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  • Not the same use for cavalry and chariots. T4, Impact Hits and S4(5 on charge) makes the difference. Not sure cavalry wins

  • Here is is Undying Dinasties - Folomo's edition

  • Well, the +2CV is the exception of this patch. Normally it should only be a patch with point changes but it seems the attribute change was a priority. But the changes you propose shall be on LAB brainstorm. Maybe you can do as Folomo did and make an homebrew army book which could show better how you would like the army to be.

  • Ah I missed this second part. Well extraspell range... in cosmology and evocation it's not so bad

  • Quote from wombat: “Strange, I find that I am fielding Wizards on Ark of Ages far more often than in the past. With Barrow Legion I ALWAYS field a Pharaoh on a Chariot, Niche build - yes - Completely useless - No Do agree with your other comments. ” The ark has good use (grant a line of sight for archers over large models, spell range boost)

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh no. Only a look on list buildings. I saw infantry lists. :p I saw too dual units of chariots, how is this playstyle ?

  • There are infantry list that are coming. Wait and see to see if the setup change.

  • Compare Samouraï to chinese warriors, my bad... @ namukesei thanks for these informations, but you shall use the edit button on the bottom right to your post for add text on your post.

  • Something like this guy vincent-lau-20170314.jpg

  • This Skeleton Hoplit Chief is perfect. Nice shield, good position. Quote from MrPieChee: “Quote from namukesei: “PLEASE, DO IT REGULAR EGIPTIAN SKELETONS, ) sorry for my bad english im spanish), its hard to find infantry skeletons with egiptian thematic, this its roman no egiptian ” TTcombat did a huge Egyptian themed Kickstarter - you can late pledge until January, with expected delivery in march. ” I agree, full egyptian for TT Combat, but a chinese version for Terracotta ^^, I would love it

  • These sceneries are very beautiful. You did an incredible job. I like the models of Lubart but... (yes I'm a bad guy) the plate of the helberd guy makes me think to dreadelves. And the skulls eyes are very stranges for me (same as the Guard Hero)

  • This is the good place, but for statistic purposes do you have the number of point done by these lists ? (the total and the number of games if possible) If we want to defend ourselves, we have to give facts

  • Quote from Litoperez: “My Army: UD Opponent: VC Score: 14-6 MVP: units of 10NG LVP: Healing I played an army of archers, NG and sphinxed. My magic was not strong enough (no hourglass) and I healed just a couple of wounds in the hole game. The hourglass is a must for healing. ” You mean 15NG no ? This is 15 model at base

  • The common rules is undead but IMHO this is more in natural order (if I could say this is natural) than a common point, this is like comparing two countries which has their own histories and specificities but peoples remains the same and die in the same way. There could be a ton of reasons to say that or guys crumble (multiple repairs, ancestral fragility, etc...) as VC ones.

  • I think the helm don't fit with the other armour parts I guess you modeled using this picture latest It is less spiky Notice, the staff head is too big, it makes more like a mass for a Nomarch than a staff head.

  • The sphinx could be cool for a sha guardian and Scorpions are nice too. The priestess shall be 36mm. a bit sad because it could be a superb undying queen or hierophant.

  • I changed description of the banner of Ramosis for a 45° pivot maximum (since its a pivot the position of other units is important and the charge arc is reduced to 180° max)

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “How about a banner that reduces crumbling somehow for multiple combats? Maybe the bearer's unit takes additional wounds to reduce other units crumble or the bearing unit's casualties aren't counted for other units crumble. ” Or a banner one use only which makes the unit stubborn (and have the crumble) for the combat phase.

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “Just to keep this thread productive I would resume the main alternative proposals that arose from this discussion to bring the UD back in the pack. With regard yo the magic phase: - discard a veil token to cast the H - add only +1 to the CV of the H spell - limit the H spell targeting the same unit at once per turn - decrease by 1 the amount of raising on every heal after the first one on the same unit - substitute the path attributes with the H spell - modify the Rsr valu…

  • Seriously are we talking about UD changes in a topic called balance update 2.1 beta - summary and discussion ? or are we discussing of pro/con ACS ? If you really want to continue the discution pro/con ACS, could you please open another topic ? Could we continue to make and discuss proposals about the rules changes and try to find a good deal ? having people from other armies is interesting to make a consensus and be sure to have something which is accepted by a large part of the community.