first round, and generates thi…

  • The 6th Crippling Rides 9 UB Tournament

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    And there we go! Information for list correciton is in the second post (along with tournament lists) Remember to recheck I noted the right group, and for those of you who submitted multiple lists, that the ones available are the right ones!

  • Quote from BlueWill: “I've just submitted the list, Group B. thx! ” Quote from Eciro Romanof: “I've just submitted the list, Group B ” Are you guys the same person, or by coincidence have same name and surname? You uploaded lists with the same name For the rest, 2 more hours before list submission is over! And this time we have participation record!!

  • Quote from Wulfburg First: “In, in the last minute. Group B! ” Last minute? Deadline is tomorrow Apart from that, I updated the second post with the participant list as it is right now. If anyone submited his list and is not there, tell me, or something